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Oh Kaylee, what a sweet dream you are! I truly hope someone will find you and bring you back to us.

8.85 is a ridiculously low score for this babe. Are you all f**king mad?
And why no vids of her? Shame!

It's all a matter of "opinion".

gorgeous girl. delicious large boobs, delicious pussy, beautiful ass, and beautiful long blonde hair. i love this girl. beautiful set

Kaylee is a perfect 10 model, and Leonardo has done a beautiful job of photography. Kaylee does need to learn to relax more in front of the camera, but she'll learn. and as was pointed out above, many models are touchy about who they will work with totally nude(I was a photographer and have a 4yr BFA.)and Kaylee may not be confortable. It doesn't mean anybody is bad, it can be a personality clash, no harm, no foul.

Kaylee I'm in love with you. Such a beautiful face and lips and body and pussy and oh those beautifully hung breasts of yours. I'm not a big breasted man but you have won be over to you.

I think this is the best set Leonardo has ever done.

This second set of the beautiful Kaylee is even better than the first IMO. Kaylee has nice full features in her hair, breasts, legs and vulva. As for the latter, thankfully Leonardo has provided some excellent close shots, which he does not often do. We also have a nice balance of poses and a more intimate setting for this lovely. Great set overall. Kaylee is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

Dear Tomcat8229 as a life member female member of MetArt you make a very good point but some models like Jenni A,Melissa A and more leave due to their age even though they have not lost their looks but make a come back to make some money some i found are into making pornography may pay more or have their own websites if you look closely at their biographies most of the models are students or studying one way or the other so they do a few series,movies for MetArt to make extra cash some just are not too confident posing nude in front of a camera after a few series as for Erro he has his own webite site for years now not sure about Rylsky at least Rylsky is shows up more within MetArt than Erro does I think Tim Fox has retired now have seen any of his work for years the same as Tony Morano i doubt very much that Leonardo will have his own website never know though but i guess its all to do with $$$$$ factor between photographers and models plus always remember that models are women as well and have their own personal live to live one can't pose nude all the time well thats my point of view on your theories i know how you feel as i've lost some favourite models too i just learnt to live with it i guess thats life for you everything goes around in a big circle thats maybe why models come and go hope this helped you out Tomcat8229 on that note this Australian Female member has to go to catch some sleep as its 1:30 am in the morning here wish you all the best in your quest for answer Cheers from Australia !!!!!

G'day, rags25! I truly appreciate your reply! You've added more theories to my list and I am grateful for the response I've received.

I realize that age is a big factor in the longevity of a "model's" career. I also know they may stop because of marriage, childbirth, illness or any one of a hundred other personal reasons. They all have lives to lead outside of any obligation they may have to Met-Art or the photographers.

As far as porn goes, I know many of them are involved. Maybe all of them, for all I know. However, I'm a softcore kinda guy. I like to use my imagination because I think that's all I've got left. The mind is a wonderful thing! At my age it's indispensable!

Tim Fox retired?! Say it isn't so! I look forward to his sets so much. He's one of the guys that really seems to know what I want to see!

Anyway, rags25, throw a shrimp on the barbie for me (stereotyping?). If you're ever in Canada, be sure to say "hi"!

Gorgeous lady!

Beautiful blonde hair, nicely hung, legs all the way up to her primo ass, giant clam...this babe's got it ALL!!!

During my subscription to this site, which expires sometime in December, I have seen some absolutely outstanding women, and Kaylee is certainly no exception.

But I have a few questions for all of you, including the photographers.

Why do some models (like Jenni A) seem to have a gallery nearly every month, and others (like Kloe Kane) have one about every 6 months? And why do some (like Hannah B) have 3 or 4 then seem to disappear from the face of the Earth? I used these models as examples because they are among my very favorites.

Also, how is the match up of photographer to model determined? Do they draw straws? Why do some seem to have exclusive rights to photograph a particular model?

Erro and Rylsky have their own sites. Will we ever see ones for Tim Fox and Leonardo?

I have my own theories for some of these questions, but I'd like to hear from someone who really knows.

The answer is simple - whom you do think as "models" are not models at all.

The term "model" is a general term and not intended to put a negative or offensive label on these young women. It can be read in the bio's that they come from many walks of life and professions and many are students. No matter if they appear here only once or 40 times, if they pose for pictures that are posted on this site then I would consider them a "model" for purposes of discussion. Would "subject" be considered a better word?

Of course you can call them as you want. But mostly they are just girls-next-door who decided to pose for MA or ED - share their sexuality with members and earn some money. "Real" models among them are few. The decision to prolong the work with them depends upon the photogs' will, Met-Art content stuff and members's rating.

Why do so many models hide there Breasts?

I rember in 2004 when i first tried MedArt that there was an
article from one of the models at that time indicating that
Prior to models from Russia none of the women hid their Breasts.

Is it something from the area, U.S. women would bear ther Breasts
but Not Spread their Legs.

Please Reply
Thanks oldwood

Thanks, Arkisi & kilroy! Yes, "subject" would be more appropriate, but far less personable than "model". Actually, "girls-next-door" would be the most intriguing! If that were only true (sigh). You should see the ones I live next door to.

