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Another "Krissy" set :-) And not the greatest. But it does have some beguiling pics, including 123, -- stack that alongside a Rylsky image of her for something interesting to say the least ☺ She is at times the epitome of cute.
Also here is another, quite different side of her: see #52. Have you ever seen such a smart look from an erotic model?
This babe is something special. I just wish she'd make the most of her gifts.

Another beguiler: 35. And 17 + 20 through 23. What she shows me here is the devastating combination of girl and woman, with all that doe-eyed innocence and shaven-but-dangerous body hair ☯

...and delicate little boobs. See also 3 & 58 for cuteness, 75 & 82 for smarts. The girl has natural "range" that you'd think a movie director would notice.
Compare 56 & 95. Where do they fit in? I don't know, but they're fascinating.

I have to confese I like her more when she is no shaved. bit she is always beautiful

Agreed. It is great that we can see and compare her both ways. Her "hairy" sets make the "shaven" ones more interesting to me. I would probably never have noticed her if she hadn't been introduced to i-erotica "unshaven", but even shaved she seems to know the erotic power of her body hair. It enhances her other charms.

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