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One and all, Katie is a true study in this display. Are all the items props? Or do they show her interest and talent, a desire to show her real self? Standing naked, makes me to believe real self is present; sure it can be imagenation, but that imagenation must come from a deeper source; which is with in her, and suggestions from the prince of photography, Alex. Ledwig von Beethovin, composer, Sonata Nr 14, Ops 27?, is this a prop, or a chosen musical manuscript which lights a fire within Katie's desires? Her intimacy with us has a driving force, very well captured by Alex Iskan. The effort put forth by the acumen Lady Katie A., display her desire to the utmost. Wish I were on the recieving end of this photo take..... She is a Supreme Lady, much delight is viewed in her presentation, my fanatical lust consumes me; well we see more?

what a lovely pussy!!! and how nicely she flaunts it for our pleasure!!!!

Do you think if I bought a piano for her.....?

Ha ha ha!!!
Reminds me of the scene in Star Wars (the original) where Luke is talking to Han Solo on the Millennium Falcon, asking him if he (Han) thinks he (Luke) would ever have a chance with princess Leia... ( : ( : ( :

lol It's worth the attempt!!

Majora Magnifica the theme of this scene.

One hundred and nine, 'twill never be mine.

106,107,108. Nice cleavage. Though focus was lost, just barely too soon. Dammit.

112. With our model's rib cage, a perfect line. 113,114 -not.

Just as sweet as she can be!!! YUMMY!! Great setting!!

Wow 10 +++++++

A magnificent rump!

A beautiful woman in an elegant yet simple black dress sitting at a white piano in an elegant room --- Perfection! add to that that it is Katie and she is soon naked,,,, Could it get any better? lots of lovely rear shots of that awesome body and that amazing butt mixed with lovely front shots and hot close in intimate shots then top it off with her in jeans and a fur lined parka! It just doesn't get much better than that! Katie makes every set a delight with her cute face and lovely smile and always looks so confident and totally sexy.

Best set of the night! and that is hi praise up against Mia and Divina!
10+++ and she deserves every bit of it!

PS Definitely a member of the PP club.

Favorite set of the day by far. Katie knows how to push my buttons with that PP. ( : Shot 81 is heartstopping.
Really like the candid shots at the end... can't help wondering what she does in "real life" when she's not posing.

gorgeous girl. beautiful ass and legs beautiful and juicy pussy. gorgeous boobies.

Well said!!!! She can come play my piano anytime!

That is a body I would love to spend some quality alone time with. Katie is for sure a girl i would like to make some sweet music with. Her legs, ass and pussy are phenomenal. She is such a beautiful little spinner...

I got a bit of a surprise when I checked out the definition of "spinner" on urbandictionary.com. ( :

Katie has a superb bum, a beautiful camel toe, shapely small breasts, downy hair. . .

She also has a beautiful face as confirmed in the walkabout images.

Was für ein schöner Nackedei, mein Spatz wird sofort ganz steif...

My condolences for your quite stiff sparrow.

So that's what is under the 'little black dress'!)) You are looing great Katie, I love the dress.

Yeah! I like the way you loo too Katie...;o)

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