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This set confirms what I have believed for a long time. Katie has one of THE most perfect derrieres on a model to ever appear here or elsewhere ... and she and her photographers know it! No matter who photographs her, Katie's derriere is always prominent - either dressed or undressed - and I thank you for that. In fact, you could string together a pretty decent set of photos of nothing but Katie's behind dressed in various articles of clothing. Truly, the quintessential "heart-shaped" ass. Thanks!

I've always liked Katie, and this barn setting is interesting and effective. Also was kept interesting with good mix of poses. Great set, I'm keeping a copy in my private archives.

Hair raising!!

snake rearing!

LOL Indeed!! "Spitting Cobra"?? ;o)

Any snake scares the daylights out of me.

The only time I ever felt sorry for a snake was in a video of a spitting cobra who was unlucky enough to encounter a komodo dragon. Took about four seconds and, yum yum snake kebabs.

Thanks Katie, you smoked my 4 month old laptop! Katie, you really know how to pose and Alex, you did a great job capturing her on film for all of us.

I appreciate a lady with significant eyebrows, puffies, glass cutters, superb butt cheeks, translucent skin, puffy outer labia, visible ribs, a pleasing transition from waist to hips, and visual proof that she grows hair in more places than only on her head.

Thank you very much Katie and Alex!

You didn't miss anything, Baggy ;-) I'm just gonna say that Katie is the total package for me. Glad to see some standing poses to show off that "pleasing transition from waist to hips."

Great set, beautiful lady, what's MPL?

MPL studios, similar site to this, but not always on a par with Met and fewer releases.

Thanks for the info, bobblehat, I too was very curious. ( :

Could also be Most Pleasant Lady, used in the context of Katie.

Or my personal favorite...Most Pleasing Labia ;o)

MPL STUDIOS is another high end erotic photo site that features many of the same models only some under different names than Metart. They also have hardcore.

An MPL regular, (Karissa), who manages to accomplish fantastic presentations wherever she goes! Excellent, erotic, and a very good set!

"MPL" ?

Another trend that seems to be catching enthusiasm lately, at least among the photographers, the half-off bluejean shoot... I'm not particularly a fan, though I am a huge fan of Katie and it doesn't surprise me that she fills out her jeans really nicely and takes them off even more nicely. ( ;

Being half in blue jeans is obviously better than being half in a basket.

Goes without saying, now that I think of it... ( ;

Katie in blue jeans! That's all I needed to see to know this was a download set! Katie is such a doll and she really fills those jeans to perfection. And they are nice jeans instead of the rags that seem to be so popular with the girls today. Blue jeans, a barn and a bale of hay, Yee Haw! Instant classic! I'd have rather seen a blanket under that sweet young but than that harsh feed sack but anything is better than bare body against hay. My only caveat is the stubble. Otherwise Katie can do no wrong.

Don't know about that basket though. I kept expecting a cobra to rear it's ugly head.

...trust me, Hipshot, the Cobra DID rear... ( ;

Yikes! I hope it didn't spit venom at anyone, LOL

Probably just a harmless trouser snake ;-)

Oh, plenty harmless... ( ;

TMI! ;o) lol

Oh, no actual information was imparted... though much was implied... ( ;

I'm sure it did! ;)

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