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Katya is such a beautiful woman. I just wish I could have been there to clean the sand off her ass before the photographer took the pictures.

I find some of the comments of my brethern quite amusing and, at times, very narrow in their thought. What makes this site, as well as the whole question of beauty, interesting is the wide ranging aspect that it covers. There is no one view of a woman that encompasses all the magic and mystery of her. Different views , not just the closeup gyneo,ogical shots , are what makes this site what it is, something for anyone who admires the beauty of a woman in all her various manifestations. Thank you for not letting the narrow minded dictate a change to your open minded and wide ranging approach to the showing of feminine beauty. Viva la difference!

Evviva qualità --- e SOLO qualità...!

Gorgeous Katya,fabulous shots.Let down is aweful photography.
Would have been an awesome set indoors.9 for Katya null point Alex.

Artsy fartsy photos, that should be elsewhere, not here. Poorly focus, hazy, overexposed landscape nature photographs. I came here for focusing on the beauty of WOMEN! Let everything else be out of focus. I'm going to cancel this and subscribe to Hegre-Art.

But plenty of her other sets are the stuff MetArt made it's reputation with. Can't judge a site on one set! Or a model/photographer for that matter. I've been on other sites, and NO ONE gets it perfect all the time.

And how anyone can 'quit' a site that has Jennifer Mackay as a featured model is well beyond my comprehension... Just in case you haven't thought this through completely...;o) lol

Agreed! Jennifer is amazing and worth the price of admission just to see more of her...

Well....this kind of sets doesn't improve MetArt's reputation, I'm afraid!

Seriously, that really is a nice swimming hole.

I think I smell bass too...:o) lol

What a waste of a lovley model. Surely the photog could have found a more flattering location to shoot her. I was just waiting for an aligator to emerge from the swamp and drag the poor girl away!

I don't like the fog effect also.
Besides, the photography should have used a lens hood to reduce the stray light.

I love this....and I hate this. The first 3-4 pgs suck but it get better...then it gets worse...then it gets better again. It may take a few days to nail down a rating for this one. Love the girl from day one. Very sexy and desireable and beautiful..

I don't mind the setting so much, but Katya didn't appear to be having a lot of fun with this one. I like to see that beautiful smile a lot more. And the glare was pretty bad in some of the better posed shots. Some of the shots of that delicious bottom of hers earned a 9 for this one, even though half will be discarded. Please take her back inside now...;o)

I could have done a better shoot with my point and shoot....WTF?

I'm not sure he didn't use HIS! It must have been a "quickie" shoot...;o)
'Grab whatever camera was laying by the door and run!' ?????

Katya looks as stunning as ever and there are some great shots in this set, however the misty/soft focus shots are a concern for me, a natural mist is something that can work well in the right setting but I'd absolutely hate to see MetArt regress to it's early days early days and the soft focus pretentious garbage (check out some of the work by Natasha Schon and Pasha if you aren't sure what I mean) that was more prevalent in he past.

I fully agree about what has been said about the early days and the photography relating to a couple of photographers. There were many many stunning models at the time, who unfortunately were photographed in a less than flattering way (as evidenced by the poor scores given) and in where the lighting was so bad you could hardly see anything. This was a great pity as more often than not these models were never seen again. No more mist, fog or soft focus thanks.

This is a nude art site not a porno site. It is noty about how much of the girl you see. You want to see everything go join a porn skank site.

It looks more like the photographer is letting the sun flare his lens which can cause that " misty" look on a photograph. This is a nice photographic technique when done well but probably should be left for the fashion photographers. It's not the right technique for a site like Met where we want to see beautiful women in all their glory unobstructed by fancy photography.

I guess you don't get what this site is suppose to be. The name is MetArt, not porn nudie site. It is suppose to be about the art of nude photography not about the just the model. The stupid comments about not seeing everything shows most of you don't know the difference between porn and art.

I love the close ups of her bare bottom, her smooth ass cheeks warmed by the sun, and her tight inviting anus in full view

This model has previously done some very nice sets, unfortunately this will never be one of them. The fog, mist and lighting is simply dreadful and unappealing. How the set could score 8.00 is baffling as I scored it 3 and that was being generous.

Stunning face, great arse shorts. Get Rylsky to do a few sets of Katya.

I've seen him do worse...

....yeeaahhh --- why not?

Alex: "7"...!

7 too

Iskan's worst set

Is it a natural mist? is it a filter?Is it Hamilton riding again?Gotta know the truth!Katya is nice&sexy even trough the fog


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