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Those sweet white panties................................

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

A little mo' later...
105 -- beauty!
109 -- chandelier goddess :-)
118 -- clever!
120 -- very good.

Now if Ms Kei would just do something about that downsized bush (like let it become natural, a la the hair on her head... :-)

Great set, loved seeing her in normal clothes and out of them ... she just doesn't look like the kind of girl who gets naked in front of the camera...make her all the more appealing ... fantastic ARSE LBL

Image 45 makes me wish I could bury my head between her thighs; what I wouldn't give to know what she tastes like. :)

2 Kei sets on consecutive days ... I'm a happier than usual guy.

Hear hear!

Lucky day today, four sets of photos, four small masterpieces.
With different styles, different colors, but four small masterpieces.
Here a perfect setting.
Few empire furniture, lots of flowers and a picture (Paris?).
Everything to do discreet frame to the splendor of Kei, from auburn curls, naked.
Kei naked an ode to her beauty and that of all women.

Delicious Kei dressed in the park.
It would have been nice to see Kei on photo set wearing the same clothes he had in the park.

Nice set, Kei.

Thanks for sharing your sexy incredibleness with us.

Oh, and thanks for fixing the chandelier while you were up there.

...and her incredible sexiness too! ( :

Great set of this gorgeous sexy girl.

The extended shots of those tight white panties were a real turn as indeed they appeared to be for Kei, judging by some of the frames..!

More of Kei and more white cotton panties soon please

+1 for the white panties. The sexiest item of clothing a woman can wear!

Oh c'mon, y'all knew I was gonna jump on THIS bandwagon... ( :

+ 1!!!

  • Gary
  • 5 months ago:

Another set with unmanaged hair in the way.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

1: nice shot!
2 -- very cute!
3 -- looks real :-)))
4 -- the casual hair is flattering...
5 -- again, Kei, you look best when you relax... :-)
And I really do like the public space element here. It makes the model all the more striking...
6 -- fortunately for us, it's now actually spring! :-)))
7 -- next she's gonna be jumping into a pile of raked leaves! :-)))
8 -- beautiful :-) 9 -- nice.
Let's see, judging from the light and the leaves, I would say that's Moscow in early fall -- late July :-))))))

Mo' later :-)

Let's see, judging from the light and the leaves, I would say that's Moscow in early fall -- late July :-))))))

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Hey, Moscow's not as bad as I thought! :-)))

I know you knew it

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Just like California... :-)))

Welcome to the hotel Califoscow... or Moscafornia...
Such a lovely place...

"You can check out, but you can never leave..."

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

First Don Felder, then Joe Walsh :-)))

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

It's definitely got everything :-)

Kei is a Very lovely model with a beautiful smile. I loved the outdoor shots with the fall leaves as much as I loved the indoor shots, due to Kei's lovely face and smile, and her beautiful body. I will point out(harp on) what I keep saying, waxing the undercarriage and trimming the pelvic area not only looks good (it avoids razor burn, ingrowns, etc) it lets the model both look good, and look like a grown-up. I do no like models that look like children, (Roy Stewart is a good example for his "Petit Naturales "series). I gave Kei and Rylsky both a 10++++

I think it's ridiculous to say that the absence of pubic hair makes the models look like "children"!!! Absolutely ridiculous!!

I agree Rachback. Prepubescent girls do no have lovely breasts and and full inviting labia and those naughty little looks and smile that send you pulse racing. I shave my face every day. Does that make me look prepubescent? I think not!

This is half-sad, half laugh history we have. Once, one who goes abroad used to be advised "You keep your mustache or beard on. Or you look child there". At that time, the average height of ours was some 7 inch shorter than of American / European.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Would you believe post-pubescent :-?

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Yes but waxing the undercarriage and trimming the pelvic area -- he's gettin' there, Rock!
I guess you could say all the way to post-pubescence! :-)))
Gotta say I think the overwhelming majority of women don't have to wax, shave, trim nuthin' down there. But that's because I love their totality -- from the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes. And most definitely including -- shocking thought! -- their pubic hair. It is part of their natural endowment, their feature set, their wholeness, and just like we enjoy their long locks, and loathe the thought of them shaved off, we -- that is, many of us -- love their full bushes. Same could be said for all the natural hair on their bodies.
But that's because we love women, and don't believe they have to get rid of it to be lovable, or "better."
More like children :-))))))))

Hey Doug, have you seen Brisa's set over on RA today? I really really think you're gonna like it... everything but leg and armpit hair! ( :
And yes, the drapes do match the upholstery. ( :

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

I'm not currently a member there. They still have not straightened out my comments/display name. Now they've got all my comments except the last 2 under "Doug." :-)
I told 'em just change those back to the commentator who made them, "Doug", and I'll use a new name for further comments. But they're too busy/too mad to lift a finger :-)
So give my regards to Evita! :-))))

I'm sure I'm gonna have to miss at least for now some interesting sets. But it's worth it to me, as a matter of principle :-)

You are missing a full bush set of Brisa ~ front and back. No shaving or trimming (at least, not obviously). Amazing set of an amazing woman... she has some sets here on MA, they'll give you an idea, although I believe she is trimmed in them.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

