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Kei is so beautiful, I love it when she gets in bed and shoes off her "hot-ass"!

Kei is so beautiful, I love it when she gets in bed and shoes off her "hot-ass"!

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

2 -- nice pic of Kei, armpit hair and all :-)
But seriously, she'd look great as a hippie :-)
6 -- Kei, it would be much better grown out. We need somebody to be different again :-)
7 -- like the simplicity...
● stiff, pose-y, not at ease....like your shaved pussy...
20 -- gothic... 21 -- flattering... 29 -- severe trim...
30 -- goes with it. A true inviting expression. Through 34, relaxed at last. But that bush is too small, baby! Bigger is better :-)
IOW, why is scraped-raw bare skin better than furry? Don't you have enough bare skin already?
Trust in nature's wisdom, at least in this area.
● Back to stiff posing...
37 -- the Kei :-) 41 -- light as air! :-)
When you relax and don't try too hard to pose, you're much more appealing...
44 -- attractive semi-profile....shows off your great nose :-)
45 -- so why don't you shave that wispy treasure-trail too? Because it's sweet natural. Same would be with your pubic hair.
Golly, I feel like I'm talkin' to the wind. Nobody gets it. They all think it has to be hacked off, "improved" -- i.e., ruined :-)
This won't always be the case, fortunately.
In the meantime, hate to tell ya, luv to tell ya you're all wrong :-)
46 -- would be about 4x better natural :-)
There are pics I will not give a 10 to simply because I do not want to vote for "trimmed" -- especially that severely. It looks uncomfortable, hard to keep, and raw. Not exactly, i.e., sexy.
So, you want a critique of the whole damned reigning aesthetic? I'm frustrated, because full pubic hair was for me a woman's sexiest feature...
And now I'm faced with an age where pussy is pictured all over the place, and is almost always shaved. What makes it worse is that people say it's better that way.
Uh, yeah, nuthin' like living on a different planet... :-)
And even a girl as smart as Kei thinks so. I'll refrain from calling all of you sheep, tools of the "beauty" and porn industries :-) But you are.
That said, Kei, you're much better-looking when you're relaxed :-)

What also infuriates me is this male insistence on women shaving their pubic area, while it would not dream of shaving its own. And then, when a woman doesn't, it comes down on her like a ton of bricks.
This speaks very well of the male sex...
To me, it merely suggests a hateful fear of women. A need to control them.
And women happily acquiesce....so they too are to blame. Especially when they come down on fellow women who don't toe the line...
But it's all about power, about making ends meet... :-)
And fortunately things do change...
That hair is a feature, like head hair, and eyebrows...

Sorry to say this set becomes as tedious as me :-)
116 -- but dinky "bush" and all, I like the smile, Kei :-)
And the calm pose in 119.

Kei is totally hawt! Now if Elle would get her pretty little buns over to Rylsky, she too could have sets like this instead of the bathroom crap on this page. I hope someone tells Elle this real soon. In the meantime both Kei and Rylsky get 10+++

Could there be a bad set with Kei in it? Not with Rylsky at the wheel. Kei is delightful, sweet, and oh so lovely. Her long beautiful legs are perfect, as are her breasts, and her fantastic butt. She is so endearing and happy. It is one thing to be beautiful but quite another to radiate this gentle sweet and loving persona. She brightens even the gloomiest winter day.

As a team these two are hard to beat. As seems to be the case with most of his models there is a connection between them that gives us a joyful treat with each set.

Thank you my lovely Kei for a ray of sunshine in the gloomy winter day.

Nice work Rylsky, Kei looks fantastic once again.

Rylsky, master of all feet lovers! ;)

The lovely, the sexy, the marvelous Kei, presented in all her full glory.
I must echo Philogyny's praise: she makes my heart sing as well; her smile brightens my day. ( :

When Rylsky is driving the bus, and Kei is one of the passengers, I am like any tourist; I just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

This has to be my favorite work of Rylsky to date. The color clash is awesome! The close up shots of the models more sensual parts that Rylsky always fantastically gives us are the same as always, terrific! Bravo, bravo. :P

That's a fine photoset of lovely Kei.

  • 7 months ago:

No frequency of her visitations could quell the momentary raptures and ceaseless desire of my heart for more ...

Kei makes my heart sing.

Kei is one of Rylsky's true sweethearts, and another beauty with hypnotic eyes so wide-set they're barely in the same time zone. She's a 10 every time.

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