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Love the fishnet! It gets me in the mood to eat 'see'food...
Love everything about Katie!! 10/10/10!

For me, fishnet and thongs are examples of things in erotica that have been done so often they've completely lost their magic for me...

Whoops! "For me... for me."
I really should proofread before hitting the submit button. LOL

That's a pretty subtle tattoo in my opinion. I'm not a fan of them, but complaining about such an inobtrusive tattoo seems petty. Yes, the outfit is sort of over-the-top, but who's looking at that? Her body rocks, that's what I'm here for!

It's still real pity and petty to see such an exceptional work of art and say you don't care about the framing??! OMG...I really came to leave only the words of praise for the very tasteful use of lingerie and superb quality of photography 100% of the photos and of course she is also very cute with beautiful body. It's absolutely shocking to read someone (anyone) not appreciating the "outfit". You have come here for the bare skin only? what an artistic point of view you have dude!!!

Idealist, you misunderstand me, I should be more clear. The artistic feel of the photo shoot, outfit, lighting, the model's connection to the camera, ALL these things are crucial for a good set. All I meant was to answer a complaint about her fishnet stockings, and my point was that what's IN those fishnet stockings is the most important thing. Katie is able to overpower any weakness in the setup of the shoot with her charm and amazing body. I hope that is more clear.

What's with all the judgments about tattoos? Quit being so judgmental, stop telling people what to do and deal with it. If you don't like tattoos, move on. Telling someone to get rid of her tattoos is like me telling you to like them.

Shoes on the bed very bad.
Too many fetishes.
Invasive suspenders worn until the end. NO. NO.

i wish she were totally nude

The set is a testament to the power of feminine beauty, Katie style. Here is our heroine, imprisoned in the trashiest, kitschiest, silliest offense ever perpetrated in the name of lingerie. She has good fun with it, showing that a strong spirit and a delicious body can triumph over anything. Not even the kryptonite packed into that fishnet monstrosity can phase her.

BTW, the tattoo on Katies right foot is an outsized heart (as I recall) with the word "family" on it. Her foot is defaced but still beautiful. It shows that even the most intrepid of our goddesses can suffer from occasional brain lock.

Sailor, I agree with you that the "lingerie" is trashy and I share your disgust with fishnet (as we discussed the other day) but rather than simply triumphing over it, I felt like Katie actually carried it off. i.e. she actually made it sexy, by sheer force of personality.
Katie is hands-down one of the most versatile models here on MA, and that's saying a lot. She pulls off an entirely new look practically every set, with every photographer, and manages to make them ALL look great.
I think Katie might very well be in my top 3.

Works for me. I was just having fun with the idea. The outfit was ridiculous; Katie was anything but.

Oh, I definitely agree with you about Katie! ( :

(Having said so, if this were the last time I ever saw fishnet stockings [would that I were so lucky] I would not break down in tears.)

It does not eliminate the star but her offends.

Nice blend of trashy, (I mean that as a compliment), and sophistication. The lace shows just a hint of Katie's wonderfully shaped derrière, yet hides just enough to tease. And, speaking of tease, her poses and facial expressions range from slightly coy, to sinfully playful. Overall, very nice set!

Sorry rufusredneck, the tattoo is part of her, as has already been pointed out and when it comes to it tattoos have been around as long as paper if not longer! Surely the choice is hers and we take or leave it.

Hear, hear, Simon!
Katie loses absolutely nothing in my esteem for having the tattoo.
I enjoy my tattoo, I'm sure she enjoys hers.

It can be seen in many pictures that there was some stubble under her arms and over her crotch. Pitifully this was photoshopped out, and this can be seen as well. That minimum hair was a very nice touch to Katie's perfect skin and it is indeed a loss to have had it removed. I wish someday we can see it in its full glory.

This set is proof conclusive that Katie's magic is hers entirely; it follows her from photographer to photographer. I haven't yet seen a set with her where that magic hasn't come through. What an amazingly erotic woman!

I should clarify; for some models on MA, it seems they work especially well with one photographer, and if another photographer does a set with them, the results aren't as pleasing.
It's nice to see that Katie shines just as brightly with any photographer who she works with; therefore, her magic is truly hers and not the product of any single photographer.
Incidentally, I reviewed her bio and she is studying to be a nurse.
All I can say is that if I ever have to go to the hospital, I hope it's the one she works at....

I have never been so fortunate as to have a nurse that look like that! Although that Might be good. I am afraid if I did my heart rate and blood pressure would set off all the alarms!

As for working for different artists. It really comes down to the talents and professionalism of the model. With an outstanding model like Katie it would require a very bad photographer indeed to mess it up.

As for the tattoo? It is done and she is the one that has to live with it. There is no sense in crying over spilled milk. A lot of the Met models have Tattoo's but the photographers do a pretty good job of working around it. It is something that I think is a shame and detracts from a girls beauty but as others have said bitching won't change it and removal is very difficult and may not be successful.

My attitude about tattoos is that I chose mine, and I enjoy it. I am certain that the models feel exactly the same way about theirs as I do about mine. With the occasional exception, I'm sure some people regret their tats, but I haven't heard very many people say so.
If I deserve to have a tat, then I see no reason I should feel a right to restrict anothers' right to the same.
I don't feel they're disfiguring unless they are so large or numerous that they cover a significant portion of the body.

Katie, you are still a 10 in my eyes but please lose those awful tattoos which are still obviously visible despite the sexy ensemble. Ink is for paper, not skin!

Four thumbs down!

I think that this is an excellent set of pictures. Katie is looking beautiful. I like Katie's hair style in this set, it makes her beautiful face shine with beauty. There are lots of interesting poses in this set, which I am sure I will study in depth later. Well done Katie and Erik.

While this is the second set by her with that type of hose I think Erik did a slightly better job with her. She is another one of the seemingly endless supply of very young Ukrainian beauties. She handles explicit perfectly and has the a very photogenic pussy. The shoes are just fetish enough, but I think that she has a tattoo in her right foot. So far it appears to be hidden in her earlier sets. Have to wonder what it is. For me not quite a 10 but a very high 9. To the artist that use her, Let us see the tat! She chose it, it is part of her, don't hide it...

The tattoo is a heart, with what looks like the English word "Family." It's visible in a RylskyArt set where this angel goes by the name Delicia.

What a lovely young thing. Great body, pretty face, lovely eyes and smiles and a lovely pink jewel. Her pale white complexion is nicely offset by the cute black lingerie and I like that the heels have soles of reasonable thickness so they still look feminine. Katie is a good name. It says girl next door and Katie fits this image quite nicely.

I could have done with more contrast and softer lighting but over all the photography is solid and showcases Katie nicely.

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