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new post in Kei's blog on RylskyArt:

Perfect photo set of a very beautiful lady. I really can't think of more to say.

another strange set featuring Kei A.

I know that she is a pretty girl. She has nice to look at feet. Well shaped legs. Her nether regions are without fault. The face is probably attractive.

Probably? Yes. Because for some reason.... her photos do not hit 'the spot' like some other models do. And I can't even say why. I should find her very attractive. But... it is just a pretty lady.


V-man_ger :

There is nothing of strange, yours in only and simply a matter of taste.
I would be curious to know who are your favourite models here :)

Let me say I want to live strange way and in strange place full of strange girls as Kei. I will be strange as well. But I will be happy.

I really think that sometimes no words needed, because how could you describe to the blindman what is the Sun or clouds or anything that can't be touched?
I don't call you blindman, but I feel myself almost blind after your comment because I will never see the things described by you. When it is photography - it is double strange.

I find Key an extraordinarily delicious,cheerful and sexy girl,One of the best imho.Unforgettable favorite 10 set.Thanks,Rilsky.

The seller

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

She is definitely unusual, especially for this site -- and I mean that in a good way :-)
She may be something of an acquired taste...
Her gaze can be a bit disconcerting. Women aren't supposed to seem that strong and smart :-)

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

Attractive first shot of the famous Kei who can write English...
Pretty good-looking, too, with hu-u-u-ge eyes :-)
7: Nice shirt, nice mix of light. 8: definitely sexy :-)
14: better when she relaxes...15: self-conscious, but kinda cute.
16 -- like that. 17 too. 18 -- very nice. 19 too. 20 as well.
23: pretty sexy.
Looking for a place to insert my "she could use more pubic hair" observation. This'll do :-) That "bush" is too small, baby. It needs to be balanced in size with the rest of your hair. After all, you don't severely clip your eyebrows, let alone your locks.
You're a big strong girl who definitely will not be overwhelmed by your natural pubic growth -- even though some wimpy guys might be ;-) (rockhard joke :-)
27: cute! 29 -- beautiful. 38: very nice in an offhand way.
39: don't mess with this babe! :-)
42 -- she can be very striking...43...45...46...47 illustrates my point about her pubic hair.
The blue cools her becomingly.
49: madonna-esque (in the classic sense!) 51: just a bit hesitant...
53 -- long-limbed lady. 55: that bush would be awesome :-)
57 -- appealing. 58 -- the real deal...59...
60: you'd think she were an actress...64: looking good thinking.
65 -- you're not gonna fool her!
66: hot and thoughtful at the same time...
68: just the lady next door :-) Elegant hands, btw.
70-71 -- nice combo! 76: bingo!
88: well-framed. 89: ditto. 90: wild angle :-)
96: kinda shy...97...becomingly...she doesn't need much makeup on those eyes! 98...
100 -- almost like Kate Winslet here...in the face.
101 -- would you know she's a writer? 102 -- wow.
106 -- touching.....:-)
107 -- really like the "naked" look. Refreshingly real.
108: the most honest face I've yet seen on this site!
109 -- for armpit lovers, sexy!
113 -- elegant. 118-20: very nice.
This is a great set that goes somewhere.

Thank you for your time and for so detailed comments (as usual).

  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

You're welcome. This is the first time I'd really had a look at her.
BTW, did you see who's comin' up via Sironi in a little while?
I hope I survive! :-)

Another pearl of Rylsky.
A photoset exemplary.
A background neutral, muted.
Inside Queen Kei and a bright color.
The turquoise bolero is a hymn to Joy (Beethoven feel in your ears).
Kei, sweet and sensual, show without veils for the joy of the eyes.

"Non plus ultra"

Really poetry, thanks a lot!

I agree, that was a great poem, gaetano!

Nice setting. Good accent lighting. Great photography of the very lovely Kei! Fantastic posing! Awesome rear views of Kei looking over her shoulder and smiling! Thank you!

The lovely and ravishing Kei once again graces us with her presence and she's feeling mischievous... she ropes the somewhat reluctant Rylsky in, and soon he's having just as much fun as she is.
But hey, who can blame him, with that enchanting, expressive face, and that sense of enthusiasm, Kei could seduce a marble statue with a fig leaf for equipment... ( ;
Bravo, Kei and Rylsky.
Wonderful, fun, sexy set. This is what erotic art should be.

No need to say more, I agree with all of it!

I couldn't have said it any better....great comment!

Kei is always smiling and seems to enjoy life.

Rylsky has such a difficult job, the sacrifices he makes for our sake....he is a true hero for giving his life just so we can see these beautiful women:)

All kidding aside.....this is a very nice set Rylsky, great work!

My thoughts exactly... The smile and all the rest captured by one of the best.

I second that!

One of the prerequisites to being a Rylsky model is a pair of eyes that would melt the polar icecap. A beautiful smile also helps, and so does a delectable figure. Kei is Exhibit A (sorry, I couldn't resist). She is so lovely, so warm, so absolutely sweet that you can't help loving her. I can't anyway. Welcome back, sweetheart.

Looking lovely today Kei!

  • Neil
  • 11 months ago:

The incredible Miss Kei, what a wonderful treat again. Kei is always beautiful, always sexy and always so very cute. Kei has that pleasant and inviting smile. She looks like she clearly enjoys posing for the camera. And such a great body, so very beautiful. She is a star. Now it is off to Rylskyart to post a comment on Kei's blog.

Nice post Neil.

BTW, Kei's 2nd blog post with her own pictures coming in 5 days

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