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All Rylsky's photo sets are made with overused retouching.

*ear to ear grin*

Today is a great day! My Queen! Oh, my Queen!

After a week of hiking and horseback riding in Colorado, I come home to savor sets like this. Life is good!

Photos 99 to 102 are extra hot because of her milky juices, WOW does that make things more exciting!

The only thing bad about these pictures is that I'm reminded that I can't have girls like Kei in my bed. But I can dream.... mmmmmm!

Some OUTSTANDING shots here, along with several that had me scratching my head... And I don't have lice!! I don't even have hair anymore..lol Very nice over all, and Kei looks especially delicious!! I'm in agreement on No.6 and loved the final shot! To me, Kei is one of 3 or 4 "poster girls" for MetArt. Always an A/D and a 10 from me! Good job R!
And of course thanks to K for this set of Kei!! ;o)

Loved this set!!! Image 6 stole my heart and the rest of the set made me not even miss it. Love the girl cresm shots. Yum! Only thing inwould have liked to see that I didn't was a shot or two of Kei on all fours, facing the camera with her looking up at the camera as in #6.

Awesome set! Kei looks soo sexy and tasty!! Would to see a lot more of her please.

you are welcome
+ her blog on RA site

finally we create official page of Rylsky and RylskyArt.com on FB

You crack me up R!! Is your "day job" selling cars?? lol ;o)

my "day job" is to make you envy
have a nice weekend!

LOL And a job well done!!

And the same to you sir!! If "weekend" means anything different for you...)) All days the same to me...lol

I am quite envious, you are a very fortunate man:)
I wish you a nice weekend too sir!

Thank you.

sometimes "envy" means "happy" too.

Yes. I am happy to envy you your job! lol ;o)

Kei is very pretty and she has a beautiful body. Excellent photography!
Many thanks to both Kei and Mr. Rylsky!

Beautiful open legs and behinds shots of the gorgeous Kei.

Darling Kei... where the heck ya been?!? Welcome back, don't stay away for so long again! ( :

# 120: Well, nobody else is gonna do it, I gotta do it myself...
# 100 & 101 Yummy, creamy goodness... mmmmmm mmmm...
# 18 - 30: Definitely the perkiest, cutest butt on MA!
# 26 - 36: The proper angle from which to worship Kei's feminine beauty. ( :
Again, Kei... please don't stay away this long again! ( :

fer... you almost sound like you forgot that the models have no control over "when" their sets get posted... Surely you haven't....(?);o)

Nope, I haven't, Rock... but thanks for the reminder. ( :
Yer a little hard-boiled, but a good egg under it all. :P

101...101...101...101...101!!! 100 is too blurry, but 101...101...101....

number nine... number nine...

007 007.. i am on the mission...007

CONTROL Agent 86 (Maxwell Smart)....battling nemesis KAOS....."And....loving it"

120 120 120...101...120 120 120

I love Kei's facial expression in photo 120. Cute as can be! ☺☺☺

Awesome as usual! Kei is so fun and playful and has such a wonderful personality. Lots of great rear shots complete with cream de la Kei (joy juice) I have missed her here om Metart. Love you Kei.

In the main trash! Especially the dreadful pictures on page 2!

You obviously don't like this model, so why comment at all?? Lead by example.

Well, nothing "dreadful" about the pictures that we did get, but seriously lacking in creativity. Essentially 12 poses for 120 photos.

To be honest I wouldn't mind ONE pose, taken from 120 angles!!! As long as it was the right pose of course.

ONE pose, taken from 120 angles
AH!!! It's what they created and used before 3D movies in MATRIX movie (with K.Reeves)!!!
120 cameras made 1 shot at the same moment from 120 angles... i hope you remember:)

Yes! I do, that was my idea! :oD

words to write on stone as quote! i love it!
the only question is the RIGHT thing could be only for OUR OWN opinion. I know what 1 pose uuusssee loved.

very close to useful comment
let's go 1 more step: tell me what poses you missed most of all and I will take attention next time.
thank you

"tell me what poses you missed most of all..."

Yeah, obviously my less-than-useful comment was about missing particular poses. (No, just lack of variety.)

Feel free to choose from the 458 million other possible pose+angle combinations. I'm sure you can figure out how to use more than 12.

bibblefuss, it is a truism of literature that there are only really seven plots that underlie EVERY story ever written.

I suspect the same basic principle underlies erotic photography...

Perhaps the limitation is in your imagination, and not Rylsky's?

Just a thought.

(At least Rylsky doesn't make erotic photography an assembly line operation, the way some sites and photographers do)

sorry, useless.

Dr. said:
picture #120 illustrate what to do to yourdelf - 200 times before login to MetART Network and 150 times before go to bed. We all hope it would help.

)) )) )) ;o)


It is always fun to see Kei. She is a beautiful woman, but more than that, she seems to have a wonderful refined and sophisticated air about her. And there is a fun, playful character as well. Very nice indeed.

I love how she combines that dignified sophistication with good plain old down to earth sensuality and sexiness. Very few rival Kei in this regard...

Oh my god!

Images 18 and 19 may be the finest butt shots ever to grace this site!

Absolutely magnificent!

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