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I would like to see a lot more of Kloe as well, but with a better photographer. Luca does not do her justice.

More set of Kloe please.

Umm no. Red hair and everyone looses their minds. Really average build really average face.

Is everyone just being super polite for some reason? There's been a wave of really average women posted up over the last month here on Met-Art and the comments read like everyone is looking at a different set of photos.

If ALL the girls posted up receive the same reviews, and huge positive feedback then the feedback becomes meaningless. I can accept different strokes for different folks, but stated plainly not EVERY model posted up really belongs here and not every model is a stunning beauty, just isn't.

Are you saying that people should make negative comments to avoid making the feedback "meaningless"? Then you haven't read some of the caustic remarks made for other galleries. Some are downright nasty!

As far as Kloe goes, not everyone is looking for Marilyn Monroe in these models. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", "one man's meat is another man's poison" and as you said, "different strokes for different folks". The fact that I find Kloe to be very close to my idea of a perfect figure, doesn't and shouldn't deter others from finding her "average" or worse.

For me, I think I'm in love! I have been since her first gallery. What she's like to talk to is known only by those associate with her on a personal level. She might sound like a raving lunatic for all I know.

Am I being "super polite"? Maybe, but I prefer to think of me as being just plain horny!

Reminds me of Christina Hendricks.

Be careful: Risk of Fire

I happen to think that most women's footwear is ugly, but these were beyond being ugly! Ehy eoulf you esdtr s frame showing only the ugly shoes?

High heels rule, sport!

Beautiful milky skinned redhead...pure beauty...

Pure sex. Wonderful. Vamp Extremo!

Long time member. First time poster. Small breasts? Really?

Can you say Jessica Rabbit? That is what I see in these pix. Total vamp. Which is not necessarily a compliment. The whole set is somewhat over the top for me. Those shoes should be registered as a deadly weapon. I hate this trend to taller and taller platforms. A girl could get killed falling from that height ;))) I bet the broken ankle rates have sky rocketed since they came out.

Anyway, This is just too much woman for me. Funny it says 5' 3" but she looks much taller and those certainly are not small boobs. She has a lovely face but that constant pout makes her come across as a vamp.

I agree, at least a bit of a coy smile would be nice now and then. The constant pout makes her look a bit constipated.

Kloe is my all time favorite! When you mentioned Jessica Rabbit, I almost fell off my chair! The facial resemblance is uncanny! But that's where the resemblance ends. Kloe's butt is much nicer and her boobs are perfect! I especially love her nipples. Yes, she does look taller. She also looks bigger than the hip measurement of 36". Also, she looks a little heavier than 106 lbs. Whatever the case, she's my idea of a woman I would've loved to get to know better (if I was a lot younger).

As far as the pout goes, it only adds to her mystique! She's just looking for some lucky guy to make her smile. Someone to tell her a joke or tickle her, maybe. I better stop. My imagination is starting to make my heart flutter a little. I think I'll lay down for a while.

What a way to start the day. Kleo you are stunning. An absolute gorgeous face! (You look taller than 5'3". It must have something to do with your lovely legs.) Thanks Kleo and Luca for all the beautiful photos. Hope we don't have to wait too long for another set.

Stunning is one of the words that describes her. Gorgeous, lovely and beautiful are a few others. But don't hold your breath waiting for another set. She's only had three this past year! Some models have a gallery every month. Kloe should have one every day! Another word I would use is magnificent! How about breathtaking, incredible, adorable, huggable, lickable,....

To Make it short, I love the girl (who is vastly under-rated ) and I hate the shoes. I guess they are fashionable now, but at my age (74) I prefer bare feet with the bare butt, as we have in the later pics of this set.

Amen, brother! But even shots of Kloe in a burlap bag would be welcomed by me!

Kloe, the red-headed beauty from the UK has been away for a while. Good to see her back and give us a decent set of pictures of her voluptuous self. She is all woman!

I don't know about you guys, but those breasts are not "small" in my book. Another bio inaccuracy. I'll take that up with 'K'.

Kloe is a true woman with her voluptuous figure, bubble butt, red hair and milky skin she just needs trimmed red bush to be perfect in my eyes.

Shaved or unshaved; not trimmed please

Kloe has a beautiful big butt! I would once like to see proof that she is a real redhead.

There are telltale wisps of pubic hair that give it away—she's real. Check the closeups.

Correction: Check the unbelievable, breathtaking closeups. Yum.

Really? You can't tell by her skin coloration???

I agree some fur would be nice

OK, I am a believer, Kloe Kane is a beautiful red haired goddess. Such an amazing body. Perfect, just perfect.

Kloe! Welcome back, you goddess you. I love every creamy inch of you! You can't come back too soon or too often to suit me. Kisses all over.

P.S. This is a fantastic day at MetArt. I've been throwing 10s around like confetti. Keep it up, guys!

Good morning sailor.Be sure to check RA. Ry will blow your mind.

Do u have life out side , other spending all day at Met art websites. Sailor boy.

I agree totally with Sailor! I've spent the last 9 months just staring at my monitor waiting for a new gallery of Kloe Kane! Hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month!

Now that she's finally here, I can get back to cleaning the house, washing dishes, paying past-due bills and getting some sleep!

I don't spend all day — but I could.

In order for you to be confident enough of your facts to make such a statement, you must also spend a lot of time at more than one MET site yourself. How many sites and how much time / day?

Sorry for effing up. My comment should have been a reply to hix100.

Only this one and RA, though I've tried most of them. I've been a member long enough that I know who my favorite models are, and I know the photographers pretty well. It usually takes less that an hour to go through each new day's sets and comment on them. it's the last thing I do at night. Then i might get back on the site sometime during the day. When I first joined, I was voracious. I'm calmer now.

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