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I hope to see more if this girl. All to often we see one set and then they are never to be seen again. I definitely look forward to more of her. She is hot.

Where did you study your dermatology Birthday Cake ? That is not a genital wart but a simple benign raised mole which probably has been there for a long time .

Oh, and by the way Birthday Cake, that's not a wart, that's a birthday mark mole on the top of the clitoris, God-given, somewhat of a distinguishing unique beauty mark. Even if it was, it is apparent the Birth Cake has a wart on brain, possibly due to sexual dysfunctionality.

Absolutely gorgeous lady, who appears as if she is related, somehow, to the beautiful Astrud! Excellent photography, clarity, and poses! Great work by Vladimiroff!

Good Gawd! See a doctor, woman!

That's large genital wart on the hood of her clitoris.

Absolutely surprising that sexually active people are not aware of this... certainly the staff at Met-Art.com should know this.

Human Papillomavirus. HPV. Causes cancer cervix, vagina, vulva, anus, head, nose, and throat. Highly contagious.

These photos are disgusting and the staff at Met-Art should know better than to post them.

It's a F'ing mole!

Oh, BTW ... the Wikipedia article you quote from contains a number of factual errors (up to you to ferret them out) which just goes to show you that, as in the past, "don't believe everything you read" and, in this time and place, just because it's posted on this wonderful internet and appears on you monitor, doesn't necessarily mean that everything you're reading is factual or actually true.

Its a mole, you condescending moron.

This appears to be the first set with the lovely Kloffina. I would have thought it to be named "Presenting..." but it doesn't matter. This is a good set to get us acquainted. She seems confident enough to show us all of her slender self, with a pleasing smile. What beautiful eyes!

I'm not too familiar with Vladimiroff, but he does a decent job here as photog. The set is simple, yet it works. We have a nice mix of poses and focal points that should leave everyone happy.

Very attractive

The seller

Love the sitting backwards sequence in 84-86, especially with the over the shoulder glances.

Adorable lady. Thank you for sharing your delightful parts with us.

Kloffina is beautiful and this is a solid debut. To me, her eyes are nearly as nice as Martina McBride's! I really appreciate a photographer who chooses to capture a model's face and vulva both sharply in focus in the same picture. 140 to 145 made my day.

Now that you say that, there is something about her eyes that brings Martina to mind!

Ditto to all of the previous positive comments. Her body is stunning. Her eyes are captivating. Since it says she is 24 when shot it makes since she does not look like a tennie. And it works for her. It appears she has inverted nipples and yet they do not distract at all from her breasts. Yet we have cleared shots of her pussy than we do of her breasts. Her whole package is worth while and a fine addition to the site.

Welcome, Kloffina. You do wonders for that little red dress.

You ought to see her on TLE in the classic "little black dress!" She's terminally cute in any of her sets, in or out of clothes. Reminds be a bit of Nikia.

Another great addition to Met, keep'em coming!

Kloffina A 9 ,Vladimiroff 7


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