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  • POed
  • 5 months ago:

As usual a beautiful model sticks her ass in the camera the and photographer focuses on her face or her lady bits are in shadow. WTF?
Hey MET, we can look at all the free face photos of beautiful women on the Net that we want.
How about some PORN instead of this artistic crap all the time?

And bugger off all you sycophants here that pretend people aren't paying to see inspiration to masturbate.
With the likes of you applauding like seals for copper, it's no wonder the rest of us rarely get any gold for our money.

Dear Nail, it is unnecessary to me to buy all that equipment and start my own erotic photographer's career. I am just a customer, a user. As a customer I can only say - I like it, or I don't like it. So, I say: I don't like it. You like this set? Fine!
It is easy to notice, that Mr. Rylsky has a few fans here. As his fans you, guys, like everything he shoots - even a flushing toilet. And you eat everybody who doesn't adore Mr. Rylsky.

ATCanada is right: this is not an erotic set. This is a set of illustrations on the wall in the gynecologist or proctologist's office.

You, guys, have to admit that this set is really monotonous, the photos are mind numbing repetitive. Just as I said.

Accepting the works like this, the Met's manager is facing of the risk to ruin this perfect site.

Very sexy neck

To all, Once again I am going to give an end of the day review. Again on Ry's entry of the day. 20 Hours ago I predicted that today might be rough. But actually there was a lot of positive comment. And just that a lot of comment. And that is good news. We saw wide range of both pro and con today. What I didn't see was any comments become personal attacks. Both Kilroy and Hipshot comment below IMO with brilliant analysis of this issue. overall I see us here, for lack of a better word, maturing. I have since the comments were introduced attempted to "push" in that direction. I am opinionated and I do not expect everyone to ever agree with me on all issues. I can personally attest to the fact that the powers to be do listen to us. And more inportant repect our role. I have got out of control on a couple of issues, but rather than a pubic rebuke, I was personally contacted and asked to "cool it". (Actually that was probably on Sex and not here.) I have had personal contact from more than one of our artist again on issues without need of public airing. I probably take all of this a litle to seriously, but I truly enjoy the comment section, not quite as much as the girls but the whole package from MET overall for me justifies it's being the best sites of this type on the web. Until Ry returns I may keep doing this type of review.

LOL I'll have what he's having!!! lmao!

Awesome set! Now this IS art! Very well done, Most who try this light play fail but this is a very masterfully done. The light always in the right place, highlighting the right thing. The shadows never too dark and yet the lighted ares are not washed out. I love the body suit, always a favorite with me and this one in particular was a wise choice. Classy subdued and very sexy. IMHO this set is very soft and sexy and Kei and Rylsky nailed it. I like the B/W as a start. It gives Kei a different look that is a great contrast to the rest of the set. I love #95 and 96 and the less formal ending shots.

It goes without saying that Kei is perfectly lovely and so sexy in this setting. She is always a delight whether done in wide angle or in those magnificent closeups. Others may complain but I like these close in studies in feminine perfection. With other women this could be too much but Kei's lovely flower begs to studied up close and Rylsky is a master of up close. Thank you Kei for this lovely gift. You are always a joy to behold and this set is perfect!

That is the one thing that stands out in this set - The masterful use of light in varying levels. It is not easy. Only Rylsky and a few others can pull it off with results such as this. Excellent set, Ry, and of course it helps to have a wonderful subject as Kei.

Wonderful explicit set of this beautiful girl. Kei is a total babe..

Left arm aching a bit after this one!!

You must be left handed! ;)

Can someone explain to me the problem with men in this site? Always bitching about something. Here we have the world's most beautiful women, in lovely detail, and you always have to find fault with something: "The shot is too close", "The shot is too far", "It's out of focus", There's too much focus", "I don't like the beach", "The set's too boring", "It's too wet", "It' too dry", "Naked too early", "Not naked enough". If I were a Met Art administrator, I would turn off the comments and leave the voting only. You're bored by women. Why don't you just go to a design and architecture site instead?

Totally agree with you !

Sadly, there are some who only make negative comments, some are even like a broken record. On the whole, I make mostly positive comments, and I try to balance bad with good when possible. I feel I am pretty tolerant of many things, being that variety is one of the qualities that I praise here at MA. But I do speak up without reservation and it is not always positive. It is the way it is said that makes the difference. Use of tact and being respectful is a must in this forum.

I do feel that as members, we have an obligation to provide feedback to the site administrators and photographers so that they know what we want and can reasonably adjust to provide it. They DO listen to us. "K" listens, DeltaGamma, Catherine, Flora and other photographers listen. Rylsky listens, although he is not commenting - only for a while, we hope. MA provides this forum for us and I intend to use it!

We are all paying for this, right? And when I pay for something, I expect to get what I pay for, and pay for what I expect, as would any buyer. If my wife is feeding me brussel sprouts all the time and I don't like them, should I not tell her? What would you do?

