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even her feet are beautiful... and yes... too much photoshop here...

lose the annoying flowers and jewelry that don't do anything except obstruct the view of the best shots

nice one makes me hard

the pics aren't really good. Katherine is great - and knowing the sweet, cute noises she makes while being butt fucked makes it even better. But.... there is something wrong with some things. Like contrast. Too sharp here, too many details lost there....

Katherine is absolute PERFECTION from head to toes (and everything in between). I think "DELICIOUS" sums up my adoration for this model.

Give that girl a cup of coffee. She looks like she needs a nap.

One of the best tummies on Met-Art, and hidden throughout the entire set. This trend drives me crazy.

Wish there was more eye contact. Also, agree with the comment about her feet. They're too nice to crop out of the frame. She's incredible.

Not enough focus on her feet. The soles reveal the soul.

There is some repetition in the photos but love seeing Katherine opening her sexy legs to show off a truly exquisite pussy. Those butterfly pussy lips are divine.

Nice to see Katherine A again. Lovely tits and a gorgeous totally shaved pussy, showing her open pussylips in closeup. More of her in nature the next time.

Katherine is gorgeous, but as several others have noted, the photos are quite repetitious! The set would have been better with a little more variety in the posing. Overall very good photo quality from a lighting and focus standpoint.

Page 5 (and 6 and 7) was indeed worth the wait; love her long hair, beautiful long legs, and especially her oh-so-inviting, open butterfly pussy, which kept my attention from page 5 onward. Makes you want to dive right it.

A rose for a rose.

I love Katherine but this set moves very slooowlyyyyy.... Lots of repeats... Almost fell asleep by pg 5. Nice setting but little creativity. Nice poses but somewhat limited. Overall worth adding to the collection... This little porn queen stirs my grits!! And I wouldn't mind stirrin' hers!! ;o) Keep up that pretty smile sweetie! :o)

Page 5, you did fall asleep! :) I only have 4 but that was enough to make me nodd off! :)

Middle of the road set, cute girl not my favorite, and the shooter did an OK job of keeping focus, but there are some distracting items and soft focus in some of the numberous repeat shots.

I absolutely agree. Could be my comment.

Nice set but a little dull. Needs a bit more colour.

Just seeing some of this lovely ladies pink is enough colour for me!

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