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A very beautiful young lady, flawless skin, great hair, perfect ass and what an incredibly sexy pussy...LICKABLE

I was going to ask when the last time someone saw Kei's teeth and Viola, there they are. I too don't know her real hair color but I prefer the color in her bio thumb. Thanks to you both for another pleasant visit.

Magnificent, as are all of Kei's sets. You must make more jokes for the girls as I love to see them laugh! Kudos indeed!

I agree. Before I joined metart and RA I figured out that these models were Russian by there laughs. I figured that the photographer Rylsky must be Russian. The models were laughing dirrectly at the camera as if they were reacting photographer's joke completely. There clearly was not language barrier. The models understood Rylsky. Rylsky is Russian. Ergo the models must be Russian.. This Rylsky is not working in Paris or London with models who barely understand his dirrection. Moscow is the capital of the erotic art world and Rylsky is its king. Long live the king.

Must make? Many times made! And yes, some of my MetArt sets are with this part.

You can visit RylskyArt and check for special sets called "Backstage". Some scenes (and photos) that happened and not included in sets Of MetArt, RylskyArt, EroticBeauty...etc.

Shootings for me is really good when it contains atmosphere where fun is "MUST BE" part, for sure. But I cannot include it in "usual" sets mostly.
Remember, all the bad things in this World was made with serious faces.


  • 2 years ago:

Once again I am rewarded for my patience. :) And once again Rylsky and Kei have combined to bring us a complete set full of wonderful variation and solid, clear images.

I love everything about this model. She literally takes my breath away. And because she's so expressive, it feels like you can tell exactly what she's thinking/feeling in each of these pictures. Its uncanny.

I love your GORGEOUS nails, Kei.

Very feminine. Very sexy. Very attractive.

Perfect toned ass and erotic anus.

Una señora muy guapa! Ella tiene algun coño fantástico! Ella es siempre tan rosada y muy cremoso dentro! Me justo encantaría a deslizar mi verga dentro de ella y mirar sus ojos azules titilar con placer!

Great set of a gorgeous lady -- with a very strong finish. Kudos.

Love the curve of her hips and thighs in pic# 27, and ohhh, the FDAU pose in numbers 30 & 31!

Ok, I'm curious ;)... What's FDAU pose?

A few classic examples:




Face Down, Ass Up

Kei has that amazing body to die for.Very beautiful set.

Just unbelievably sexy. Amazing rear shots as we imagine stretching open that dark, tight anus. Gorgeous wet butterfly and such a phenomenally sexy face. I love that pretty laughing shot #113 and those huge ble eyes. Wonderful job Kei and Rylsky.

I really like this darker hair color on her. It compliments her light complexion and those big blue eyes. Of course I have no idea what her natural color is but this fits her nicely. Kie is a beautiful girl and so easy to like. I always look forward to her new sets. She is a regular on Rylsky art and she really grows on you. The more I see her the more I like her soft natural style.

"The more I see her..."
I have the same feeling.


That is nice to know. Since you actually spend time with these girls and get to know them it means a lot that you like a girl. To actually experience the real girls as they really are has got to be so very interesting and it shows in your work.

Thank you

Thank you!
I appreciate this.

Some time ago i received some comments from MetArt and members asked if I am gay because they saw in my sets that I dislike girls as a girls to love to present themfor a man's eyes and from a man's view...



Very nice. Kei is a very pretty lady.

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