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Rylsky is a master, and Kei A is stunning!

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

15 -- would be more harmonious full, Kei. You know what I mean :-)
And you'll never agree! :-))))
It's a generational thing, I suppose :-)
Still, I think my aesthetics would win over yours :-)))))
17 -- interesting eye-color. Think you're best when you give us a knowing look like this :-) And the next...
19 -- that dinky bush is smaller than your eyebrows :-) Shouldn't be. You're subtracting from yourself, your sexiness when you make it so small.
Why bother?
Why not let it be full?
26 -- knowing :-)
38 -- bigger bushes are better :-)
41, 42 -- beautiful shots... :-)
43 -- best nose in the business :-)
48 -- excellent :-)
53 -- thaz Kei! :-)
54 -- interesting angle :-)
57 -- the more Kei can relax, not be too excited by what she's doing here, the better. Because her large features do not need more "octane" :-) The more she can forget she's posing, the better. Stiff self-consciousness is not a model's friend :-)
That said, this set so far has a lot of good and flattering shots of her. In part because she's calming down. The warm earth-tones are soothing...
59 -- like that armpit! :-))) a distinctly human feature... :-)
66 -- now sweetie that would be better with fur that matches your lovely mane & mammalian nature. You're not a reptile! :-)))
Or a plucked chicken at least literally :-))))
Or would you believe a plucked rooster with comb retained :-?
76 -- clean :-) 79 -- nice & calm :-) 81 -- thoughtful :-)
82 -- looks like the photoshop-istas couldn't resist :-(
Yo, dudes -- you aren't helping anything!
If Kei wants a wax-job or electrolysis, she'll get it without your help.
Thanx! :-((
Otherwise 83 is a nice shot.
Will you f___-h___ds ever learn :-?
I'm not the only one who would like to see "real" detail/texture.

That's it for me -- I'll drop my rating from a 9 to an 8 and give this look an incomplete. Too much photoshopping!
It was pretty damned enjoyable up till then... :-)

Russian popkas are the best by test

Why can't I rate this higher than 10!!!.....for both, Rylsky and definitely Kei!!! Breathtaking....

  • Neil
  • 4 months ago:

If you want to give Kei a rating higher than 10 :

Write a nice comment.

Add a nice comment on her profile page.

Give her a 10 on her profile page.

And click on ADD FAVORITE both for the gallery and for her profile.

The Add Favorite is like a rating of 11 or 12. It tells K that there is one specific member that wants to see more of that model.


It reads as though you would like some discretionary, non-transferrable, limited in number; ratings of 11 to distribute to models and photographers who are truly your favorites.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

That's why the numbers are a quite inadequate means of expressing or discerning what people really think about models here.

Came across an interesting word that well-describes my favorite model: magnetic.

She draws me like a magnet. I can't get enough of her. She is endlessly interesting.

At least so far :-)

How do you quantify that?

For some guys "10" is inadequate.

All I know is my fave is off the charts! :-))

I see Rylsky has followed through on his threat to unleash Ms. Kei on helpless Met members.I mean shot 10 required an extra dose of heart pills. Ms. Kei is a total beauty! And Rylsky has remembered that her back is as beautiful as her front.If this doesn't provide incentive to join RA I don't know what will.(full disclosure I was not paid for this review,nor did Ms. Kei agree to dance nude for me, thank God. My heart wouldn't take it.)If you attach so much importance to having enough to eat and sleeping indoors, your prioriries are totally screwed up. (my Dr put me on another diet when I saw him yesterday)I gave Rylsky and Kei a 10+infinity.

About that perfect backside... the sequence of images #59-75 just about stopped my heart! There are plenty of perfectly shaped bottoms on MetArt, but Kei's takes the golden cup!!

I was not paid for this review
Some people will never trust these words, you know

Your work stands on its own; You don't need paid tributes.

