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#5 Helen? Lada? Freyja? Ishtar? Tlazolteotl? Stupefyin' Jones?
#48 My mind is numb. My fellows, this had better hit the top 100. #79,#80,#81. In the shadow of the mons.

1) Light: perfect. 2) Background: white. Risky, but see item 1. Textures and pattern of brick, wood paneling, fabric; varied but muted. Saved from any chance of monotony by perfectly placed pillows with large polka dots. Unusual, and disaster with bright color; thankfully neutral here. Conclusion? A brilliant backdrop. 3) Color: Bright pink dress, Bright pink nails. Risky, but see item one. Needed to set off eyes, skin, hair. 4) Hair: healthy, perfect. Does our model have a hairdresser always on call? 5) Makeup: see item 4.

We may be somewhat immunized to loss of fingers and toes, but here we sometimes lose the only color along with the digits. A nipple tease is enticing. But a color tease (54)?

Katherine is so cute, I love her ass and feet.

This girl's beauty is breathtaking.... A+++

Kathrine is sustaining her reputation as an incredibly beautiful model from head to foot,and Atkisi has shot a perfect set. A 10+++ all around

I meant Alex Sironi of course, my brain is sticking again. Also Katherine is also known as Angelica on some parts of the Met-Art universe.

What a woman. What a body.

I like the use of the natural light. Highlights her beauty nicely!

I'd like to be one of those guys on the other channel that gets to experience her beautiful bottom

god, yes!

Another nice set of this beautiful scrumptious vixen!! Another of my "if only..." girls!

I saw what you did in in your latest video "on another channel" so to speak, lovely angel, so don't even try to look innocent here :). You are so bad! And so,so good!!! And just amazingly lovely.

Channel? Only one? In 2 years she saturated the internet. She must have had 3 agents that did not sleep (and weren't too picky). She must have an unequaled work ethic. She was a collector of genres. Panda, anyone? Iafd says 2011-2013. Has she left us? Or taken a much needed vacation?

"another channel..." - a good way to put it :) !

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