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Very sexy all the right curves

Great girl, but no girl cum? Or you blind or never been with a girl. Still one of my favorites.

This girl is all over the net, being banged up the Arse, im surprised her Anus is not in worse shape than its..........there´s something about this girl that screams she´ll do anything for attention, like she wants to be a star at any cost doing anything, as long as its about her.

There's something about your comment that screams 'you don't like this model'!. Why on earth would you bother taking the time to spew venom instead of just passing her by...?? You make it seem as though your ID should be "Loveless Bottom Feeder"... If this is all you can say, please don't say anything. It diminishes your character... Damn near all of us are aware of Katherine's 'other work', but you and the cake man seem to be the only ones that have a problem with it. And I doubt that your "professional psychoanalysis" is anywhere near the mark. If it seems like I'm 'unloading on you', read YOUR comment again!

Thanks, rockhard, you put it much better than I!
...and, seemingly, effortlessly. LOL

Jeez, LBL... negative much?
I mean, seriously, get a grip. If you don't like a model (or a photographer for that matter) don't look at their work.
It really is that simple.

The hardcore porn she allows herself to be involved in diminishes her.

Ok, already! (;

LOL Do you think by repeating it over and over, that it will somehow become the truth??? Give it up birthday...have some cake...;o)

Yo, "rock" --
I seem to recall reading in a history book about several rather nasty world leaders in the 1940's that thought that way.

They thought if you repeated something over and over -- it would eventually become the truth.

I also think the verdict of history is that they were disabused of that notion.

Gettin way too serious there dread... I was just havin a bit of fun with the guy. Let's not paint him with 'that' brush.

We still have some "World Leaders" today that seem to "think" that way unfortunately, I'm must say, Oh, well I've heard it said that "Arguing politics kills the mood!" ;)

You say it right and you heard it right caballo...;o)

The hardcore porn she allows herself to be involved in diminishes her.

I wish it would diminish her into my lap...:oP LOL


I wish it would diminish her into my lap...:oP LOL

Couldn't hear what you said, can you repeat that?


The hardcore porn she allows herself to be involved in diminishes her.

How, exactly. Because she has fallen off YOUR pedestal?

The hardcore porn she allows herself to be involved in diminishes her.

She's even more beautiful when she's doing porn.

Whenever I see someone as beautiful as "Katherine A" or "Milena D" I begin to doubt my doubt in the existence of god.

Don't doubt your doubt for a minute! ;o)

The most delicate flowers are troubled by any breeze at all.

I completely agree....if the "delicate flower" is your own sensibility, and the "breeze" is Katherine's work. ;o)

Diminishes how? She enjoys herself and sex. What's your problem with that? It's kind of hypocritical to come here to look at her naked pictures AND at the same time look down on her for doing more explicit things don't you think? I'm tired of people critizicing Caprice, Katherine or any of the other girls for doing hardcore. You do what with her pictures? Just stare? You only wish it was you in the porn scene with her.

One thing it doesn't diminish is her bank account. You do what you have to, to survive or flourish. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that many girls here are 'involved' in other "sex-related activities". And I don't have a problem with that... Katherine is a beautiful girl, and this set is the only one worthwhile today...with the only issue being repeats. And 'rags' has a good take on that...

For many of these Eastern European and former USSR girls the opportunities to make a livable wage are few and far between. Anyone who thinks ill of them for using their own god-given beauties to make a living should try visiting one of these nations before he utters a single critical word.


Yo, "rock" --

Personally, I love her stuff over on X-Art -- "real quality".

The only "Diminished" people on this site are the ones making judgements about a model's morality.

I'm an old poker player -- you play the hand your dealt. Life isn't fair -- and some of these ladies have to work with whatever assets they were given. Many of them are paying their way through a university so they can have a better life. Some are just trying to make a living while they can. My greatest fear for them is the hope that they will steer clear of the drugs that abound in this industry. I truly wish them well.

Besides -- none of us came to this site looking for a "Sunday School Teacher" that strips. (Good fantasy, though!)

Life is far too short to spend it riding a moral hobby horse and tilting at windmills.

Let's all enjoy the beautiful scenery while we can.

May The Gods bless the lovely ladies that brings us so much.

Yo, People --Sorry about the rant.

Don't apologize, Dreadnought, you are absolutely spot-on. I cannot understand or stomach some of the negative filth some customers on this site vomit out.
Really, truly... if you don't like a model or photographer, don't look.
Nobody puts a gun to your head and makes you look at this.

Really a classical beauty...and by the way, nobody complains that she has done hardcore scenes, but with Caprice that´s the first thing that many claim. But for me, there is no problem.

Such a sweet face and inviting rear end. I'd love to be the lucky dude who gets to go deep inside her tight bare bottom.

Katherine is great! She has (a)great; face, hair, legs, pussy, and butt; and in this set - 20 great nails.

Would love to see her in a video MetArt style.

Even as a female member I love this set by Ron Offlin he truely shows Katherine A in a lovely bedroom setting with very sexy poses even though some maybe the same they show Katherine with different sensual expressions on her gorgeous face i would have to liked to have seen a lovely red rose on her luscious pink labia lips a rose within a petal

lol "even as a female member"

Disappointing as far too many similar poses. In a word dull.

Garth if you have a good look at the similar poses it shows different sensual expressions on Katherine's face within her sexy poses i don't think it's dull at all from a female's point of view its a very sexy set ;)

Katherine is undoubtedly a very beautiful girl and in fairness I went back to look at the set again. Whilst I can see your point to some extent I still think there are far too many similar poses - the last 10 photos could easily have been cut to two. I generally prefer the outdoor shots in a beautiful location so this set was never going to be a favourite.

I'm so happy that the females will enjoy this one...;o) But that means that the males probably won't...lol We look for different things...

Although, in this case I agree...'very sexy set' ;o)

Aaoooooo! A whole page of doggie poses.

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