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Cute, cute curls

Very secial girl !!!! Unfortunately, due to bad photographer's technique her skin looks absolutely unnatural and lifeless... I'd say she looks like a wax doll.
Dear Mr. Rylsky, do you plan to change your techniques to stop making "wax dolls" out of perfect models???

She looks great to me...including her skin.

Dear Mr. Alex, I see no reason to discuss about anything that is about taste (I see no wax doll here) and I will never will teach you what to like, cause I am not your father or boss. You are free to choose your favorites here in technique or any other thing. Millions images, thousands models, hundreds artists, why choose me and teach me?
Just remove me from your wishlist and be happy.

  • 2 years ago:

I wasn't able to leave a proper post earlier this morning as I was caught off-guard by this photo set this morning and was almost late for work while admiring it!

I probably sound like a broken record, but there aren't too many models in the MetArt directory who have the emotional range that Kei has, sultry, sexy, funny, amused, feigned surprise, mysterious, innocent, shy, flirty, etc.. And she makes the transitions so effortlessly; this plus ALWAYS coming prepared for her sets (hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure) is among the reasons why she's my all-time favorite.

And then there's her Blog on RylskyArt where you get to interact with her and see just what an intelligent and inquisitive person she is, and not just a pretty face.

Keep up the excellent work, Kei and Rylsky. :)

Kei has the biggest blue eyes! And she smiles, too! This is a great set, and as usual this photog has done well bringing her to us. A mix of poses and angles, superb closeups and good camera work are reasons I consistently enjoy Rylsky's work.

More typical Ryslky bullshit. Redundant photo after redundant photo. This girl deserved better!

Why are you paying if you think his work is bullshit? This is a one artist site. There is no one else here. If you are looking for something else why not go where you can find it and save your money.

I will have to admit that Rylsky did get a bit excessive and repetitious with the crotch shots in this set but you have to admit it's a very nice subject and I sure can't blame him for being reluctant to pull away from that magnificent jewel.

OOPs! I had just come from RA and I was still thinking this was his site.

So There are dozens of artists here and plenty of them do worse work but such remarks are still out of line. As said before if you have nothing good to say then don't say anything at all.

LOL "OOPS"!??? LMAO!! (sorry....that just cracked me the hell up!!!)

Wanna be useful? Please classify if it is typical, ok? You could say what it must contain to classify it without any titles, step by step, please. I think I know the first step, I think you will say "first is the title - Rylsky was photographer of this...", but I want to know all the things that makes me Bull Who Made Shit.

And finally, what this girl deserved? Describe it as well, step-by-step. I think I know the first step, I think you will say "send her to photographer...", but I want to know what else she deserved and why she cannot choose photographer by herself. It is because you pay membership, isn't it?


LOL You think he wants to be "useful"!?? )) ))

At least now it is clear what this comment "deserved".
in Russian bullshit means (translation is) "useless" or "lie"

Same here

looking at her face is like looking at Death in person. Especially 1 is creepy as fuck.

And it does not get better.

3 - that is insanity.

Not a set to go through if you plan to sleep that night.

Not a set to go through if you've been smoking pcp either... Relax....the demons will pass...

ROFL! Tal vez sus medicamentos! (:

WTF? I am dumfounded that anyone could think that! What the hell are you on?

If that is the face of death I prey it takes me soon!

I bet thousands will pray this night for this "Death" came to their bedroom.

It is below any Gentleman's personality to describe any woman the way you did it, no matter what you think about photographer and his work. After your words you may sleep very well, but alone forever.

I can kind of sympathize with a dislike for #1 and 3. It is the shadows under the eyes that give her a somewhat gaunt and haunting look but they do not rate creepy or scary unless you are on some sort of mind altering drugs. If the images are so scary the demons are within you, Not Kei. Kei is a very gentle lovely woman inside and out and should be praised for her willingness to share her beauty with us without reservation.

Such negativity is ridiculous and totally uncalled for. You not only upset the model and the photographer but you insult and upset all of us who have given praise for this set. I am sure Rylsky could survive without the small amount you pay each month. It's a free world, If you don't like the work he is doing why are you here "wasting your money"?

This is what proves that Kei is a wonderfully talented model. Kei shows mahy different expressions and feelings in this set. In all of the photos which show her face, no two are exactly the same. And with that new hair style (wave perm and curl), she looks quite different. This talent makes it fun to view Kei's sets.Photos 1 & 3 may not be my favorite, but there are many more. 117 is delightful.

