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Great set! What a pretty pussy, ass and feet!

Another example of a ten set. Art is OK. However, a set at the ten level should show all of the lady. How can a set be a ten without closeups of the lady?

Kira J has a fantastic smile and butt. Next time dump the clothes; and more shots of her behind.

Believe me when I tell you guys that i don´t have a clue what is the criteria used to organize the comments posted here.There´s not a single time i´m able to foresee where and why my post is gonna be placed and what
is the reason for such a mess with the length of the paragraphs.Would appreciate someone to clear it up for me.Chances are I´m kind of fool or something.

I don't know id there are any real restrictions on the comments. I have never had a problem with paragraph lengths or unexplained deletions as others seem to have. There are a few things that I have noticed as I do tend to make longish comments. The first and probably most irritating is that the longer the post the longer it is going to take for it to post. This doesn't seem to be proportionate as 2or 3 lines post instantly where 5 or more can take several minutes. Many times when I hit post nothing seems to happen and my comment doesn't show up at all but if I go back and repost there will be 2 posts in a matter of seconds? Another is that if you leave the comment box without posting to look at a picture and come back your post will be gone.

It´s true.These two team up together and like to work together,and do the
same poses a thousand times seen.All Kira sets look the same;cut from the
same cloth. It´s some variety and freshness your work should be aimed at. It´s discouraging for the subscriptor watching clone sets over and over.

Definitely the worst picture set of this nice girl!

Oh God! Was Rylsky really not bothered by this great many of wrinkles in the pictures # 58, 59 & 60???

Kira is one of my many favs!!! Gorgeous, hot, and always seems to truly enjoy showing us her delicious body!!! Thanks to both Kira and Rylsky!!! Another great set!!!

The team of Kira J and Rylsky never fails to please and delight! There is a bond there that says these two like working together and their sets prove it's a winning formula. She is called Kira Joy on the Rylsky site and I think it is a perfect name for her. She fills my heart with joy with each new set.

It works guys, Don't ever break up the team!

And man, oh man, what a gorgeous tummy.

After going back and reviewing this set I have to say that Kira looked very tired in this set. I don't know if this was a morning after set or what but though the smiles were still there the eyes were sending a different message. It is certainly not her best set. Ah well, just shows that not even the best are 100% all the time.

It could be as simple a thing as a different make-up artist...

It could be as simple a thing as a different make-up artist...

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