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Need a lot more of Kaylee please, she is soo sexy!

Momma Mia. I'm in love!

She's like a Barbie Doll... What a perfect and Large Anus, it looks so accommodating, the rest is all good too... more please!

Wow this girl really sizzles! Some of the debut girls this year have been incredible. This girl just oozes sex!! Stunning.

Instantly naked, great smile, seems to enjoy being in front of the camera. Excellent premiere. Hope to see her again soon.

Welcome Kaylee blonde cream puffs.
Thanks for the offer, without shame, of all your woman graces.

Kaylee is a treat, we all would love to see more of her. Being the photographer, I know I'm picky, but this set has some technical inconsistencies. Like the 4 close-ups: first two exposed properly, then the next two underexposed by at least 2/3 of a stop. Then the color balance varies, it looks like Leonardo altered the color balance in Photoshop in some but not all the shots. No complaints about using Photoshop, just be consistent.

But back to Kaylee.... mmmm yes, I would in a heartbeat! (big mystery what I'm referring to, right?)

This is a great set...and I'm not even finished viewing it! The lighting is superb with excellent photography by Leo. Kaylee is just....awe-inspiring. Fresh yet tangy...good lord, what a gorgeous woman!

Love the natural beauty of this model..just wish she grew the bush a little..need more natural grown pubic hair models:)

Kaylee has that complete package body from heads to toe.Very wonderful debut.

Kaylee looks like a real man-eater and she's MAGNIFICENT. MORE please.

Kaylee! У тебе найкрасивіші світле волосся і прекрасні блакитні очі! Дякуємо Вам за виявлену до гарним тілом! Ти богиня любові! Я думаю, що я в любові, дитинко! О, люба, ти така гарна, коли ви схвильовані! Ви відкриваєте, ви показуєте мені всі ваші рожеві! ! Ти просто так чудово відкритим! Спасибі, люба леді! Я люблю тебе!

Beautiful face. Pretty blonde hair and lovely blue eyes. Fantastic body! Awesome opening set!

a cute young model. beautiful body all over
good work

A great debut for Kaylee today, soon to become a firm favourite of mine. Hope to see you here again soon Kaylee.

One of the hottest ladies to appear on Met Art in quite some time now! Incredible! All the right poses, all the right looks! You got the whole package here guys! Amazing debut Kaylee!

Another lovely debut on MetArt - the second in as many days. Kaylee is very poised for a seeming newcomer. I love her smile - she looks like a real sweetheart.

My only complaint about this set is that the photographer didn't use the whole of the room. A couple of dozen shots in the window frame were nice, but it would have been better to see her in the light but not against the light as well.

I'm becoming too predictable. Ah well, since I'm no longer a man of mystery, I might as well salivate openly over Ukrainian goddesses like Kaylee, me very much of a Polish girlfriend I had back in the day when I lived in Europe. But that woman was in her 30s, Kaylee is only 19, but she projects a confident, mature sexuality that turns me on like a light bulb. Great debut, honey, come back whenever you like.

"…like Kaylee, who reminds me very much…" A couple of slips there between bottle and lip.

what shall we do with a drunken Sailor, ear-ly in the morning?

Give him more cognac in the hope that he'll pass out quietly.

yo-ho and up ... it ?? rises :)

Every wonderful time…

Welcome sweetheart, you are truly gorgeous, and you didn't bring any inhibitions with you. What a red hot rear end. Come back soon.

A large breasted Ukrainian with a cute butterfly, Sailor will love this one. Good introduction...

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