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Wow Dynamite Sexy I want you Kayla!!!

I agree with the others who have stated it's nice to see her back after such a long absence. Always excited to see a woman of color show up on this site!

Men ❤ meat...and dark meat is my favorite!


Funny that with all the praise this set has gotten, it still has a 7.9 rating! And that was AFTER my 9!!

Almost didn't recognize her at first, it's been so long since she's been around here, but she looks as lovely as ever.

Nice to see Kayla back after a few years. Still just as cute. I like what she has done to her hair - both top and bottom.

It is very nice to see Kayla Louise again after such a long absence, thank you K for scheduling this gallery.

It is especially nice to see her great smile, dimples, wonderful areolae, glass cutters, innie, clitoral hood, and great butt.

Thank you Kayla Louise and Leon for this very pleasant visit.

1) Not to state the obvious, but Kayla is a cutie!
2) Those are some seriously droolicious panty shots at the beginning of the set... thanks, Kayla and Leon!

fer_, I trust that the shots in the panties were sufficient in this set?


I've very rarely seen a "sufficiency" of panty shots... however, this is a very good overall ratio compared to the non-panty shots, for which I am very grateful to Leon. ( : ( : ( :

Well,........... maybe more of the back and closer wouldn't hurt.

"Closer" is ALWAYS better and NEVER "hurts"...;o)

Welcome back Kayla, where have you been ?? Missed you . xxx

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