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The shots of her from behind are to die for!

She has a broad career as an erotic model. This doesn't mater. But the flower motiff is pushing things too far, and simply isn't needed. Her form and beauty need no embelishment.

It doesn't matter to me what she's done, She is beautiful on the Met and I would love to see her in a quality MetArt movie.

The graphic porn she has allowed herself to be involved in has diminished her.

I am trying to understand how screwing on camera "diminishes" her. Only if you hold these models on some kind of pedestal, or imagine them to be shrink wrapped dolls does having her express the full range of her sexuality diminish her.

Only in your eyes. Oh...and 3 others I see agree with you. Did you think all the girls here were "girls next door"? I'd guess that about half the girls here are elsewhere employed in the porn industry. No biggy...we're not looking for wives here. At least I"M not...;o) And ANY of these girls would be suitable ANYWAY!! I mean...several I've seen have gotten proposals from members!! lol And I'm sure they were serious! ;o) Nothing could diminish the beauty and vitality of this lovely girl!!

I disagree. It makes her even hotter and more desirable. All that hot&dirty stuff you could do with her... hmmm....

What's her porn name?

Anjelica. You'll find her on wow porn.

Technically the set with highest average pic quality of todays updates...!

Another great set of this delicious creature..

I love those beautiful eyes! And that emaculate shave, or whatever she does to have a completely hair-free body with no stubble whatever. Maybe electrolysis...?

She is gorgeous, I love her slender feminine frame. What's amazing is that I have seen her in some incredible anal sex videos where she takes huge cock in her tight little ass with the same class and poise as she does in photo sets like this...

If she's taking "huge" cock in that sweet butt, I kinda doubt that it's very "tight" anymore...lol But still as sweet as ever!!

well, judging from her butt her connective tissue seems of the highest quality. Good for child bearing.

IMHO she does have a pretty face, nicely shaped legs and lovely feet. But for some reason she always looks like her nose just stuffed up.

Anjelica. Yes a very hot, erotic and sensual woman.

Utter perfection. What truly amazing beauty! From the classic feline beauty of those eyebrows to the adorable pucker of her lovely curly anus and sweet open pussy lips, Katherine shows it all in such a bold uninhibited way. One of the true gems of MetArt. Bravo!

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