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Oh Yes! Absolutely. Almost want to move to Russia. But,she would probably not give me the time of day. LOL Awesome woman.

There are sets that pull me in and make me crave with all my soul that I could jump into my computer screen and be with and become even more familiar with the beautiful woman who so generously bares her physical assets. Katherine and Alex have both created one of those sets right here.

Katherine's eyes in #29 make me wish that I knew precisely what she was thinking. I could get lost in that gaze for the rest of my life and never want for anything else in my life.

Then there's #58 that make me dream of laying next to her as I gaze into her eyes, run my fingers through her hair, and caress her face.

Katherine shares so much in this set from her playfulness to a sensuality that is virtually unparalleled. I have to say that this set is truly something special and one that I will set aside for future viewing enjoyment.

Amazing bones very sexy

Absolutely beautiful!

Sharper focus would be good top model thanks.

sexy sexy beautifull stunning hot wow

Kathrine is a total expert on how to wear a nightgown(as little as possible) alex Sironi has documented it perfectly. This set is a 10/10

I totally agree. If there is two girls on met-art that get a lot of negative reviews every time a set comes out, its Katherine and Mila. But at the same time yes on the first page of the set, its like hey-zues chsyze, her pulling down in between the legs the night gown.

That's absolutely the best way to wear one! Certainly in Katherine's case...

Long hair, long legs, slender and beautiful. Katherine is the essence of woman, nicely presented for our viewing pleasure today. Enjoy.

Fantastic Photo set and I think one of the best. Katherine I think you are loved by many and one of them is me.

She gets me SO HARD, I'm like Pavlov's dog, I can't control it, I see her and BAM!

Lady Katherine has returned.
Let she recites in the perfect ambience created by Arkisi.

Love it when Katherine gets playful with her long hair aka Photos 5, 6 and 7. Great set! Thanks again Katherine!!

She's perfectly adorable when she gets playful... ( :

Katherine is exquisite.... such grace and sweetness in every pose. She is indeed the stuff of which dreams are made...

Katherine has a very dream body and dream skin. She's to kiss all over... So Sweety:-) Well done Alex!!!

A very pleasant visit from a beautiful, tall and toned woman. I really like Katherine's long hair and the many shots of it hanging in all its glory, even if it sometimes obstructs the view of her shapely breasts.

My god. This woman is head-to-toe ravishing, perfect in every detail. My oral fantasies are in overdrive. I'm not familiar with her, though she has been around for quite a while and I already have one of her sets. I'll fix that right now. Kisses all over, Katherine my love.

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