I was, of course, using the term "model" in a non-professional sense. I'm aware most of these women are not professional models.

Whatever the case, the terminology doesn't distract from the reality that some of these girls should be models.

Thank you both for your replies. My questions have been answered (I think). I'm a little confused right now, so I'll have to lay down for a while. Old age, you know.

One more question: If I was to renew my subscription to Met-Art, could I get a senior's discount? Just asking.

Huh? What?

Oh, I see! They're blow-up dolls, wax figures or prostitutes, right?

Tomcat, these are good questions, they might be best posed to "K" the content manager in an email.

I have my own theories that it simply depends on how much material (# of sets) are available for each model. Some might do a ton of shoots, and some might do a few and decide they don't like it anymore. Also, I think some models will only work for certain photogs. Most of the photogs are probably free-lance, so they might find the models and shoot them independently and then sell their material, so MA may have little to nothing to do with who shoots who.

As far as spin-off sites, Erro and Rylsky are very popular and work enough to support their own site. I don't think Fox and Leo would have the general appeal to the masses to do that, or they may be happy working contractually as they are without the extra work that their own site would require.

Thanks, kilroy. Your response makes a lot of sense to me and possibly answers a lot of my questions. Apparently there could be any number of reasons for any situation I inquired about.

I appreciate your input. It has given me a few more theories to consider. I will certainly try to contact "K" for additional information. I am basically just curious.

something about any beautiful woman with hair that reaches the length of her back, that usually always instantly attracts me to her. Especially when followed by a gorgeous behind.

I'm a sucker for long hair myself and I like Kaylee's wavy blonde length.

I absolutely agree! What is extra special for me is if her hair or the pose allows the lady to brush or tickle her derriere with her hair.

Bracing and refreshing. Absolutely lovely set of an absolutely lovely woman.

Kalyee A is surely a true beauty Leonardo captured her well withing this series have to love the way the light shines thru the lighting of the doorway her cute sexy derrier,sexy long legs as per images 20-26 love the way her long blonde hair casdades down her shoulders wearing a sheer see-thru top highlighting her beautiful face,sexy blue eyes in priceless close up shots of her as per images 1-5 one has to simply adore the way she spreads her long sexy legs,firm inner thighs revealing her lovely vagina,inner,outer labia lips She is truely a beautiful model/woman my hat off to Leornado and Kaylee for a sexy,sensual series.

Sorry Guys for the double up with my comments MA's gremlins again and i know Baggy36pants be patient with waiting on them to come through.

Hi Sailor Kaylee A is certainly a beautiful model thets for sure with that long beautiful golden hair of hers,sexy curves tanned lines of her breasts and firm long long slender legs of her,firm inner thighs,firm cute derrier lovely vagina and pink labia lips i noticed your comment in the debute series you must have been a lucky man to have such a beauty of a lady like Kaylee when she was in your life back in your days in europe Leoanardo captured her very nicely i love the way the lighing her sexy long legs firm cute ass,lovely breasts thru the doorway as per image 20 to image 25 gorgeous lovely rear end shots of her sexy derrier not to mention the lovely close ups of her gorgeous face long blonde blonde hair flowing down over her breast wearing a sheer see-trhu top I hope Sailor she brings back nice memories of your past lady and not sad ones its had when you lose someone close to you heart i lost my partner of 25yrs a year or so ago can't replace him at all cheers sailor ;)

Hi Rags. My memories of Kaylee's predecessor are very fond. I remember all of my former lovers fondly except the ones I married, and then I reserve my loathing for one particular ex. Kaylee's look-alike was Polish, and she was probably the one who opened my eyes to the beauties of Eastern European women. (It was the Cold War,)

Sorry to hear about your loss. Maybe it helps to look at it this way. At least you had 25 years. (I never had more than four or five.) Hang on to the memories; the love of your life didn't get away.


Hi Sailor glad you memories are still fond for you i maybe not as young as you are no offence either Sailor me and my late partner started at an early age had a son who passed away in a workshop accident still hanging on to his memories now i have a young daughter got pregnant after trying some of MetArt's models sexy poses and yes when i go into the workshop i can still feel his presence around even in the house have to agree with you though as long as one holds onto ones great memories not is all lost soounds like you were abit of a stud with the ladies in you days and i'm saying that in a polite way too ok Cheers Sailor

Hi Rags, I don't know about being a stud. I just love women—absolutely love them, all of them, even the ones I don't like. I prefer their company, as a rule, to that of men, especially if I have an emotional connection that goes beyond physical attraction. Sometime in my 20s, I stopped fucking and started making love. Big improvement. Cheers

Kaylee dazzled me much more in this set than her first. She has, and Leonardo showcased; lovely breasts, beautiful blue eyes, a special bubble butt, puffy outer labia, great inner labia, and large areolae! Kudos to both Kaylee and Leonardo

Here is yet another Ukrainian goddess back for her second visit. Kaylee left a lot of devastated male libidos in her wake after her debut last month, and this month's set is even more beautiful. She is a younger version of a girlfriend I had back in the day in Europe. I, sadly, am a much older version of that lucky guy. Kisses Kaylee, both for you and for the lady you resemble so much.

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