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  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

3 -- pretty sweet :-) 5 -- ditto.
6 -- how high up on those toes can she get?
9 -- smile somehow sweeter than in the Rylsky days.
11 -- one of my all-time faves.
18 -- another 10 :-) 23 -- very sexy :-)
31 -- like the stubble :-) Now, if the "artist" will just refrain from shaving it with Photoshop.
She's in a nice mood so far in this set -- pliant, peaceful, completely into it. A marked contrast with the previous one.
42 shows this well -- relaxed, comfortable, focused.
43 -- quintessential. She is very, very pretty, perfectly beautiful, actually, and you'll note the suggestive stubble. This is very artful of her -- an echo of her Rylsky days. Body hair is sexy -- don't obliterate it.
44 -- more of the same easy mood... 45 -- this time with the hint of the devilish smile -- as if something pleasant just occurred to her :-)
46 -- kinda hard to resist... :-)
47 -- the fresh girlishness combined with underarm stubble is killer :-)
48-49 -- more teasing. 49 rotated as shot to left gets into her powerful gaze.
51 -- exemplifies the mood....the kind of girl I want :-) Though I would rather her pubic hair was grown out nice and soft. But at least you can see it... 52 -- stubble-fest :-) I've got to give her credit for not totally forgetting Rylsky's lessons :-) Also, thus far Alex Sironi seems to have abandoned his pubic hair removal efforts. Thank you. Much appreciated :-)
54 -- hot bikini line :-) 55 -- some other time we'll talk about the cloning-out of her moles...
56 -- classic shaved Kristel sans the special look. Don't want to lose that. I.e., her personality. You can try so hard to be as good as anybody else that you lose touch with the unique good in yourself.
57 -- there's some of what I'm talking about.
62 -- I do not find the Sironi calisthenics erotic :-(
63 -- he's got me looking for cloning. Perish the thought, Alex. Kristel knows what she's doing.
64 -- this is nice because she's enjoying it. I'm concluding she likes dark reds and maroons. See Zestasia.
66-67 -- very sweet. 68 -- not quite perfect focus on her eyes. Too bad. Still, you can see why "Kristel" suits her so well.
71 -- the pink also seems to put her in a good mood.
72 -- a Rylsky-days look. That is so real. There's a kind of Russian, or Belorussian, depth about it. It has soul -- and is essential to her beauty. 73 -- a heartland beauty...
75 -- no, she's not shushing you, she's hiding her teeth :-)
Either way, it's a beauty. I don't imagine there are too many girls who can say what guys really want to see that's hidden is... :-)
You've got us on the edge of our seats, Kristel :-) No question it'll change our perceptions -- maybe your own as well :-)
76 -- ineffable beauty! 77-8 -- forgot this was a porn site! She didn't, though :-) 79-80 -- full-blown charm.
81 -- pure girl :-) 82 -- big boobs! :-) 83 -- the real Kristel...
84 -- I know you want to show your teeth! I like the hair :-)
85 -- timeless young woman... 86 -- very beautiful.
87-88 -- as beautiful as it is, it would be better as a bush...
I understand you want to have it both ways, but you can't :-) Except for maybe in this photography.
I'd really like to see the hair grown out completely. You would be even more beautiful.
89 -- I have confidence in this girl :-)
90 -- nice leg! :-) 96 -- enchanting :-) 100 -- you should let the peach-fuzz on your thighs be...
101 -- still in a lovely mood, despite all the contortions :-)
102 -- Sironi does not know where to focus sometimes. This one should be obvious to him.
103 -- in case you think she doesn't have a sense of humor :-)
107 - works :-) 108 -- upside down, but still maybe the best example of the Kristel smile ever :-)
It has everything: humor, seductiveness, intelligence. Or so it seems to me.
109 -- sweet :-) 110 ditto. 111-12 -- what she would look like with short hair...
115 -- sums up the presence of this set.
116 -- the shaved hair and breast are erotically connected...
118 -- quite sensual. This is why you don't want to "airbrush" armpits, or any "sexual" hair. Because it's sexy, folks! If you want to avoid my ire, don't clone it over.
120, 22, 23 -- great for what they are.

So why is the well-named Aprire so much better than Autografo? I don't know, and I don't know which set was done when. What I do know is that Kristel's magic suffuses Aprire :-)

  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

Well, you almost avoided my ire. Happened to look again at the backside images 119-26: Her outer left pubic area was too stubbly for Alex's dainty tastes, so he painted it over with Photoshop or a similar program. See in particular image 125 (next to her anus) for this loss of texture, hair, reality, and quality. This set is thus taken down a peg. Good work, Mr Sironi! and MetArt, for allowing this bullshit to go on.
It goes on because dazzled viewers like me don't realize we are being taken -- in another, less pleasing way.
Shame on everyone, even on Kristel, if she knows this is happening and doesn't protest.
A question, Alex -- why didn't you paint over her mons and labia, too? After all, they "needed" shaving just as bad.
Just one more argument against the removal of pubic hair. One I never would have expected.

More on image 11, "one of my all-time faves" -- yes, but she looks like trouble! :-))) Just a hint of the devil in that left eye :-)
Like she has got u figured out ☺
Think you could safely say in both eyes! :-))

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