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Katherine is a lovely young woman.

I really like her spectacular eyebrows which instantly draw my attention to her lovely eyes. I also like her long hair, winsome smile with dimples, perky breasts with nice areolae and glass cutters, superb butt cheeks, great inner labia and puffy outer labia, and slender legs.

What I appreciate most about this gallery is that so much of Katherine's delightful downy hair remains as is and where is.

Great gallery, equal contributions / input from Katherine and Alex.

Katherine, a.k.a. Anjelica, is just magnificent, such a beauty, every gallery is a treat but never enough!.

Drop-dead gorgeous ! Katherine is a piece of Heaven on earth....

Lots of Hugs and kisses to you, Kate !

And thanks to you to, Alex Sironi for such marvellous pics ....

She's my dream ho.

God she makes me hot! I only want to fuck her for a week!!

Her next opening is the third week of August, 2019.

Make that the 5th week...;o)

Hot as ever, are you not, Katherine, check out her flicks on the other M site, - out of sight! As to all the 'porn' labels, technically speaking she's more of an exhibitionist, sexing in front of the camera, with ONLY her boyfriend, - unless the 'porn' taggers have viewed other partners, if so I'd sure like to know what sites! Katherine is super sexy!

Do you mean Stunning18.com? There are quite a few over there. Pretty good ones.

There seem to be an unusual number of unusual definitions of "porn".

Bouncy bouncy.

Not only, also with Rocco Sifredi, also with her boyfriend and some other bloke in a double penetration scene, so pretty much a porn star, a drop dead gorgeous porn star and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that as far as I am concerned, so long as she enjoys it and the money and lifestyle it affords her.

She's great.

Damn straight. If a woman wants to make her living exhibiting her body, to me it is not shameful. If she exhibits it while having sex acts, it is no different to me than if she is merely modeling her private parts. If she can make a living that way, so be it, and no shame to her.

There's a few great solo vids on TLE...

Jessica Biel's baby sister?

Wow Katherine love your beauty love the photo shoot you have won my hart your so delicious

A good example of a simple setting well done. Nice light, nice color, crisp clear images, decent framing, decent posing, good skin tone, lustrous healthy hair and excellent makeup (as usual with this model), absolutely no extraneous clutter. Eyes this beautiful should be fully open. Though maybe nothing to shout about in terms of artistic inspiration, nothing to criticize, either. Now compare to the other 3 (overly) similar settings today.

Always a pleasure to see Katherine. Such a beautiful face with those gorgeous eyes!! Few evoke the desire in me that Katherine does... Very nice set once again!


I like how the camisole and pendant compliment the silver blue of Katherine's eyes. And there are some very nice images in this set. # 75 is an absolute classic.
In # 31 it looks like Katherine's throwing gang sign. LOL I kinda doubt that's the effect she was going for...

#31. That's Davinci Code isn't it? Isn't Met Art one of the secret locations to receive secret communications via secret hand signs of secret societies?

The Illuminati are everywhere! LOL

"The first rule of Illuminati club is, we don't talk about Illuminati club..." LOL
(I just got a visual image of a photo of "Illuminati Club" in the club section of a high school yearbook... can't stop laughing...) ( : ( : ( :

Shhhh... It's a secret....

When did the two-fingered "peace sign" become a "gang sign"!?? I musta missed that transition... ;o)

If it is upside-down (?)

Hmmmm... Maybe so... Maybe it means "keep walkin' sucka"...lol

Alternately, "I'm walkin', sucka" LOL

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