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Love that asshole solo at the end.

Schaue gern zu, wie sie sich in den Arsch ficken lässt...

Itsss Katherine! Such a naughty, beautiful girl. Great set. 10+

Why is it so necessary to hang dumb things around models necks and that includes necklaces.

Agreed. Especially on a neck as fine as this.

Otherwise a superb set of fine photographs

Wow, if you like 'em lean and on the thin side (my cup 'o tea!) you gotta be in awe of Katherine's body. And she manages to be cute and sexy at the same time! Maybe it's my overactive imagination, but my guess is she would be a very snug fit, if you know what I mean.

Just the opposite....if you know what I mean....;o)

Beautiful labia. The more I visit this site the more I appreciate them.

This isn't just my "cup of tea"...it's also my crumpet!! Beautiful girl, beautiful set! I'm only here to keep an eye on doug though....;o)

Jessica Biel clone.

Katherine A is truelly magnificent with her latest set by Sironi wearing nothing but a gorgeous jeweled neck tie :) With both the contrast soft light thru the window and setting highlighting her well toned tanned body lovely long blonde hair sexy blue eyes inviting sensuous smile :) within both serene provocative poses ;) I simply Adore Sironi's Gorgeous close up of her lovely face in image #25..As well as images #26 to #30 with her perched uopn her chair her toned tanned body long slender legs fully stretched out her lovely breasts fully erected nipples riding high against her chest with her lovely blonde hair cascading down her shoulders and back within striking pose's finishing off with gorgeous close ups of her lovely tanned body face body blue eyes long blonde legs firm thighs tucked up against her chest with both arms holding her legs and Katherine's firm tanned body curled up her long blonde hair flowing down her legs thighs with a glimpse of her breast in images #29-#30 priceless :) and Katherine is simply stunning with her both her lovely body cute round butt legs spread wide facing back back wards upon her chair within both striking poses close up within images #123-#127 gently cupping her breast long blonde hair cascading down her back and shoulders :) Katherine A is just stunning within these both gorgeous serene sensual sexy inviting poses from both of her spread legged up her chair revealing her creamy inner thighs vagina labia lips to her both her serene sensual poses upon her chair :) To both lovely statuesque images of Kathrine A's well toned tanned body gorgeous face blue eyes long blonde hair It's Amazing what a lovely model/wonan like Kathrine A can do within one simple prop and Alex Sironi truely captured her beauty quite well too :) :)

I think someone should compile an erotic book using only rags25 comments.

A Dermatologist should check out her left breast in photo #083.

Too much time in the tanning booth, or too much time fiddling with filters?

Love those photos of her sitting backwards on the chair, her inviting and receptive bottom fully exposed. Hot.

Dressed for success.

Well said Myshkin. I have applied tags to Katherine's bio but none capture what I was trying to say as well as svelte does! Tag her before someone else does.

Dear Baggy36pants i've already done some with some lovely tags to describe Katherine and none of those weird ones that don't apply to this gorgeous lovely series of hers :)

Utter perfection .... Silky, feline, sophisticated, utterly uninhibited, svelte, effortless, intense, beautiful beyond belief...

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