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Wow, it took you 30 shots before you could look into the camera. Too bad!

This is kind of an odd set. Here we have a very talented and popular model but the interaction with the photographer/viewer is almost non-existent....maybe 10 shots out of 134 with eye contact. If I didn't know better, I'd guess this is one of those multiple-photographer sets and the model is alternating looks at the different photographers in the room. Or perhaps there is also a video shoot in progress... Yes, Catherine/Angelica is beautiful and poses very, very well, but without the interaction this set just doesn't do her or her Met-Art fans justice. Sorry.

Well, I don't know what you think gives you the right to speak for all MET ART fans because I think that some of the models look at the camera way too much. The models are not your cousin at a family picnic or an actress on the red carpet at the Oscars, and they shouldn't always be smiling or looking at the camera like they are at one of these functions because doing so doesn't do the models or their MET ART fans justice.

I find it a nice change of pace that this model didn't look at the camera for nearly every shot. I know some of you hate variety in these galleries, but there are a lot of us who find it a refreshing change of pace from the same-old same-old.

Best lips on the whole dang website!

I never tire of seeing beautiful Katherine and her delicious body...especially in a flowered dress!

Katherine is a beautiful woman and I'm always glad to see more of her. But it's weird to have her looking away from the camera in so many images. It's like there were two photographers shooting her and she decided to give the other guy the most attention.

It's funny that somebody tagged this one "girl next door" given that Katherine usually triggers the nutty "OMG OMG I can't stand it, there's a porn star on my favorite porn site!" responses.

Looks like YOU are the one she "triggered" today.... Why even talk about or mention it?? It is what it is!

No, it was the tag that triggered the comment.

Y'all can call it whatever you want, but show this site to 10,000 random people and 9,000+ will answer "Yes" to "Is this a porn site?" When the models spread their legs as wide as they often do here, it's porn - and there's nothing wrong with that at all.

Ha ha! I noticed the averted gaze thing and the "girl next door" thing as well...
I for one hope we're over the shaming models for their porn work.
Like you imply, I don't really see much difference between nude modeling and porn.
And I don't mean that in a bad way.
As the radio Jock Mike Malloy always says, "no disrespect to sex workers." Everyone has to do something to support themselves, and some people enjoy sex, even sex on camera.
And a LOT of us like to watch ~ so how the hell are we any better than them, how are they any worse than us? Not that I think either the actresses/actors or the consumers should be ashamed, it's just human sexuality ferhevinsake.

My take on this subject is that it really doesn't matter. As Doug said it's 99% imagination. It is what you choose to perceive that counts. All this shame on you attitude is BS. If a girl decides to do nude modeling it does NOT mean she is promiscuous or that she would do porn and porn is just a job as stated. In fact it can be grueling work and being pounded for hours in front of half a dozen people while a director shouts move this try that, cum for us baby can't be fun. Sure sex can be great fun but but it isn't a audience participation sport. Some of those dudes and dudets aren't even hetero. It's all illusion. That blazing hot 10 min. sex scene might have consumed an entire day of shooting. After all there aren't that many guys that can keep that kind of pace for very long. Just because a girl has chosen to do porn to make some bucks doesn't mean she is doing any more than most women will do to get a man or that most of us do in our own bedrooms. Or at least fantasize doing. We all sell our bodies in some way or another. It's called work and it's required unless you were born wealthy.

Katherine is "a sight for sore eyes."
That is all. ( :


Her anus and pussy closeup is awesome.

excellent set. i love Katherine.

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