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Such a beauty . Just stunning.

Did Vlad retire?

It is sad that we never know how old these sets are. It is obvious this has to be more than 6 months old because it was obviously taken in warmer weather but that is all we know. One they are purchased by Metart who knows how long they sit in the backroom before getting posted.

Breathtaking!! Again!! Beauty such as this defies description...


oh and good to see her back

I believe these pictures are just unused images from a previous set. Happy to more of her, but I believe these are not recent images.

It is with anticipation, that this maturing young woman, has at her pleasure, displayed the succulent talents which she is well aware of. In this set, as my fanticies go, at the beginning is seduction, as it procceeds, capture, and then the thrust of her body into supreme glory.
A house wife has passions, if they can not be kept up with at home, Met-Art is an avenue of release, which meets my fanticies to see her release of stored passions for us to enjoy. At your pleasure Lovely Konstansija,I (we) await the next issue of your presentation to us.

Oh! I love Konstansija, She is so beautiful! Just your typical Ukrainian housewife I guess. Since this is just a hobby, or so she says, its a wonder Ukrainian guys ever get out of bed. Girls can beat the guys anyday,of course. I am really, really glad she is back, she hadn't posted here since 2010. Konstansija gets a 10++,of course.

Sadly,- she shaved her bush...!

Sadly,- she shaved her bush...!

This is a remarkably beautiful set of images. This Konstansija is stunningly gorgeous in a spectacular setting. Magnificent. But check out Konstansija's biography, she states that she is a housewife. You don't see that very often. Moreover, she was last published over three years ago and the photographer was last published in 2012.

and 12mp. I suspect this is an old set...

Lovely, Wild and untamed, Feline, Like a great cat ready to pounce. That is what I see here. A wonderfully exotic woman. Full of sensual power and more than capable of taking charge and rocking your world. She is full of challenge and daring, Sure to be a handful but well worth it if you should be so lucky. One night with her might be all a guy could handle. Careful what you wish for ;) You might just get it! LOL

An excellent set with a lot of unique poses but the water covered so much and we never get a good look. Still, Highly entertaining and VERY sexy.

I can't dispute anything hipshot says, but I wish someone would get this gorgeous women in a studio and focus on her real assets. We can only hope...

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