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more of Kaylee, please.

She is so beautiful, I wanna make babies with her!

Is greedy of ice-cream or provocative the beautiful Kaylee?
An exemplary set.
Golden hair and bright blue as the background.
Lights and shadows suggestive.
It seems to be able to caress the golden skin of Kaylee.
Leonardo, I believe that this quality can never get on that terrace overlooking the sea.

I haven't noticed any requests for the models to pose with food. What's with all the damn FOOD!!?? The symbolism is cliche and archaic!!

How about mounting a Tuna?

I really appreciate visits from lovely Kaylee!

Perfectly delicious!

Kaylee's boobs are straight up hot - so why cover (her left one) over with her hair in nearly every photo set? IMO, her asymmetry enhances her beauty. She's lovely.

Photographers think they're being coy & sexy, but to us it's just freakin' irritating!

A very nice amount of a very nice blue to bring out the light blue eyes. The ripped plaid was fetching underneath, especially when in focus enough to see.

Ice cream goes quite nicely with watermelon in the trash bin off stage.

LOL, you got that right!

Stunning!!! I actually went and got an ice-cream and ate it with you Kaylee, enjoyed every sultry glance.

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