N, you hit it! It's in her eyes! Her expressions! Beautiful!

Perhaps many will sleep very well dreaming of seeing Kei as she is presented here. It would be even better waking up seeing those big blue eyes and smile next to me.

Nice photography, I especially like the last image. I like to see a pretty girl's smile.

V-man_ger, as the saying goes.....If you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all. Why would you wish to be disrespectful to any woman?

because I am paying good money to access this site.

I just wrote my impression. This set is creepy. Maybe she is an angel in real life.

I don't care. In this set she is crazy and creepiness incarnated.

No problems to hate set or photographer. We can live with it and eat this shit daily. Even without any of your money spent. But... no money can be paid to have a right of call any woman the way you did. Or money can be paid to psychoanalysts.

(; Rylsky, Good one! V-m has no need to be tal un gilipollas. If "I" really don't like a model, I just don't comment, if I have liked what a photographer has done, I give accolades. But then maybe I'll offer a little advice or constructive criticism. But to blast the lady, why? psychoanalysts...LOL!

v-man_ger, have you looked at Kei's Plimira set? She looks quite different in that set.

BTW, Kei has a fabulous body.

Superb! Magnificent! Thank you for one more set of this elegant and very beautiful woman! Some of your finest work and one of your very best models! Perhaps RA is where I should 're-surface' when the time is right...

Thank you

I start my day by checking Met-Art. I love it when Kei is there in the morning, sexy, intelligent, a hint of a smile on her face. Like we're sharing a secret. If I can't wake up WITH Kei, I'm grateful I can wake up TO her.

The viewer of this gallery is present as each pic is photographed. Superbly realistic, another masterpiece from Rylsky!

  • 2 years ago:

Totally surprised to see this set for some reason. Glorious! A true beauty. An awesome start to my day.

Thank you for picture 1337

i see no pic with this number

It's the one with the hairy arm pits...;o)

A set is always extra good with a helping of "passion juice" as Hipshot131 calls it.

  • 2 years ago:

Passion juice is what she calls it. Her blog on RylskyArt is very fun reading.

O! Ooooo! Sweeet!

Oh! ¡Sí! Kei! Abrir y mojado! Niza, cariño! Me encanta a ver usted abriendo! Gracias, cariño!

What does Niza mean?


Niza y dulce! Y Ella está abriendo! (Nice and sweet! And she is opening!) ;) ;) ;) Oh,¡Sí! Sí para Kei! Niza nookei! Just having a little fun on the internet...

Kei's personal blog:


Great photography of a beautiful woman.

Kei is beautiful! I always enjoy her visits.

Let me add something... I know it has been requested before but PLEASE give us a movie of her. While she brings the still to life, I would love to see her move. And let her talk during it! I am willing to bet her voice is as beautiful as the rest of her. And she is so stunning, give us a few more of her with clothes on.

Kei darling I love your hair like that. And as I said on RA wet is not just good it's awesome! Every time I see one of those creamy closeups all I can think of is the song "Two Tickets to Paradise". I Bet spending some time with you would supply me with sweet dreams for ever more. "Passion juice";)) It certainly raises my passion level.

This is the masters work. Magnificent closeups mixed with wonderful long shots and fantastic closeups of those bewitching blue eyes! And even a few outdoor shots to allow us to catch our breath and admire all of this woman.


Obviously a playful girl! Ry nice use of depth of focus on the "hand" shot threesome. You actually saved her best for last, the final two photos are outstanding. She is simply beautiful! Those eyes and her smile... The explicit gyno shot was a perfect shot of a perfect pussy. Is there any part of this girl which is not photogenic?

Esos ojos azules! Dulce ojos azules! Voy a decir, Ella Está Abierta! Kei está justo uno magníficamente hermosa señorita, cuando ella tiene abrió y ella está sonriendo tan dulcemente! Me encanta cuando ella está extendiendo ancho abierto y ella está sonriendo dulcemente, ella es justo maravilloso!

A masterpiece! Both; The Lady & The photography! Please tell me there were a couple of video cameras filming Kei during bedroom photo session. You can release it on MA any day now! ;)

  • 2 years ago:

Agreed on the handshot focus triple. Very well executed.

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