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super sexy afternoon. love it!!

Good light, bad light... For me, the most important thing is that Karina show us Her dream Butterflies from Head to Toes... She's totally Pretty:-) Kiss kiss to You Karina and thank You Koenart to show us this living Butterfly:-)

After a long, hard day, some women's mere presence lifts my heart. This is such a one.

Karina is gorgeous! Would love to see a lot more of her please.

I got into this a little a day or two ago. Koenart is not a Top Rated artist here. Down around the 25 - 30 class. This is probably because of the questions about his craft, as repeated again today. But he is a major producer, over 60 sets posted last year. He is obviously one of K's favs. As i have said before he has introduced us to a lot of now top models and the reports from them he is very good to work for. From the powers to be position he gets a lot of models, and produces a lot of product K finds "acceptable" so why would he worry about our criticisms. That is the reality, and in the end we benefit by getting his finds into the family.

I know there is a beautiful butterfly in there waiting to be released from it's cocoon.

Ok. I just looked the other sets of our model. Let's try those eyes and skin against a darker background - how about some dark blue? And some locations with a different lighting situation would be a relief.

The silhouette with the light through that smartly chosen blouse is oh so sweetly, lusciously enticing. The risk taken with the light was wort it.

The texture and color of the fabric, the minimalist make up, the slightly too blonde hair, the overly large earrings, and most importantly those eyes combine well in this creative composition.

The imagery suffered with the loss of the light blue color.

The location seemed a bit prickly.

Beautiful! I like it!! I like Karina too....A LOT!! I don't see any problem with the lighting here, but then I don't look for "problems" when it's Karina!! I just soak in her beauty and imagine the "heavenly" feeling of holding her... If I could afford it, I would have a subscription to every site that she's on!

I neglected to mention my admiration of those beautiful earrings, which bear a 'creative resemblance' to many of the earrings that my late wife was known for. I have an appreciation for the artistry it takes to create such beauty. And they look even better, adorning the beautiful face of Karina!

( :
My ex was also into creating jewelry (among the many arts she practiced).
I have many happy memories of spending hours with her while she strung beads, and one of my favorite memories of my time with her was taking her to a bead show in a nearby city. She loved it and was on cloud nine, so I enjoyed the day very very much... ( :

Ah yes......hours in the bead stores....lol I still find those tiny glass beads in some of our old stuff, but at least she wasn't into glitter...lol That shit never goes away!

Amateurs are taught not to take pictures facing into the light. It's a shame they don't teach the same lesson to professionals.

I know nothing about photography except a few things I've heard here and there, but having pondered this exact thought myself many times looking at sets and vids of erotic art, trying to psychically tell the photographer/videographer to Move the model to in front of the light already so I can get a good look at her! it occurs to me that when they do photograph the model between the source of light it is because
a) they are trying to create a specific effect or
b) they don't want to cast shadows onto the model.
On some sites that are more about the erotic effect (OK, I admit I subscribe to a porn site or two) than the artistic, they will frequently shoot with the sun behind the model and you can frequently see the photographer's shadow.
Having seen that effect, I can see why a more artistically inclined photographer would want to avoid it...
It really is a whole messy set of tradeoffs isn't it...

Now hold on a second here... You say you've seen models shot with the sun "behind" them, and you can see the photographers shadow in the shot...?? That sounds like some very tricky photography...lol If the sun is behind the model, and the photographer is in front of the model.... Maybe you meant the sun was behind the "photographer" which would for sure cast HIS shadow in front of or ON the model...if the sun were low enough... But I know what you mean...I've seen it too...lol ;o)

Yeah, Rock, my wording was less than optimal. I meant something along the lines of, "the photographer was between the sun and the model" i.e. the sun was behind the photographer. ( :
Actually I realized after I hit the "post comment" button... but it was already too late to amend so I hoped nobody else would notice... LOL

Cute girl, but I find Koenert's MA sets of her boring & quite underachieving. I find sets of her elsewhere much hotter!

The set is 50/50 for me. Good and Bad.

It's good because it best represents what I'm looking for in terms of variety (full body, medium, close-up) and dispersion of shots. Ratios were perfect in my opinion. It was good in that, when shots weren't over exposed to light, there were some really gorgeous ones. And it was also good in that, well... Karina is our model.

It was bad, because a lot of shots were over exposed to light, and also out of focus. And it was also bad, because, (and as beautiful as I think she is), Karina's facial expressions were limited in this set. Whether that was because of her mood that day, her chemistry with the photographer, or perhaps other thing(s).

Agreed - the poses mixed it up well, no problem there. Karina is always a doll (love those legs!). The lighting and focus - lets just say not the best we've seen. An acceptable set, carried more by Karina herself, but still worth viewing.

Maybe the set is supposed to represent a "Good Morning" type set.
Hell, I would have no problem waking up to such a lovely and secy young woman!!!
I would be a little out of focus too!

love it!!!

ergo, I could not agree more! You have a light skinned blonde hair beautiful woman, in front of a sunny window, and on white bed sheets. Hello!

poor photography such a wasted set of a stunning and gorgeous girl.

I cannot agree more strongly that Karina is such a gorgeous model that, like some other apparently exclusive artist-model pairings here on MA, I would like to see her work with another photographer just to see how another photographer would bring out her beauty. Some variety would be very nice in this case.

'poor' is a pretty strong adjective, a little too strong, IMO. There were technical issues, but Karina herself is mighty fine, leaving me a little on the plus side of neutral - not the best we've seen from these two.

When you look at some of the archive set, not just of Karina but any from a few years ago the photography seems so much more crisp and detailed, you would think it would be getting better not the other way around. That's not to say we don't get some great sets now.

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