I noticed that and glanced at her MA sets -- yep, reduced bush. Just exactly what I'm looking for :-(
Guess who's new on Stunning 18?
Rylsky alerted me.
Not an auspicious debut, I fear.
The prima donna needs better attention :-)))

Forgive me Doug.
Also I love the women from the top of hair to toe.
Beautiful and less beautiful because women are the decorum of creation.
But the woman is a moist slit, not a ruffled bush.
Shaved women are, in fact, as little girls = without malice.
In the end we are all a little fetish.
Those who love hairy women are afraid to remain children.
Those who love women shaved they do not like to become adults and leave the world of dreams.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Maybe that's it, though I think a woman is as much a ruffled bush* as a moist slit -- they're all part of one... :-)

*except on this and similar sites :-)))

On this dispute, Doug, I tend to fall on your side. There is more than enough room for a few fully natural beauties, especially on a site like this where 90% (if not 95 or 99%) of the models are fully shaved.
That having been said, I really do like shaved pussies too... ( : It's up to the individual model's desires and preferences, IMHO. If she's sharing her beauty with me, I'm not gonna complain about how she maintains it!

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

Generally the only time I like the image of a shaved pussy is when I can also see a shot of it hairy.

Refer to my darling Kristel :-)

I want to see what they're shaving off!

I want to see their real endowment.

I want to see some freedom from mindless conformity :-)

That's asking for an awful lot here, fer sure :-)

I think if they had the balls to mix it up, they'd bring a lot more people to their site.

In the end, a lot more than they'd lose.

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

That's nice of you to say so, though, fer_realz.
I just think they're taking away from their beauty when they shave their pussies.
I do not want to lend any more applause to the practice -- it already gets more than enough :-)
An absurd amount, in my very very humble opinion :-)

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

One other thing about shaved pussies -- they are so ubiquitous here that they have lost for me almost any interest. Usually I find them (and the women who sport them) utterly boring. That's what overdoing something can lead to -- complete insensitivity...
Combine that with my sense that habitually shaving them is wrong, and my liking for pubic hair, and you may get more of how I see them.
It's like violence in the news. We hear about it endlessly to the point that the stories no longer have any impact you'd think they might, or should.
Or maybe shouldn't. Maybe the PTB* want us to accept it all without a peep, to keep us in our place.
Whatever, my favorite bumper sticker is still
"Question Authority" :-)))

*powers that be

Actually, interestingly enough, Doug, your feelings about shaved are identical to my feelings about thongs. I found them kinda exciting when they first hit it big, but they've been done so often they give me no spark of excitement anymore... ( :

  • Doug
  • 5 months ago:

What is kind of pathetic is when they think they're hot and to you they're not :-)))
It's like, honey, you're goin' the wrong way with that bush :-)

  • Neil
  • 5 months ago:

What a wonderful gallery. Kei is as beautiful as she could possibly be. I love the outdoors shots at the beginning and end of the gallery. The interior location is sumptuously rich and elegant, a perfect location to showcase Kei's seductive beauty. Kei and Rylsky have created a tour de force presentation in this gallery.

A hint of cream pie, too. This stunning woman is glad to see us it seems -- though not remotely as glad as we are for yet another wonderful set of Kei. What a complete and total angel.

love the wetness, the flirting with the undies and the bush, and the beautiful eyes... very hot girl.

We are very lucky indeed this week! One amazing set of Kei on RylskyArt yesterday, and then this amazing set today on MetArt! I for one can't get enough of Kei so I'm full of smiles this week. ( :

How nostalgic white ,clasical panties are! Indeed,Rylsky is a man of skill,who stirs our imaginations up. As for me,it goes without saying that my imaginations get completed by the inside seen.

Kei looks as beautiful as ever I see. Thanks for your pictures Kei and Ry.

Oh my, A double treat. The lovely Kei in a delightful set yesterday on RA followed by another outstanding set today here on Metart! Be still my beating heart. And a discovery today that I have never noticed before. Kei has freckles! Wonderful! I love freckles and I find it hard to believe I had never noticed. Guess I was distracted. But photo #13 is one of her best closeups ever. Thank you ever so much for the white panties and for keeping them on long enough for us to really enjoy them. Shots #30 and 31 of that gold medal butt with those panties are instant classics and deserve a place in my hall of fame. It just don't get any better. I love the outdoor shots front and back. A lovely set that like the one yesterday on RA tailored to fill many desires and doing a very good job of it!

Oh how I envy those panties. #31 was printed, framed and hung on the "wall of fame"!

Freckles of Kei are visible for 1-2 months per year, mostly pre-summer season.

They like everything else on Kei are perfect! One thing that doesn't get mentioned is her long slender fingers. She has beautiful hands and a very nice manicure in this set.

One thing that doesn't get mentioned is her long slender fingers. She has beautiful hands and a very nice manicure in this set.
Philogyny said it many times. Kei's nails and fingers are always treasure to see.

It's pre-summer please get lots of closeups of those cute freckles while they are there. They look awesome!

We will try. It is a pure gold of all redheads as well.

One reason I love redheads!

Pure, gold, HEAVEN.
Freckles... soo adorable, so cute.

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