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I'm not a fan of tattoos, but fail to understand why a site would intentionally airbrush or photoshop out a models obvious personal choice! That is to have tattoos on her body!
It is true that editors have control over content, but that should not extend to what a model believes should be on her body! If Katie wants to have a couple bows on her belly close to each hip-joint, that is her choice!
Just show us the models as they wish to be seen!

Boring and sloppy set. Least erotic from this photographer.

I think perhaps you looked at it like me Doug; this is a standard set from a very good model. But that said Katie IS a very good model (or perhaps angel) and very rarely disappoints. Maybe we just expect too much.

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

Guess it's just me, but from what I've seen she's always got the same expression on her face, the same look in her eyes. Her range is, imo, quite limited.
Please, somebody point out what I'm missing. Show me an image. I haven't looked at many.
I guess I do expect too much. There are only about five current MetArt models that I find truly interesting -- one is in a class by herself. Apart from sheer physicality, they have more expressive range than Katie, as seen in their faces and eyes.

Doug, I think to see what I see, you have to do it the way I did... go back to the first set, look through the whole thing, then the next, and then the next, etc.
If you don't see what I'm saying by her latest set, then so be it.

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

You have another response that isn't showing on this page now, so I'll use this one...
I just had a look at her first set. When I saw the photog's name I went "uh-oh!" -- Mr Photoshop, as in painting over shaven body hair. Then I started through the pics. Even though I didn't see a big variation in her eyes, still, there was more animation to her face -- she was overall brighter-looking, more appealing (though the eye makeup I thought a bit heavy.)
Then I got to image 14, the first frontal shot of her vulva. And sure enuf, good old Mr Iskan had taken his cloning tool to her mons, painting over evidence of where she had shaved.
End of my look at that set, because that kind of practice, of abuse of software and a (critical) viewer's eye, and of reality, and of photography, I find unacceptable.
So maybe what I'll do is hunt for a set of her not shot by Master Iskan... :-)

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

Oh, and I just realized (again, maybe?) that he shot this set too. No wonder I just flipped through some of it in a hurry. I didn't want to have another fit! :-)

Beautiful girl and a beautiful setting. There are some poses we'll never get tired of seeing, and this was all done very well. I hope these images have a future beyond cyberspace, because Katie has a face that could inspire countless generations to come. I'd love to see some of the greatest Metart photos on permanent display somewhere.

One of the best photo sessions I have ever seen on Met-Art.

Katie from behind is pure perfection.

Well done !

Way too many great photos to pick a favorite. From her gorgeous face and pretty tits to her beautiful butt and succulent pussy, I'm in awe. I could look at this set all day and still not be content. Hats off to Katie and Alex for a job well done. Thanks a million.

  • eff4
  • 8 months ago:

That ass....great day on Met-art.

Doesn't #15 just say "bite me"? If it doesn't, then maybe it's just me.

Not just the best photoset of lovely Katie.

The many faces of Katie: all of them beguiling. In this case, a very natural un-made up, unglamorized look, but she pulls it off beautifully.
I've alluded in other comments about this facility of Katie's: her ability to show us something entirely new and different in every set, with every photographer.
I daresay Katie is better at that than damn near any other model on this site...

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

Enlighten me, fer_realz -- how is she showing us something new in this set?
I haven't looked at it closely, but the look in her eyes at least seems almost unvaryingly the same -- much like the previous one.
Do you mean the setting, her clothes?
Sorry to put you on the spot, but that's high praise you're dolin' out. Is she really that superlative?
Where can I see her "many faces"?

Don't worry, Doug, you ask a valid question and I don't take offense in the least.
To me, there is a different look in every single one of her sets. There are some models whose appeal is that you can count on pretty much the same look every single set... to contrast, with Katie, in her very first set, she looked almost like a teenager. She's never repeated THAT look, in fact in most of her sets she looks significantly older than that first set. (I'm including the sets I've seen of her on other sites as well, like Eternaldesire.com) But at the same time, she never looks like the same woman from set to set. To me personally, she seems to take on a different persona/personality each set.
It has something to do with makeup choices; wardrobe choices; expressions; poses; directions from and effects by each individual photographer; and other variables. But I can't pin it down more specifically than that.
If you don't see that, I can understand.
I've been following her specifically because that first set really caught my eye and I loved it. But even though every set since has been radically different and she's never repeated that look, I'm good because whatever look she does she always pulls it off wonderfully.

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

See above for my other response.
So I know to avoid Iskan unless I want to risk a stroke, but I did take a look at Arkisi's Dettaglio. The look of his set is different for sure, and his colors appear crisper. Katie's expression stays mostly the same for me, though -- stuck in that half humorous, half sad stare. I suspect some photoshopping of her mons and pits, but it's hard to say because of the limited depth of field Arkisi employs -- so much in his shots is often out-of-focus. In any case, I don't care for the raw, plucked-chicken appearance of her vulva, and would strongly recommend she let the hair grow out.
Fat chance that'll happen, because that's not what a lot of people want to see on this site. They want to see bare pussy -- pussy without hair -- hair just gets in the way of what they want to see. Never mind that in reality hair is an integral part of it. Witness the raves for Erica's set today. It doesn't matter whether the image is unsharp and photoshopped or not, as long as the "vagina" is wet and gaping :-)
Thanks, but I can see that kind of thing for free on other sites :-)
However, this site does contain my fave model ever, and a few others I'm fond of. So I'm gonna at least run my subscription out before fleeing, if they don't boot me first :-)

Hypnotic charm really does work wonders, doesn't it? This was an unusual concept for a shoot and one that could have nose-dived very easily, I believe - especially for those with a penchant for being pedantically particular about camera angels and shot framing. With a face a body like Katie's though, that was all in very safe hands (etc., etc., etc.)

(ignore the typo in that, unless you want to play on it as alluding divine intervention)

angel is right :)

Katie, Katie, pretty lady! I love this little doll, such a lovely face and engaging smiles to get your attention and a fantastic body to hold it. #15 is my OMG shot of the day. For the butt lovers, and I am one, it don't get a whole lot better. #37 is my intimate close up favorite and for the cute shot 47 and 48 will do just fine. Katie is just plain cute and charming and her sets sets always leave me smiling.

There's something irresistible to me about a beautiful woman in a figure-hugging cotton print dress. So Katie had me from Image 1 in this endearing set. It helped that her makeup was applied with the lightest of touches, and that her poses were understated and naturalistic, even at their most revealing. Image 21 could stand as the archetype of what I mean: Katie's wonderful body is utterly inviting, but in the most natural of ways. No straining for effect. The woman is pure magic.

Katie has worked with 5 Metart photogs and every set is just as charming. That says something about her natural charm.

Magic indeed

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