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Awesome set!! Kaylee looks extremely HOT!

Kaylee's asshole steals the show!

For some Kaylee's 'anus' IS "the show"! ;o)

This girl is so like Flavia - loves to spread her legs and clearly enjoys doing so for us!

Congratulations Marlene & Kaylee, on a 10/10 set:-) A truly wondrous set of a beautiful model, stunningly photographed by Marlene, who knows how to make her subjects feel a lot more than mere department store dummy's.

Like wingmik (and most of you I'll bet) she got me hard as a rock, and made me yearn to have her. That's sort of the point of MetArt for me, so a happy camper I am!

gorgeous girl. delicious large boobs, delicious pussy, beautiful ass, and beautiful long blonde hair.

She does a lot of my favorite poses

I had no idea that I would like this set so much. It is just luscious, very satisfying, like an abundant harvest or a long weekend. Every inch of her is breathtaking and more than you could ask for, from her beautiful head down to those awesome feet. I think Tinto Brass would like this photoset, if he is still around.

Oh my... What a beauty! I love her big pussy and beautiful blonde bush!!

I was hard as a rock looking at her pics!☺☺☺☺

Mouth watering tits!

If I was enjoying some cold ones with both Kaylee A and Sofi A on some tropical beach, I know for sure I was in the paradise dream of my life.

Love her big feet.

Well, I don't usually go for blondes, but for her I think I'll make an exception. Haha, yeah, like I'd be so lucky.

Check out her other two sets, spectacular, mouthwatering...

Kaylee A is a beautiful blonde babe. Perfect body, and a pretty face. I especially think her pussy looks pretty when the labia is naturally open, like when she spreads her legs, but not using her hand. Such a soft, moist, inviting sight.

ok so then 87 from the 5th gallery page is exactly what I was looking for, 10!

nice plump butt and beautifully spread in image 89. Wish I could see more of her sexy legs and toes there too.

yep, shes the kind of woman that makes you hungry for pussy

Wow this girl has it all - killer breasts, beautiful sparkling eyes and a rear to die for. A girl you would love to come at from behind! She oozes sensuality and is totally confident in her sexuality. More Kaylee please!

Damn she's hot! I love this set.

Bless you Kaylee, you just get more beautiful every time I see you. You're the glorious reincarnation of my Polish girlfriend of years gone by, and you're uniquely yourself—fresh, wonderfully sexy blessed with a sense of mirth I don't recall seeing in previous sets. Love it! It makes you all the lovelier and more desirable. 10 forever.

You forgot to add, "and, of course, she is Ukrainian!!!

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