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Great work!! Her feet and pussy looks so delicious! Need a lot more like it please.

Katie is just gorgeous, and this is another very good set of her!!! So delicious!!! Did anyone else notice that she must have just been to the eye doctor and had her pupils dilated?

Хорошо, но мы хотим лучшей демонстрации пусси, можно же взять за крылушки пусси и немного преоткрыть врата рая, а мы получим истенное наслаждение и продлим подписку, надеюсь у вас получится.

Katie is to die for. OMG to please that woman's body would be a privilege. I was insprired to look back at Arkisi's photo shoot in August of her, and I have to say, as beautiful as these pictures are (Katie is so hot), Arkisi did a better job with her. In fact, looking back on those shots, I'd have to say they are some of the most arousing photos I've ever seen. And I've seen a few...

I think you are right about safety kilroy. I love a girl in a shower (without all the soap of course) but wet feet and worktops like this are too damn dangerous. In fact some of them scare the hell out of me!

I support fully hipshot131. There was one photo with her right shin kneeling across the edge of one of those sinks. She must have been in agony! She did a very brave job in difficult circumstances. Maybe she told the photographer what to do and that's why we didn't get a full set. Thank you anyway Katie for your very best as usual.

Who knows why they shot in there. Maybe the lighting was the best in that room, but working around those gawdy raised lavatories just looks plain awkward. To me, it looks like they forced a bad location (even using a pile of towels), making the model uncomfortable and ultimately cutting the shoot short. I won't even touch on the possible safety issues. Just my opinion.

Katie, my hat is off to you for enduring that photoshoot. It turned out okay despite your obvious discomfort. Hopefully your next shoot will be better.

Photo 36 shows that this beauty has a tattoo on her right foot. Why hide it on other photos? it's cute, I have also seen her on other photos from the Met family of websites...

Photo 36 shows that this beauty has a tattoo on her right foot. Why hide it on other photos? it's cute, I have also seen her on other photos from the Met family of websites...

indeed. Tatooed feet are so sexy.

And she has nice feet. Wasting a good opportunity.

Katie is so very sweet and cute. I just want to hold her and protect her from the bad things in life.

Perhaps GONCHAROV produced these photos well before KATIE's most recent gallery with ARKISI? (Which were 'scintillating', to say the least.) Why not release them now to coincide with KATIE's growing popularity? She is in consideration for TOP MODEL status...isn't she?

If that demented dick-head shoots her again, she can forget all about Top Model status. Goncharov has gone completely nuts over the last 21 months, and is getting worse. He is turning his models into inanimate department store dummy's. There wasn't even a decent headshot of Katie to swoon over!!

I personally applaud you guys, because not one of you raved on about how great the photography was. Honestly, a 5-year-old with a 1960's Kodak Instamatic could have done just as well.

Beautiful model and such a sweet ass

Maybe she could use the bathtub or the shower which are more comfortable to pose in this bathroom set.Anyway, Katie is beautiful as always.

Katie is amazing -- each set, she shows a different side of herself.
Barring her very first set, this is her best yet.

You have to be kidding!!

( :

Her vagina is simply delicious - beautiful

I think posing Katie between those two raised sinks was a very bad idea. Katie is delightful as usual but you can tell that she was not happy with this location and I support her completely. She did a brave job of attempting to make her poses look natural but lets face it, no girl is going to pick an uncomfortable location like this to pose in. I feel sorry for her being asked to perform in such an aweful place.

Shame on you Goncharov for choosing such a cruel place for her to pose when there is obviously a bed or couch or chair nearby.

Bravo hipshot131!! Well stated!! I completely agree with everything you have written. The two who have voted against you can't think much of women, preferring them to be subjected pain and humiliation, rather than the huge respect they deserve for posing at all.

  • 2 years ago:

Hi All,

I know some are going to disagree with me here but as a woman myself I feel I must comment. I truly believe Katie is not uncomfortable here at all. People have commented to me "how can you sleep/sit/relax like that" all the time. Girls, especially ones as petite as Katie, are quite nimble and balance quite well. I personally can sit on my counter between 2 sinks to get ready for the day. As you can tell from her expressions they are not forced or fake. You could attribute this to her being a fantastic model/actor, she is. Goncharov is also a photographer that cares about his models. We have worked with him for years and I am confident in stating that if one of his girls objected or felt discomfort, he will always oblige and make different arrangements. I hope this helps :)

I noticed the same thing, Katie looks particularly uncomfortable in 79-83, as she has to balance herself carefully.

Katie, honey, no matter who holds the camera—Arkisi, Rylsky, Goncharov, whoever—the photos are always beautiful. This time, it's Goncharov, and the results are ravishing, but the set is far too short, especially when you are the model.

What's with image 41?

Any chance of a repost of number 41 in all three resolutions?

A blatant technical error. Should have been caught before posting.

obviously didn't fully upload to the server!

A bathroom?Audacious,innovative,a waterclosetpiece!

The seller

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