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The shirt she is wearing on the first ten photo's is totally awesome! :D

If you're going to Photoshop out the massive tattoo on her foot in one picture, you probably should in all of them just for consistency.

Or, you know, just leave the photos untouched.

The oversized, open necked top with a pale pink shear fabric offers many possibilities. Most of which are too subtle for this light. Our photographer and model make some good use of the shirt with posing. But the contrast between the pink and the blue grey eyes is merely suggested -a frustration to see. I nearly missed the see through effect.

We see the hint of potential for posing, bringing out the color of the eyes, and seeing skin through the fabric in image 47.

Is that a tampon string I see tucked inside her in image 54? Look at it on high res you'll see it.

Hmmm, Interesting that you are looking so close. Looking at closeups like this in hi res is just a bit over the top for me. I love closeups but that's a bit too close. ;)

At any rate I am sure economics comes into play here. These girls need to be booked in advance for shoots and since a girl has her period about every 4 weeks the odds are 1 in 4 that your timing will be bad. Since travel, accommodations and staff must be scheduled it stands to reason that a shoot can't be called if the model starts or has not yet finished.

I think it is interesting that image 55 shows that Katie is menstruating in this set. Not the first time, but always interesting.

"Wouldn't it be loverly"... I love Katie! This is nice...

My sole complaint is the file size!

Katie Katie pretty lady, How nice to see you again. Sweet and lovely both body and personality.

Katie's here for the second time this month. We must be living right. She is, as always, absolutely scrumptious from head to toe.

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