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The best series of 2014 so far! Simply superb.

One thing I often find interesting is the difference between the first impression a thumbnail gives me and the loss of what created that impression when I view the corresponding full size image.

Case in point: the impression of Katie's legs in the thumbnail for #33 is lost when I viewed the full size image.

I was reminded of how the notorious British paparazzi first maneuvered Diana Spencer or themselves to capture images of the outline of her legs in demure clothing and then sold the images to equally notorious British newspapers to titillate readers and increase sales.

As much of a fan of Katie's as I am ~ a huge fan ~ I have to say that what caught and held my attention about this particular set is her amazing 1,000 Watt smile. To me, she's never looked sweeter... ( :

Too much arty farty and not enough Katie. I was looking forward to this set and ended up disappointed. Street clothes and striptease yes but beyond that was not my cup of tea, though some people seemed to like it.

Katie is a delightful young woman who always holds my attention. She has an innocent girl next door persona that I find irresistible. She can look sweet and shy even when presenting her backside for all to see. I always like sets that include street scenes or start out with street clothes on. I love watching a woman take off her clothing. To me sets that start out naked miss the best part.

The transformation from Katie on the street to Katie in that pretty dress is magical and mind boggling. To see her on the street you would never imagine the beauty hidden behind those sunglasses.

I know, and those jeans are so baggy and loose on her that you'd have no idea of that perfectly shaped, toned butt! ( :

I've been hoping that Leonardo would lose his "astronomical camera", and now Iskan has found one!!! GREAT!!! :o| (I guess I've dowmloaded too many sets anyway... I doubt I'll live long enough to look at all of them! LOL)

Any set of Katie is worth looking at, but this one is a bit mediocre. (Not to mention the broken links!)

After she takes pictures of beautiful women in the daytime perhaps she moonlights by taking pictures of our galaxy in

the evening.

Oh? Alex Iskan is actually "Alexis" Iskan? Please do tell....

@ fer_realz:

One should never assume. . .but I have anyway.

In #7 and more, the photographer reflected in Katie's glasses looks to me like a female.

My apology to Alex if my assumption is wrong.

Ahhhhhh thanks for the explanation! I will examine those pics more closely, I am very interested to know too... ( :

Well, how about that. I went to high rez and looked close and you're right, the photographer reflected in Katie's glasses most definitively looks female. ( : I assume it's Alex (as opposed to just a friend snapping pics that Alex borrowed to start the set) because the photographer in the reflections has a serious camera, not just a cellphone or a cheap handheld...

Sweet pictures of a very sweet lady!

Today of four sets, three have had blank pictures - after HOURS. This is not what I am paying for.

I counted all four with dead links... I hope this is fixed before next Tuesday!

S'all good... Great day! Four beauties!!

Artistic bullshit!

Half the pictures are blank. Somebody sleeping on the job? I hope this gets fixed. That's why I won't get a lifetime membership.

Many defective links!

Seems to be rectified now. Was frustrating though.

I know, right? At least they fixed it.

And you?

I really enjoy the street clothes images at the beginning of this photo shoot. It is great to see Katie A in her natural setting.

I generally like photos of models in their clothes before they get naked.
A part of eroticism plays in your imagination.

I get the feeling they chew a lot of gum from that storefront.

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