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Katie is just incredible! Perfect in every way! Great set here, especially all the close-ups of Katie's perfect pussy! Mmmmmm!

I don't think I really need to comment about Katie, as it has already been said and I am totally potty about her the same as everyone else. Especially this being her best set to date.
But just a question for Rich - does doormat really suit the situation? Or do you think a splashmat might be considered a little further down the line? (sorry bobblehat I realise the situation is already resolved between you two gentlemen.) It is amazing how quickly we flare up over a fantastic looking girl isn't it?

Most excellent

Beautiful face.
Great tits.
Incredible pussy!

Can I just be Arkisi for one day? Is that asking for too much? Seriously, the combination of excellent photography and unbeliveably gorgeous, sexy women like Katie is what makes MetArt my favorite site.

Katie and Arkisi, There is almost no reason to say more! Two of the best of Metart together, how could it be less that great? Katie is one of the darlings of metart. So sweet and wholesome it almost make you feel guilty seeing her naked. Well, not really ;) She is a delight to the eye and a boost to the libido not to mention making me feel warm all over. How it it possible for a girl to stand there completely naked and still look innocent? Katie can. You gotta love that lovely face and those beautiful blue eyes. They reach in and pull at my heart strings.

Of course Arkisi does his usual masterful job of presenting this lovely creature at her best.

Thanks for giving my day a nice start.

Oh my those eyes..totally drawn in..and that body of hers..totally boner erect right now:) Sooo want to date her right now:)

This set might be Katie's best set.

Is fantastic to spy in the room of this very very beautiful girl.
Thanks Arkisi.
Do not tell her that we have spied her.

The spectacular Katie, whose many facets cannot possibly be encapsulated in one small paragraph... or two or three for that matter. Suffice it to say, she's looking better than ever, and that is saying something....

Incidentally, if you love Katie as much as I, one of the latest sets on Eternal Desire is a set of Katie, entitled "Enrizar."
It is every bit as spectacular as this one, IMO. Well worth the price of subscription, on its own. ( :

Katie is as gorgeous as ever here and boy does she spread those legs beautifully throughout this set, that lovely shaven cunt is an absolute delight and she displays it majestically, another great set.

You 'superior' bastard!! Calling the very core of a woman's sexuality a 'cunt' is the lowest, most degrading expression ever devised. I suppose you must be pitied for your lack of intelligence and worse, lack of vocabulary. I just think your are a low-life arsehole.
Have a little respect for the women who are prepared to present themselves here on M-A. They do not deserve to be abused the way you have abused Katie in your comments here!!
You are NOT 'superior' bobblehat, you're just a doormat.

Eight thumbs down!!

Wow, that word is obviously loaded with all kinds of negative connotation for you, I'm sorry to have caused such offence.

I can definitely say I have nothing but respect for all the beautiful ladies who share themselves with us on this great site, which I would think my previous comments bear out, although that one word which I personally don't find offensive (entirely subjective), is used amongst the frequent praise of these fantastic ladies.

Never apologize for expressing your opinion "in your own words".
If one of those words happens to offend some jerk, so be it!! The guy apparently used the word cunt as a young man, to the wrong woman, and got the shit slapped out of him, making him believe that it's the worst thing you can possibly say to anyone... NOT your problem!!

But those perfect dimpled nipples are to die for, too. What an angel.

Katie at her very best—gorgeous, confident and uninhibited. She has been working in rarified new air lately, every new set seemingly better than the last. She definitely keeps the streak alive here (as any beautiful Ukrainian would). So welcome back Katie, my love, you have never been lovelier. xoxoxo

Ditto. Katie has some beautiful eyes and an incredibly inviting ass and pussy.

I second your statements Sailor.

Me as well!

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