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Sometimes when I look at a model, I know precisely why I'm attracted to her images. Other times, I don't know why exactly, but I know that I am. Katherine falls into that deliciously mysterious category for me. I find her utterly captivating. A delightful set of a delicious model! And what I love bout Met Art is how easy it is for me to now go and explore the rest of her sets!!

Katherine is one of the most popular dive of eroticism
and all praise is to repeat what has been said.
The real novelty of this set is that you, in the beginning, is dressed.
Dressed is almost more beautiful than naked (... well, let's not exaggerate).
But then, naked, is, as always, a fireworks display of beauty and sensuality.
A model immediatly naked is as a chocolate paperless
is like a gift without box.
Lose 50% of expectation and surprise.

A set with Katherine, pretty much guarantees a sequence of very uninhibited, and explicit shots of her derrière.....which is fine with me.

Perfect shots, Katherina! The way you are exposing your complete shaved pussy opened a bit, showing your butterfly pussylips is gorgeous! With your lovely tits in good shape to. More more more!

You're a pain in the neck,man,or whatever you are.Go,write a damn e-book and upload it anywhere else.
That's enough.

The seller

Yes, or at least spell Good Shepherd correctly !! I'm with you gswk and Cab and Not.

If the dissertations keep showing up MA will have to establish a maximum character limit for comments.

Or an icon to flag ridiculous ramblings, long or short, and have them jettisoned.

Yep. (;

The light of day brought forth the warming rays of the sun on the gloom of the kingdom of the good Shepard. The brave Knights of the Dark Watch were in the castle Headlopper with Count Headlopper in the chambers.
The Count along with the Captain of the Guard and the other knights had just watched the body of the fallen knight be removed from the oven and open for inspection. The fearless Princess Kristel was join by a equally beautiful and fearless princess in the chambers. Princess Katherine was saddened by the sight of the fallen knight and asked the Count why they had open his body for inspection by the knights. Count Headlopper explained that the muscles of the knights was held to the bones of the knights by a delicate web of tissue. If the bones of the brave knights became too warm from the armor and the change of temperatures cause the muscles to separate from the knights bones. Observe dear princess as the meat falls off the bones of the roasted knight. The other brave knights pulled the ribs apart and the meat slid off the bones. The Count whispered in the Captain of the Guard ear again, did you see that of brave Captain !! The brave Captain told Count Headlopper that his heart was sadden and heavy with sadness. He told the Count of the battle and that his heart had sank to the pit of his stomach with anger and fear at the speed of the enemy forces thrown against the knights in the battle. The Count placed his ear next to the brave captain chest and heard no beating of his brave heart. So Count Headlopper placed his ear next to the brave Captain of the Guards stomach, Yes there it is right where he said it would be. In his stomach because the muscle that had held the brave Captain of the Guards heart in place in his chest had slipped of the bones and it had sank to the pit of his stomach. Then Count Headlopper placed his ear next to the bosoms of the brave princess and found their hearts right where they should be. Oh listen to my heart of brave princess Katherine, it's right where it should be. But look into my eye of green dear princess. beware the dark ones encompass the castle Headlopper be wary of the strangers dear princess. keep your spirits high and your hopes and dreams close to your heart in your beautiful bosom and not sadden and heavy with worry like the Knights of the Dark Watch, you don't want it in the pit of your stomach.
The count left the room and returned to the watchtower to wait for the coming the shadow that walks in the night and to rally the spirits of the people of the Kingdom of the good Shepard

Dude, none of us has time for your ridiculous pap.

I really don't think he's doing it for us...

?!? (:-(

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