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Katie, eres estás uno la más hermosos señoras que he visto en mi vida! Tu cara, tus hermosos ojos azules estás justo la perfección! Y tu cuerpo es tan ensueño! Me encanta a ver usted con tus hermosos patas abiertas ancho abierto en el la cama! ¡Pero, luego cuando usted tiene tu coño rosa extendiendo abierto y eres estás mojarse también, y eres estás sonriendo tan dulcemente, eres estas justo asombroso! Hermoso! Hermoso, dulce señora, gracias ti para extendiendo! Me encanta, Katie! Gracias por compartir! ¡Gracias querida, dulce señora!

great set for a great model

Katie A. is a magnificent model, and with this shoot being done in the bedroom and bed brings out her best. More photographers and models should use the bedroom and bed as locations, not rocks and cactus!!!

Wow Katie, bright eyes, pink pussy and sculpted ass! Great photo set for the most part and a fantastic model are what I enjoy the most on metart. Looking forward to your next set. Thanks!

By far her best work so far. She is stunning.

Beautiful woman! great blue eyes! beautiful pink pussy i would LOVE to taste it. I'll bet it's delicious!!

I rarely, if ever, complain about the sets at Met Art. True to it's name, like with all art, some is more appealing than others but such is life....and art. That being said, this model's face and body are extraordinarily beautiful. Whereas, eventhough, the female sex organs are wonderful, her gorgeous face does not get enough attention, in my estimation. I could and have gotten lost gazing into those gorgeous eyes and face. Sometimes, the need to show all of a model in detail detracts from the need to show an exceptional aspect, such as a face. Nevertheless, keep up the great work

Ojos azules hermosos! Número 36 - 45! Gran secuencia! ¡Qué fantasía!

She is just drop dead gorgeous, cover girl face, amazing eyes, perfect pussy and anus, mmmmmm so hot

She is just drop dead gorgeous, cover girl face, amazing eyes, perfect pussy and anus, mmmmmm so hot

I really love this girl! May I marry her?

So pretty, so cute, so sexy, so.............Katie you are a dream come true and I hope you don't mind me saying but you have the most heavenly bum and butt hole; just delicious!!

ps Love the large wooden phone in this set; look great in my hallway!

What can I say? One of the prettiest girls on metart beautifully photographed by one of the best photographers. What more could you possibly want. Besides a date with Katie of course.

Lovely setting, nice lighting and great photo quality. How can it be that she has less than a 9? Voting a 9 would be a crime how can anyone vote lower?

Katie, You are one of prettiest girls on Metart with an absolutely perfect body. I love your sweet face and expressions. Each photo the first thing I see is that lovely face. #27 and #12 are favorites. Also who ever did your your hair this time did a fantastic job. It look beautiful.

'Elegant' is the first word that comes to mind. A beautiful set, nicely shot in a very "comfortable" setting. Katie is a beautiful girl and fits into this 'picture' perfectly. Very nice!

Wow, Katie is a perfect 10!!! Great set Arkisi, and thank u Katie!!!

Attractive lady, nice set, especially the shots from behind showcasing her puffy outer labia.

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