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The egg is a good idea, but it didn't work. You didn't use it to good effect. It may as well have been a chair.

Egg ... what egg? All I see is a hot blonde sharing her body with us.

With out thinking, this supreme woman can satisfy, she is at the fore front of pleasure. Knows which way to turn a man, or woman towards her way of thinking. Salute to you woman, Katherine...........

I thought the egg gimmick was cute. Gimmick? Sure. What's the matter with a gimmick every once in a while?
It was creative, and well done.

I also thought it was fun and playful. We can't take our erotic art tooooo over seriously. It's not fun any more at that point.

Something different... fine with me!

thankfully a more than welcome distraction from those boring 'naked girl on furniture presenting her genitalia' parades. Finally some nice, well thought out clever sets.

Yeah, those genitalia shots with furniture are such a bummer, just makes you want to date a nun, doesn't it? I'm actually happy somebody likes the egg set, I thought it was pretty hoakey.

Katherine, on the other hand is the real deal. OMG what a doll!

The most beautiful chick I've ever seen.
Bravo! Ron.
You have to innovate.
We need to break the clichés : Beautiful girl - bed, beautiful girl - curtains, silk, or beautiful girl - sand.
Away, away - "think different."
"Semel in anno licet insanire" said the ancient Romans, that is, "At least once a 'year you have to do things a little bit crazy".
A perfect setting because simple: an egg.
More simple can not be : an egg, simplicity is worthy of a queen of feminine beauty which is Katherine.
Bravo! Ron

I love her smile, Navel and hipbones. A verry sexy Girl. WOW

I didn't notice the egg....I noticed the hottie!

Exactly ...

Some hot chick!

A Easter Egg with a Beautiful Gift inside... Lickable all over this Dream Katherine:-) Good job from Ron... Kisses Katherine...

Egg prop neither required or succesfull - the best images are when its just a shape and a tone - eg 121. Even though she cracked the nude model scene a long time ago Katherine A is still a hot chick and doesn't need gimmicks. No yoke.

Here. Here. Well said, Bro.

You should see her hardcore work...

I have. Just incredible!

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