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Waited far far too long for something worth seeing and then it was only shown in a few shots. Poor photography, poor photographer.

Kessie is a very beautiful young women with very nice skin tones and a very nice smile! It will be very nice to see much more of her in the future! The photo work really brings out the best in her! VERY NICE

I wanted to add one more thing about Aromata. I liked pretending you were just documenting a normal occurrence in your bathroom, but I would love to hear how you choreographed Milana and Vanda. It was unbelievably hot, and shot well. The multiple perspectives and close ups interspersed were fantastic, but every pose also flattered each woman's figure. Their sexy actions, though artistic, looked like genuine passion, with greedy tongues pressing into each other's pleasure zones. (That's about as graphic as I ought to be for Metart, and sorry if this is distracting from "Stolica"). The tied back hair works especially well in scenes like that. Thanks for entertaining us, and I wish I could truly express how your work makes me feel.

Hi Ouchstopit) Vanda and Milana very bright couple. It was together it was very good and they were pleasant each other. I think therefore interesting work which was pleasant to you was got. Milana it is very altruistic when works in couple)

Hello Catherine! The full moon is probably shining over you now. I loved this set, and I wanted to express my enthusiasm for your "Aromata" on Sexart. Wow! That set was amazingly sexy. It is among my favorites on that site. Anyway, I like the blue background on this set and Kessie is as beautiful as ever. Great job on both!

Hi Ouchstopit) It is very pleasant to read your message. I think that at me beautiful photosets with Vanda turned out. I think, they too will be pleasant to you)

Very nice Catherine. Love the background/lighting and poses. Beautiful girl.

Hi rockhard) When I did this photoset, I so shined for the first time a background)

It worked very well...:o)

Thanks, is very pleasant)

64 beautiful photos before the panties came off. 74 photos until we are treated to a discreet peek. That is the difference between erotica and physiology.

) ) ) Thanks. Interesting opinion)

Her grapes look juicy and luscious.

These grapes very much would approach to decorate your pie))

Still searching the pages for that elusive "standing full body shot".

Kessie is an absolute stunner, and your work -- as always -- a pure delight.

My "10" for today --

Thank you Dreadnought) In this set to the utmost I didn't remove that foreign details didn't get to a shot. Thanks for your praise.

Another beautiful job by Catherine. Kessie is beautiful but Catherine has the touch to really display that beauty. Catherine is a master of the camera, lighting, poses, sets, and rapport with her models. I am constantly in awe.

Hi) Many thanks Gary) For me it there was an unusual photoset. I am very glad that you so well write about my work.

Gary you are absolutely right about your description. Congratulations Catherine and Thanks Kessie.

Hi JimmyGeorge) In this photoset I experimented illumination of a background. It is very pleasant to me that you liked this work.

KESSIE A is a more than gorgeous model. I love every detail of her body. I adore KESSI’s lovely hair, her small boobs, her areolas, her nipples and her firm curvy ass . I adore her shaved juicy pussy. KESSIE A is lucky enough to have a top quality talented photographer present her. Catherine knows how to deal with a naked girls. Catherine should have given us detailed closeup of Kessie’s nipples . I want more detailed close-ups of Kessie’s pussy my very dear Catharine?
.you are great, I love you
Catherine. You are the very best. I love you. I love you.
Catherine please reply to my mails

Hi kkronful) When I again will work with Kessie I surely will execute your wishes. I will try to execute tomorrow other your wish)

Kessie is very attractive. I like her puffies, labia and butt. Another one of Catherine's real women! I like how Catherine did not photoshop out Kessie's downy hair. Appreciation to both ladies.

Thanks Baggy36Pants) is very pleasant to me. I everything passed Kessie)

Lovely set of this beautiful young girl.

Nessie does have a superb, firm, teen body & the extended shots of her wearing her tight white panties was a real turn on...more of these please

Hi bikeman4) Thanks. It too is pleasant to me)

I think "Nessie" is in the loch....this is Kessie ;o)

Hi rockhard)) Nessia, Kessie, Lassie... ) )

The most beautiful shade of blue in creation is the blue in a Russia woman's eye. You are amazingly beautiful.

Warmest regards and best wishes for good fortuune and success in all your future endeavours.

Hi Neil) Thank you. I just arrived from shootings and read your comments. I sent your words on Kessie mail.

Rylsky tells me that the Russian blue eyes are the result of the clean cold Russian air and chrystal blue sky. I think it is magic.

Hi) Very curious version) I never about it thought of an origin of beautiful eyes. I am ready to believe the expert)

I think "expert" is more "poet"....;o)


There was one good photo out of the entire set. Beautiful model!


Hi Catherine,

Am your newest fan. I love every one of your photos. Each more perfect than the last. Kessie is perfectly wonderful. But so iare all of your beautiful young ladies. Nelly was magnificent in Sutra. It was a tour de force for her and a master piece for you. But this is Kessie's time. I love the color of the interior back ground, rich and vibrant. You capture the feminine form with grace elegance. Am I correct that you are in Kazan , Russia where Sabina was from? She was my favorite model ever. I just recently.learned thatyou were her photogragher. You made her into a goddess with your talent. If you Nelly, and Kessie all come from Kazan it must be the most wonderfully beautiful place in the world. If you read the comments for Nelly's old sets, you will see what happens when an old man is enchanted by beauty.

With respect and admiration,

Very nice to read your message) Thank you. We are all working and living in Kazan. Sabina now gone to Siberia. There lives her boyfriend. Very nice to have a fan in your face) I hope my future work will be like you.

The people living in Kazan are very fortunate! Beautiful women the year round. Great football during football season, and great hockey during hockey season.

Oh no Catherine!! Such a beautiful girl to be lost in the frozen tundra of Siberia!!??? Such a shame...;o) Sad to know she is not retuning to MetArt...:o(

Hi rockhard) Sabina is surrounded with a beautiful northern country. I think, there it is pleasant to it. There is her boy friend and she very much wanted to leave there. I wish it good luck)

I like the panties. beautiful woman, great set.

Thanks monkeryma))

Lovely golden light, and beautiful photography. Those sweet little pointed breasts as SO sexy!

Hi Myshkin) Kessie very bright girl. It has beautiful voluminous hair. She harmonous also participates in clothes displays. Thank you)

Katya...do you mean that Kessie is also a 'fashion model'??

Hi rockhard) Kessie - podium model.

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