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I have to confese I like her more when she is no shaved. bit she is always beautiful

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

I like her more that way too. It's probably not just because of the hair -- Rylsky is photographing her when she isn't shaved, and seems to bring out more of her personality. Also, the rumor is she's hiding braces behind her closed lips in the shaved Sironi sets, which would further limit her expressions.
She is always Kristel, thus at the minimum very pretty... :-)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Update on "the braces situation" :-)

I now do not believe she is wearing (and hiding) dental braces in any set.

She is simply hiding teeth that she thinks are too protruding.

She's been away from here for a long time -- since Savell, published in early 12/13.* And shot who knows when.

I guess she has braces on her teeth now, and is not modeling.

Or if we're lucky, they're now off and we will see a freshly shot set of her sooner rather than later.

That is, if she hasn't chucked this game for something better :-)

Good luck with whatever you're doing, sweetheart! :-)

*from what I can tell, all her Rylsky sets were shot before her Sironi sets.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Before I discuss the commodification of Kristel that becomes sadly apparent in this set,...

3 -- I'd fall instantly in love... :-)
I believe it's just a Sironi set-shirt, but it looks great on her.
6 -- you don't often see Kristel smile like that, without much soul...
13 -- clearly alluring :-) 15 -- lovely freshness. 16 -- wonderful detail.
17 -- Kristel does the baby-doll :-) 21 -- very teasing :-)
28 -- a pussy shot to meditate on....followed by a lovely portrait.
33 -- how dare you clone out those stray pubic hairs her razor missed! That is a disgrace to Kristel, and to her fans. I mean, why take a close-up if you're going to do that?
I'd have you fired. Call it the MetArt disease. And it looks fake. You should be ashamed.
34 -- worst shot of Kristel ever?
38 -- her prominent incisors revealed...
40 -- she knows this shoot is going wrong.
41 -- ...and needs to lie down -- the routine is boring her.
43 -- no stray hairs need cloning here bad enough. Still, it's a sad shot.
Too much posing, girl?
45 -- nice composition. 47 -- not Oscar-caliber acting.
52 -- good shot! Would make you think she could win an Oscar :-)
53 -- straight out of Femjoy -- or is it the other way around?
55 -- routine nonsense. 56 -- cool Slavic chick.
So who is more to blame here? The actress or the director?
58 -- lovely. It's good to see she's not totaled :-)
59 -- don't mess with clean good looks.
61 -- naughty Natasha :-)
62 -- this time the cloning is more clumsy. Has it occurred to you that maybe Kristel left those hairs on purpose? That she knew they were there?
When you do this you are no better than your worst-offending colleagues.
I would really like to know whether Kristel agreed to you Photoshopping her body hair. Somehow I doubt it.
And don't think I'm the only one who notices this botch-job.
63 -- oh, they grew back!
64 -- nothingness. 68 -- I might not recognize her. All of her distinctiveness is gone. She's just another internet stripper...
69 -- very sad. 70 -- almost laughably bad. 72 -- and she knows it.
73 -- have you ever seen such a cold look in her eyes?
74 -- not quite warmth. 75 -- some intelligence, though. Ditto 82, which just makes you hope she'll do more with her talents.
92 -- done, right? That's all there is to this job...
94 -- trying for a little of the Presenting Kristel look here. Not quite.
97 -- technically-worst shot of her ever? For shame.
100 -- close to boring. Think she started her Femjoy career around this time. So spreading herself too thin, combined with an experienced compliance, is what we see. But it's no longer special, as it was in the earlier, more exciting days. A shame to turn such beauty into a run-of-the-mill product.
109 -- it's like she knows it.
Kristel, I'd love to rescue you from it, but... :-)
121 -- should be sharp.

Advice -- if you work together again, try unshaven. Something new will be badly needed.

  • Doug
  • 2 months ago:

BTW, image 39 -- please don't airbrush Kristel, you jerks, in the future.

Guess I already sorta said that. Hope I won't again! :-)))

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