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I Lick her pusy all sweated, after all day without shower !

Katie A is simply a very STUNNING Beautiful model/wonan :) I simply adore her flawless tanned well toned tanned body her lovely groomed long brown hair gorgeous blue eyes of hers--not forgetting those magnificent breasts erect nipples of hers as well firm pear shaped derriere!! Alex Iskan photographed her very well amongst these lovely 120 images from Katie A sitting on her cushions the wooden decking of the wharf with the river within the backk ground sipping her tea/coffee with just a light color full blanket wrapped around her waste just showing her breasts in different sensual poses both with of her slender legs showing underneath it~with her lovely facial features long brown hair cascading down her shoulders in some very serene poses :) I have to state that image #11 to #23 are some of my favorites as it truely captures Katie A's stunning beauty with both gorgeous close ups of her face breasts erect ipples as well as some lovely distant views of Katie with the scenery of the river far of in the back ground to the magnificent close ups of her slender legs muscular calves and her curvaceous pear shaped derriere with her creamy outer pink labia lips showing thru between her sweet cheeks :)Image #20 is a priceless close up of Katie's beautiful gorgeous face breasts her nipple fully erected her long brown hair flowing down her back~~ Just as image-#23 showing her firm well toned body thighs slender legs gorgeous face sexy smile as she leans against the railing as well as the lovely close up of Katie's beautiful tanned breasts her nipple fully erected squeezing them between her arms in image #78 and her beaded bracelet hanging down the cleavage of those creamy tanned breasts in image #79 :)There are some magnificent sexy poses as Katie displays her slender body both against the railing spread legged as well as some very sexy poses of her both spreading her slender legs wide open revealing her creamy tanned inner thighs in different pose as well as some very serene views of her body stretched out on the piers decking as well as some flexible ones play full ones as well but the close up image of Katie A's gorgeous face sexy beaming blue eyes in image #47 says all :) Alex Iskan truelly showed Katie A's magnificent body very well with some lovely close ups and sensual sexy poses :) She would look lovely within one of Met-Arts lovely Movies as Katie A surely has a beautiful body and a gorgeous face and by judging images #28-#29 she truely enjoyed it too ;) love to see more of her in the future to come :)

But other than that, do you think she is beautiful ;)


Katie's a genuine sweetheart! And I would like to wake up with her butt as my pillow!

I agree with Critical Eye... I wanna be her pillow! ( ;

Your face is absolutely glowing with happiness, Katie.

Are you in love?

Or, did your 991 GT3 finally show up at the dealership?

There are some days I wake up and just want to be a pillow..........

This beautiful little waif absolutely has my number. I'm putty. She can do no wrong—and of course she doesn't in this well-nigh perfect set. I could get through it only by tearing my eyes away from one dream shot after another. Katie has been turning out phenomenal sets lately, but none more phenomenal than this. I have never see her so ravishing, so absolutely lovable. Kisses all over and over and over…, honey. And kudos to Alex Iskan, who shows us the way with exterior sets: choose an overcast day and shoot something like this—preferably with Katie.

Damn she's got a hot ass, and I love the way she shows it off.

She dropped da BOMB on us, metlover!

Who better to share a sunrise coffee (heck, I wouldn't even complain if she insisted on tea) with than Katie?
Hopefully followed by a full day of recreation. ( :
Katie burst on the scene with an amazingly erotic set and hasn't slowed down. In fact, this lovely lady is rapidly shooting to the top of my list of favorites.
What an amazing, sensual, beauty, who changes things up each set and hasn't hit a sour note yet, with any of the photogs who've shot her.

Holey smokes! Katie is amazing. Lovely in every way. fantastic body, beautiful face, and WOW when I hit #28 and 29 I almost had heart failure! That is the prettiest pussy on the planet. Absolute perfection, nothing in excess, everything perfectly formed and symmetrical. Neat, Clean moist and lovely. That is grade a prime eating stuff and it comes in such a stunning package.

Sorry if that's to course for your sensibilities guys but that is just amazing.

#s 28 and 29 beg to be captioned "stick out your tongue and say ah".

I know exactly what ya mean, hipshot... 'cept I like seeing that golden gate to Nirvana AND the girl's face, simultaneously... so while I certainly like 28 & 29, I enjoy the "bookend" shots even more.
Having said that... there are few models here who have (IMO) vaginas as sexy as Katie... Emily Bloom is one that comes to mind. But not very many others!

I do enjoy the perfect vulva up close in 28 & 29, but Katie from behind in 21 & 22 is also very nice.

BTW, guys and gals, the proper term for the external female genitalia (pussy) is vulva. The vagina is the inside part that probably only the doctor sees. I know this from my years as an amateur gynecologist ;o

It doesn't really matter what you call it, Katie does have a very, very nice one and how lucky we are that she chooses to show it to us.

Dear Kilroy so very true there are many parts within a females anatomy that creates a lovely vulva ( vagina ) and few thousand nice tingling nerves that goes with it as i well no as female and wh is going to post the correct description for it one would have to have a medical dictionary to read and comment on one...No offence either Kilroy but you do make a good point though and Katie surely has a very nice groomed one :)

I love those shots to but I love the ones like this where even at low res it fills the screen with luscious fantasies and I don't need to move in to get every delicious detail. Oh to be the camera and be that close! Now that is a dream to savor!

fer_realz Don't forget Lily C's either as well as Emily A's Micheala Isuzzu's to add and there's plenty more that i have found but i have to concured with you Katie A does have a lovely Vagina as well as a stunning firm round derriere and a body any man would drool over too :)

Patience Grasshopper!

Can't believe nobody mentioned Mial Sollis, Susana C and my personal favorite Macy B.

You guys did forget two of my favorites. Jeff and Ceasaria! both are equally amazing. I think that pretty much defines my tastes in the heart of the feminine body. No pun intended!

I agree with you on the others. Isn't Met great! so many lovely choices. That's why I hesitated to crown her the best but no way could I look at those two shots and not be moved to euphoria. It is amazing that it can be spread so beautifully and not a hint of gape or droop with just the tiniest drop of joy juice. If it isn't the best it certainly is one of the most lovely pussy photos I have seen. I can't see how anyone could complain about that shot. I would give just about anything to be in the camera's spot for that shot!

fer_realz Don't forget Lily C's either as well as Emily A's Micheala Isuzzu's to add and there's plenty more that i have found but i have to concured with you Katie A does have a lovely Vagina as well as a stunning firm round derriere and a body any man would drool over too :)

Oh yeah, I'm drooling! ( ;

Lovely Katie in full 36mp, wow!

What can one possibly say! What incredible sexy gorgeousness. Heavenly smile, luscious pussy, perky nipples and a face to die for xxxxxx

I'm with Dutchman. There are photos in this set where the girl's body is entirely obscured by metal rails. Who shot these photos - her little brother?

I agree!!!! But I would say, although I'm a broken record on this, is Katie needs a better photographer, one that can focus the camera on what should be the center of focus. An example, focus on her nipple not her arm. Sorry Katie but you need better!

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