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99 and 100 - she so much wants to touch it.

I do understand why a lot of people think very highly of her - and she is certainly not a bad model.

It is just... looking at her face is like walking down the uncanny valley. Something is just a bit... off.

I tried really hard but can't imagine what you see...or don't see. Or what you mean by "walking down the uncanny valley"...(?) To me, Kei is beautiful from top to bottom. Have you considered the possibility that you may be cockeyed?? ;o)

Uncanny valley reflects the feeling of reject of a human being watching a robot try to act and look like him(or her)

This girl is HOT and I cannot understand why her rating is so low either. I love her tits as well but we don't have to have them all the time. When she gets as wet as this (which she does in most sets) I could eat her from her pussy all the way upwards. Keep it up Kei, I love You!

Fantastic set. Obviously I love the the juicy pussy shots but the mirror shot with her tongue out is brilliantly creative. I know where I'd love to put my tongue!

I think Kei is delightful. Those big blue eyes are so expressive and she has a fun personality. I think #26 and 27 say it all! Cute spicy and a little bit naughty. I really like it when the photographer includes personality shots like this. To me these kind of shots make me feel like I am seeing the real girl and not an emotionless robot. Kei is a very sexy lady who looks like more than just a face and a pussy. Like someone who would be fun to be with in the real world. I bet those eyes could really melt a guy with a pouty little girl look.

There's some really strange photography here. I could have done without the first 28 shots with the weird angles and whatnot. The fact that Ms. Kei looks scared out of her gourd in the first few shots doesn't help either. Pretty girl, not a great first set.

Scared out of her gourd? I see only one shot #3 where she look a bit surprised but scared? I think the first 28 shots are great. Granted she is not naked but I feel these are great shots.

Those big blue eyes do tend to make it easy to misinterpret her expressions but if she was scared they would become really huge and there would be no doubt that she was scared!

I thought the first 8 photos were great. 12 through 16 were a bit to much but 26 and 27 were great.

oops... I stand corrected. This is NOT her first set which makes it all the more disappointing.

Rylsky is my favorite photographer on this site. I like to play with cropping photos a lot and his work lends itself to it perfectly.




Thanks Rylsky, I like the use of the mirror in this set. Congratulations for a work well done.

  • 2 years ago:

This is my absolute favorite erotic model and once again she and Rylsky give us an excellent set with a full emotional range (sultry, shy, funny). "Kei" has the most expressive eyes I have ever seen--they really seem to speak.

I love the mirror shots as they allow even more angles to appreciate her beauty. Some models have to be shot on their "good side", but Kei seems to have no such limitation.

If you are looking for more Kei sets, RylskyArt has many more her that I fully endorse.

And she takes requests!

...and from now she answers the questions :)

Her work on Rylsky are is very nice indeed, Well worth the added cost. If you like upskirt try Ceetru

Pretty Lady. Great poses. And, Oh! Yes! ¡Por fin! Una coño rosa abierto! Tan cremoso! Tan incitante! Kei invita usted a justo deslizarse justo! Eso es tan dulce y acogedor a ver dentro tu cremoso coño! Me puedo justo imaginaba siendo profundo dentro tu cremoso coño y mirando hacia abajo en tus hermosos ojos! Paraíso!

Thank you Caballo for these great Spanish lessons! I've learned some lines. Could you also post the English translation?

You can easily do that yourself.

¡Sí! ... Mirando de alguno coño! (; ~(¡)~ !

imho it is a crime that Kei's composite rating on her bio page is only 8.92 out of 1,331 votes. Her bubble butt alone, when seen, is worth the price of admission. Kei is very attractive and one of my favourites.

There are so many girls that should rate higher than they are but when you are talking a few tenths of a point between the top and bottom of the list it doesn't take much to make a big difference. The problem is the system, if you like a girl but don't think she is perfect you tend to go for a nine which is an undesirable number and will drop a girl clear of the top 100. So if you like a girl don't vote less than 10. The other thing is a girl who in the top 20 will always get better scores because that means she will be among the first girls you notice when you go to the models page.

There are several girls that I think are way underrated.

When will Rylsky realise that we all use widescreen displays and these horizontally?

Photos in portrait format are particularly for magazines!

uuusssee you should look into getting one of those rotatable monitors; trust me, you will luv it!

I have a 27" monitor and newer portrait mode pictures completely fill the screen and more. What size monitor and resolution do you use?

Rylsky is one of the few photographers on MetArt who understands the power/eroticism of upskirt... most of the photogs treat dresses/skirts as props, to be removed as rapidly as possible.

Agreed! Upskirt shots are great. I for one love to see shots like the first 8. I love to see how a girl looks with her clothes on. Especially when she looks this good in them!

i wish she was completely naked.

Wow!!! What an awesome set of this gorgeous, sexy girl!!! Beautiful face and dreamy blue eyes, perfect boobs, and delicious creamy pussy...Kei has it all!!! I luved all the close-ups, and I think #44 is the best mirror shot I've seen on Met-Art!!! Rylsky, I luv all these elegant rooms with nice furniture that you use!!!

Did you use 2 mirrors for shots 54 and 55?

The trick with using mirrors is to not get yourself or the strobe in the shot! I love mirrors. you get 2 models for your money! :) They are fun because you get 2 completely different views. Sometimes the mirror is best, sometimes the real girl is and you never really know which it will be.

54&55 is 1 mirror as well.

I understand the angles after looking in a mirror. Nice work!!!

For sheer, raw sexiness, the most amazing face on Met. I love the ways those cute, curly pussy lips open up for us, and such pretty toes!

sweet & intense!

  • 2 years ago:

I'm a sucker for pretty hands and feet. Kei is always prepared for her sets.

You are right; she's lovely. And thank God her photographer knows how to use the focus facility on his camera, unlike Leonardo, Goncharov and Latika.

If Only!!

I don't know, nor much care, how long you have been subbing to M-A, but three of the shooters (including Rylsky), you have mentioned above, are pussy-whipped.

Erik Latika, you obviously haven't seen much of. He is generally a more professional artist than Rylsky, Goncharov and Leonardo combined.

Pity you hadn't viewed his earlier work, and based your assumption on his latest. That was far from his normal standard. I'm sure he had a brain-fart. Who doesn't??

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