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Kira is just gorgeous with her dreamy blue eyes!!! Thanks for those awesome close-ups of her beautiful creamy pussy!!!

This was one of the better sets for Rylsky. It is an outstanding set when the pic allows you to see the beauty of the entire woman. I enjoy the bedroom scenes. Great experience all around!

It's nice to finally see a girl getting naked in the bedroom again... I love the thin wisps of hair around her pussy. a nice different look...

The 'high' photo set is only 17 megs and doesn't even fill the monitor.

fixed. now you can upload full resolution.

*download, sorry

1 mpix is just a technical issue of a site, will be fixed today or tomorrow. Sometimes it happens.
Thank you for informing.

Looks like vintage Rylsky when his sole focus was the models face, regardless of whatever else was in the frame... While Kira is a beautiful girl, this was very annoying. I'd love to see a new set of her in his 'much-improved' style of interpretation and presentation.

This is at least the 22nd collaboration between Rylsky and the amazingly beautiful Kira . Kira is not only beautiful but talented and imaginative as well. Kira poses with such ease and poise. She gives her photos a fresh, happy and fun feeling, making them a true joy to view. Kira's personal physical beauty speaks clearly for its self. From her rich brown hair to her magnificent legs, She is the paragon of beauty and a privilege to behold. She has what appears to be a small bruise on her otherwise perfect bottom, which only serves to prove that she is human.

The rich dark red in the background highlights and underscores Kira's amazing beauty. This is a wonderful set and very enjoyable to view.

Warmest regards and best wishes to you Kira. You are great.

Photos numbers 3, 4, 5 and 8. I love the cute, sexy and playful expressions Kira shows while she lets us peek

Light a little too bright. Delicious set just the same.

I am very happy to see Kira J wearing some lingerie. She look great in red. I am not sure it is her best color but perhaps hopefully MA fans can make that determination. Hum, green to match her eyes? I noticed more muscle tone on Kira J in this photoshoot. Good for her and very good for us. Thanks Rylsky.

Kira is one of Rylsky's treasures, an absolute goddess who comes to life in front of a camera.

Kira flaunts herself majestically once again, this stunning beauty's sets are always a pleasure.


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