Someone called me a "shill" in MA comments a while back for praising a Rylsky set.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

We're all getting paid by Rylsky with more good and interesting sets.

I'm still waiting for my *big* payoff, however :-)))

"Let the hatas hate," is my attitude.

I often am appreciative of collaborations from RylskyArt teammates. Such is the case today.

So many beautiful portraits of a beautiful woman. But, no sightings of Kei's famous passion juice?

Kei's physical attributes include her enchanting eyes, superb butt cheeks, glass cutters, lovely areolae, beautiful long and wavy hair, and long and shapely legs. Today I note also some pleasing downy hair.

Slightly reminiscent of "Secara" but without the magnificent 'parting of the labia', and in a closer, darker and more intimate surroundings...which for all the world looks to be a closet! LOL Kei is absolutely gorgeous and taking my breath away as usual....And actually...by the looks of her "trim", this was likely shot at or around the same time as Secara... Whatever...it's another great tribute to a worthy Goddess. Kei darling...the World is Your Oyster! XOXOX

beautiful young woman! :-) I wish I could go back in time and assault my school guidance councillor. I'd have been much happier photographing beautiful girls. :-)

@ Beethoven:


Thank you lovely Kei!

Wonderful model, wonderful poses, but cold and pale colors.

cold colors here are only in her eyes.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Call 'em "cool" rather than "cold" :-)
Yes, and my general impression is anything but "cold and pale colors."
Maybe he needs to calibrate his display :-?

Kei has big, beautiful blue eyes. I don't see them as cold even in color.

true , her eyes and her personality is warm shine.
my answer was about colors of the set: warm brown, yellow, rose, nothing cold at all. at least on IPS monitor.

True, I see no cold colors, only warm Kei.

I am glad you let Kei make appearances here on MA and do not keep her all to yourself at RA.

not keep her all to yourself at RA.
Please, don't tell me that RA is TO MYSELF. I hope our members never think this way. For myself I have coffee and family.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

And your private stash of outtakes! :-)))

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! There goes my baby!

Sorry, that slipped out.

@ Philogyny:

I believe one should never keep strong emotions bottled up. Punching something (not someone) can be therapeutic. Never restrain your exuberance.

Dude, I'm all the way there with ya! Kei is mind-blowingly beautiful. That's all there is to it.

I would love the chance to count and kiss every freckle on her gorgeous little face.

My oh my...
love letters here.

Do the ladies ever get noticed in public? Has anyone ever said, "I know you! You're that hot model from Met-Art!"

I would probably start reciting poetry if I ever got so lucky to run into Kei at the market or library or a dream. Oh, yeah, I've already done that last one.

Do the ladies ever get noticed in public? Has anyone ever said, "I know you! You're that hot model from Met-Art!"
If you asked about my models - answer is: many times. but keep in mind that not more than 50% of people who said it was POSITIVE "thinkers". That's why we mostly must care about privacy of our models,

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Verry interesting.
Someone needs to stand up for them, in a positive way :-)
And maybe ask the negative person how they even know they're MA models.
Do I catch a whiff of hypocrisy or envy?*
Nooohhh! :-)

*if not hearsay/gossip

Don't let those fuds spoil your fun! Have some fun with them! :-)))
I don't care who the prez is! :-)))

Does that mean it will turn into a sports discussion? (A RA in-joke.)

But yes, if Kei did not inspire love letters, the world would be a very strange place. Particularly when she is photographed with such art and such a loving eye.

+1 Fred2! Good call on the thread hijack reference. Boys will be boys.

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Thaz right, honey. We luuvs ya!
Now, back to the game! :-)))

...the only woman who ever let THAT line of B.S. fly, lives in a cartoon! LOL

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Hopefully she's got her own TV! :-)))


Is there any way that image #48 could possibly be improved upon? I am speechless...

  • Neil
  • 4 months ago:

Kei, you are always so very beautiful and so very cute. What a darling lady.

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