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I'm not sure I get the chair in the water theme. Something different, I suppose. I always like Katie, and there is a good mix of poses, particularly for an outdoor set.

It works. It is unique. It is creative. Compare to tomorrow's locations.

Awesomely gorgeous, I really enjoyed the mix of close up and full body spreads here.

I've seen items of furniture thrown in a lake before, but unfortunately I've never come across a body of water where someone has deposited a very sexy, nude Katie, maybe I just need to look harder.

I volunteer to search with you on the MA scavenger hunt, Bobblehat.
Best prize EVER!

If I found Katie at the lake like this, harder is what I'd be ;-)

Agree on the mix of poses.

She most definitely invites tumescence, only homosexuality would preclude it.

Just wait, my optimistic fellow.

Katie...10 as usual. Artist and set...3!

A unique an surprisingly successful use of a chair. Our model in no way seems confined by the small amount of space to work with. The standing poses are too vertical to get the most from the dress. Some more leaning in any direction would be nice. The street scene enchants. there are possibilities there, braid and jacket without the blouse, maybe. Too many rear poses hide the beauty of the lower lower back, which also misses some curves of the delightful derrière. This seems to be nearly universal practice, regretfully.
It might have been interesting to see a couple of pictures at the end that were the result of the chair falling over, perhaps with the dress.

Interesting suggestions there, Magwich, particularly the last. ( :

The "street" shots that begin the set are quite lovely and winsome... I can't help fantasizing I'm walking downtown to the farmer's market with my lovely date on my arm. ( :
Katie, your face is so lovely and your expressions are so captivating in this set that even in the photos where you are displaying all your other assets ~ such as # 35 and # 100, I just can't help looking back to your face.
This set is a masterful work by Iskan, though had I been directing I'd have posed Katie on the shore, not in the water. Having said that, that choice did result in some very memorable photos, and I suspect that is exactly what Iskan was after.

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