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There is a set on another website in which Katie has two bow tattoos (one on each side just below her hips). I sure hope that it was henna and note the real McCoy, that would mean all of her sets have been heavily airbrushed. I sure hope she hasn't fallen into the same trap that a lot of young women do, and caved to peer pressure to get "Inked". I'd hate to see such a beautiful girl fall victim to a silly trend. Let's face it she's gorgeous, her skin is gorgeous, why desecrate a masterpiece of nature.

My compliments to the photographer. Arkisi consistently puts out shoots like this.

Thank you!

Katie A is my favorite model in a world of stunningly beautiful women. An auto 10 every time.

Katie: Simply a Sin-tillating Sweetheart!

When you're late to the party, all the applicable and obvious compliments have been used.

Thanks to Katie, K, and Arkisi!

Bold!! I've always thought it would be quite arousing for a model to do a set shortly after having sex... It appears 'to me' that's what we have here. And Katie is a fantastic choice to do it, if in fact I'm correct. She's such a beautiful girl, and those eyes will burn a tunnel right into your soul! Katie seldom wears a lot of make-up, but this looks very glamorous on her. Fantastic set Arki! ;o) Katie has never been lovelier! Or sexier!! ;o)

Couldn't agree more about her lovely and sexy look, but not sure what made you think she had just had sex? I'd expect to see lots of wetness everywhere, which I don't see here. But yes, that would be very exciting.

"Lots of wetness" would have surely been a dead giveaway, and maybe a little too obvious. But I didn't mean "immediately" beforehand, just within say...the last hour or so, and she would have cleaned up before going in front of the camera... I'm judging on the swelling and redness around her vaginal opening. It just doesn't appear "normal" for Katie.... And believe me, I've examined that area of Katie quite thoroughly on several occasions, in many sets. It just kinda stood out as a difference, and of course took my mind where it wanted to go! lol. I could be be way off base here, but this is the impression I got initially.

The Ukraine has been so blessed with beautiful women it screws up their Karma in other areas. Katie was breath taking, in this set.

From her cute little nose to the soles of her feet...and all points in between, Katie is an exquisite beauty.Thak you kindly for your inspirational photos!

The word for Katie is "elegant".

Katie never disappoints. Her sets are consistently wonderful.

Very beautiful close ups of Katie.She is just amazing in this set.

Given that this is an Arkisi set, it came as a pleasant surprise that the very first thing I noticed was the vivid color of Katie's gorgeous silver blue eyes. ( :
Needless to say... the rest of Katie's features I have come to love and drool over were all there. ( :

@ _fer_realz_:

I have to ask.

What is the very first thing that you usually notice in an Arkisi set?

Good question, Baggy... let's just say Arkisi is one of MA's more explicit photographers. ( : As a rule.

Yes ... and Katie has one asset in particular that both she (and ANYONE who photographs her) seem ready and willing to show off. :-p

Lovely lovely Katie. It's always a treat to see Katie and with Arkisi? How could it not be a 10++++ Katie is one of the sweetest girls on met and that body rates 5stars for sure! But it's the face, the eyes and the hair that melt me completely especially those radiant blue eyes! Seeing the names Katie and Arkisi meant an automatic download and an auto 10 as well.

Fantastic, Katie is gorgeous and what a display she gives us here and #072, what a magnificent view!.

the fact that katie rates only a 9 08 tells me the system is bullshit.Those shots from behind showing her legs and bum are pure perfection you could not get better.You throw a face of an angel and the bluest of eyes ,she is every mans Pretty woman.Thanks Roy .Come to Australia and katie you would be a ten.

Oh, whatever her ratings here, Katie is a 10. ( :

the model ratings should be for Current models.Another page dedicated to retired models,Give the new girls and active models a chance,go Katie,


I think he means have one system for the models who are currently submitting sets, and another system for those who have ceased submitting sets, Arkisi.
He was not saying that Katie had retired, I think.

that's what I mean,thank you,Iam trying to promote a healthy debate,change is good

I agree. There should be an archive page for passed models. 9+ scores used to be a lot easier than they are now. I can remember a time when anything lower than 9.5 meant you were not even on the first page!

toxic who is at number 11 last shoot was 16 of december 2012 .She is beautiful one of the reason why i joined met art but lets look at the future keep supporting the new girls. i
change the system.

Katie is lovely and it's another fantastic day on Metart with four great models, including a beautiful new one.

Many thanks to everyone involved :)

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