This is a great site, but sometimes there are sets that are not as great. Most of the time I love it. Such is life, take the good with the bad. It is not wrong to discuss good and bad things as we do here. It is what the comment section is for.

It's true some of the comments are of no particular value except to be grouchy, but on the other hand, we are offering suggestions in some cases as to how the set could be better. When the women are THIS beautiful, then I think we are all thinking the photography should be top-notch. When it isn't, I offer suggestions, sometimes technical, since I'm a photographer.

Then other times, I am inspired to say my jaw is on the floor, these women are almost always drop-dead gorgeous.

You are a happy person because you settle for what you have.
Who is not satisfied, suffers from what has not, thinking about what she might have.

Said the wise man: "Happiness consists in desiring the things that you have."

Also look for a good glass of whiskey instead of a glass of wine is not bad thing.

I agree that some commentators are grouchy and overly critical but the comments are a very interesting part of Metart and one that makes them stand out against other sites. There will always be critics and they can be course and abrasive but if all comments were positive they would then be truly useless and should be turned off. The staff can sort thru this stuff and glean very useful information and I know it has made a big difference with many of the artists here.

Great job as usual Ry. This set made Kei stand out for me. Lovely close ups of her pussy and ass. I'm a happy man today.

This is not a photo shoot, it's an anatomy lesson.

I'm neither a gynecologist nor a proctologist.

Getting close to cancelling my membership. The site is deteriorating.

Quiet guys!
The sweet Key and Rylsky give us a gynecology lesson in elegant eroticism.
All with great delicacy and without any vulgarity.
Do not forget that there are other subscribers who erased their subscription if the camera was not placed directly inside.
Patience, patience, we think that eroticism is very different from fetishism.

Thanks Key to be given to us.

Good riddance! Don't let the door hit you in the back in your way out!


Love her ass-ets!

Kei is back and, as usual, she has made my day. Great to see you again, sweetheart.

Kei is always beautiful and oh so seductive. And she is in this wonderful majestic and elegant setting for a second time. Wonderful, simply wonderful!

  • 2 years ago:

A marriage proposal would probably come across as creepy, huh? Yeah, I'll just hold on to that a while longer. :)

Ha! Like that was a big secret, Philo. ( :
I just love the glint in Kei's eyes when she's modeling... kinda like she's got an idea what she's doing to us. ( :

  • 2 years ago:

I really adore her. She and Ry have been very kind to me this past year by going out of their way to act on my ideas.

And you're totally spot on about her eyes--the most expressive use of eyes I've seen by a model in the Met-Art network. With just her eyes she can change a pose from steamy, to shy, to playful unlike any other.

An idea? I am sure Kei is fully aware of her effect on us and justifiably proud of the gifts she was given. Kei is a masterpiece and I am so glad the she shares that joy with us. That special glint in those lovely eyes is what marks the difference between a good model and a special woman like Kei.

More photos in landscape as usual. Thank you!

Rough day, even Ry is getting bitches. He folks we got a fourway going today over on Sex. Come on over... Opps, for Met members, dicks are probably a no no also. I guess there are no winners today. At least one of the girls on both sites is Ukrainian so we will have to wait for Sailor to get one positive comment. Ta Ta for now, crouches.

Wish I could join you but enjoy! Maybe someday

There are new naked pictures of Kei and Candice here today and that's a good day in my book.)

And let's not forget Violla :) A great day indeed!

Agreed Violla is awesome also.

Could have been a nice set but for that artistic lighting !! :-(

Kei is one in a million! Just magnificent!! One of the few that I don't mind seeing "repeatedly"...;o) Beautiful set!

Mr. Rylsky is tired. His photo sets are getting worse and worse. This set is the worst I have ever seen. Photos 2-9, 11-20, 21-25, 33-40 etc. look absolutely the same.
Dear Mr. Rylsky if your creative potential is over don't you think that you need to finish your photographer career?

I sense a personal vendetta here. This is not criticism it is a personal attack. I know that Rylsky has very tough skin and hopefully he knows who this is. It sounds like a jilted model or maybe a competing photographer?

At any rate The fact that his photos appear as regularly as they do and that his site is very popular also is proof positive that the membership in general like his work.

Alex, Whoever you are I am glad that your sentiments are totally invalid and not representative of the general membership's view of his work. If you don't like it simply move on, we won't miss you

Those photos are NOT all the same. It is you with the flawed eye, not Rylsky. And even if I did agree with you, I'd still think your comment is rude and boorish. Your criticisms could have been stated in a polite, gentlemanly manner.

There is no need to be so insulting. May I suggest that if you think Rylsky's work is so poor, invest in some photography equipment and try your hand at it. Maybe you could earn a living as an erotic artist.

The best comment of the day Neil.


I second that!

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