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Kristel's nadir. Don't know why she wasn't into it here, -- the room, perhaps, or the scratches on her hand. Her girlishly broken-out forehead? Too many shoots? That time of the month? Disappointing ♥-life?
She's still pretty, and at times rouses herself to that old mischievous Kristel look. And her languidness/ennui can be sexy.
Oh, forgot to add: shaven when she'd rather not be?
Honey, when you give yourself over to an industry intending to make all the money you can, you're gonna have to compromise.
One good thing about this set: the reflections in the glass behind her. Some of them amount to second pictures at different angles.
59 -- very nice.
63 -- just a slightly lost little girl...
64 -- somebody called these Sironi calisthenics. And Kristel looks like somebody having to do them ☺
65 -- I want to see the fur...and I suspect she does too.
66 -- Miss Slightly Grumpy ☹
She was kinda like this with Rylsky in Gelotas, but with much more soul.
70 says it all.
71-72 -- poor baby with her underarm rash and spotty forehead and forlorn eyes...Yet through it all she's beautiful because of those eyes. Keep being real, sweetheart -- things will get better.
86 -- she's happier when she doesn't have to show her pussy.
88 -- THAT look sez it all :-)
90 -- trying hard, starin' at the camera...
96 -- a pic among others that would be so much better with the hair let be. Bad choices by both model and photographer.
97: ...and that look seems to confirm it. A desolate Kristel.
105 -- a perfect place to grin, but she cannot, because she doesn't like her teeth...
112 -- sprawled in semi-crucifixion...♱
115 -- very sad eyes.
116-18: spirit returns, selective photoshopping and all ☺
127 -- tolerating...
128: "Are we done?"

Sigh. A dead-of-winter set. There will be another before Krissy returns to sunshine ☀

Stunningly beautiful!

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