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Beautiful eyes beautiful face beautiful hair beautiful photography

Kika, you have the most beautiful face on MA, period... (#8) Arkisi pulled off the low light beautifully, love it. Love those dark eyebrows and your body is perfect, very perfect. Everyone has their own desires, WOW girls and sets. Variety will fit everyman's fantasies. You have fulfilled mine...

PS. Keep the red hair.

Kika possesses and displays a magnificent pussy. This is definitely "Pussy of the Year" material. The rest of her is also very appealing making a beautiful desirable feminine package. Beautiful and lovable. Please give us more and more of her. Thank you.

The shots by the window are fantastic. I wish the whole set had been that.

crappy lighting great model

Beautiful girl, however I kept getting distracted by her thick, painted on, Groucho Marx-style eyebrows. Less is more.

Oh my GAWD !

Kika, your eyes are . . . heavenly.

Thanks for sharing your bod with us mortals.

PS - wow

Kika is stunning with heart-stopping good looks, awesome eyes, and perfect tits. Wonderful work by Arkisi.

Our artist jumped full in. What is good is heart stoppingly fantastic and what is bad is heart wrenching.

I suspect there is a beautiful model somewhere in the darkness.

Beautiful body and a great face, ditch the red hair......

......or keep it. But please don't dye it lavender with that backlight.

Absolute perfect pussy

She´s a living sculpture.Beautiful.

The Seller

Gorgeous!! I'm in love!!!

Thank you Arkisi and Kika for a beautiful set. And lots of photos of the tanktop removal process. :)


I like how Kika progresses from a pouty teenager look in the first few shots, (love how the striped dress hugs her curves), to sultry young lady towards the end.

Very intimate and charming! I love the standing poses which show the
soft round venus mound with the magical slit.

Beautiful eyes √, significant eyebrows √, translucent skin √, innie √, shapely breasts √, nice areolae √, glass cutters √, arms akimbo √, large inner labia √, downy hair √, dimples √, nice butt √, love handles √, DANGER Will Robinson √

Thanks to Kika and Arkisi for this pleasant visit.

*whew* for a second there I was afraid you were going to say "danger Wil Wheaton" but you pulled it out at the last moment... ( ;

!*#!| WW, !*#!| ;-)

(And NO, that's not Romulan!)

Truly, for real,
My fears for your comment were fully realized. (;

My work is done here. ( ;

If pussy lips could only talk, her lips would sing like an angel...!
How sweet and kinky at the same time...!

Holy Cow, Kika packs a whole lotta sizzle into that sultry gaze of hers, whether smiling or pensive! I am seriously impressed.
Very nice set, Arkisi and Kika. Please come back soon, Kika!

Those of you who are Kika fans and have the option ~ you are going to want to check out her video "Degustia" posted today (8/9) on EternalDesire.com. Quite a spellbinding video!

Magical face, adorable body! Absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful photography too.

You're right ... great face ... although personally, I could do with a bit less of the Groucho-Marxian eyebrows - but that's a personal thing and a function of a bit heavy-handed use of an eyebrow pencil. Kika sometimes has this kind of magical "little lost waif" look about her and at other times the look of a lurking devil.

Arkisi is master of dark .Love his work.

His "darkend room - window lit" sets are always well done (IMHO) and are repeated favorites of mine.

This background of this set is a little bit too dark for my taste. Also, I don't think it is neccessary to photoshop her areola. Any these still won't stop me from giving this girl a 10.

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