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Stunningly beautiful!

  • Doug
  • 6 months ago:

...at times, anyway :-)

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

All scratched up and un-Photoshopped. What the hell happened? Her expression is not happy -- the floor is dirty. The reflection in the dusty cabinet doors reveals the kitchen used in countless other sets. Kristel's flimsy dress does not match the anger in her eyes. It's like she's been demoted.
Her hair is like in Autografo, but not Aprire. Not a good omen.
4 -- that look says it all. The saddest from her I've ever seen. It's like she could just barely drag herself to the shoot, not feeling good. Personal problems?
6 -- she can't hide the sadness. 7 -- you want to say, baby, go back home and recover. You shouldn't be here today.
8 -- the scar on her lower right thigh was a fresh red in the last Rylsky sets. Then she changed her look and went to work for Sironi and Femjoy. I don't know how the exceptional Aprire fits in, and MetArt is not about to publish actual shoot dates. So we're left with pics giving rise to thousands of words (of speculation.)
It's not hard to see, though, that something not good has happened or is happening to Kristel in this set. Presaged by Autografo.
9 -- same earrings as Autografo. So maybe shot the same day. Just not "Photoshopped" as much.
14 -- Kristel un-retouched....kind of a mess. She must have a pretty scratchy cat, I would say :-)
All would be better if she didn't scratch her bush off as well.
15 -- what does that smile mean? Not exactly joy.
20 -- touching to see her trying... 21-- she does seem happy enough to tease... 22 -- best shot so far...
23 -- a little more sparkle. Love the 2-picture effect of the reflection.
28 -- a pathetic run of floor pics, culminating with this spooky look. You get the feeling A. Sironi can't make things better. Where's Rylsky when you need him?
29 -- he just keeps her down on that dirty floor, doing that shit...
30 -- Kristel sans radiance. And just about everything else that makes her special. Sironi, you're fired.
But seriously, what has happened to Kristel? Is it just that time of month, or something more unusual?
If she could see herself fast-forwarded from Presenting Kristel, I think she'd be horrified.
Get out before it's too late, girl.
And remember, a picture is worth a thousand words :-)
31 -- shame on you, Mr Sironi, for snapping and publishing these pics. And Kristel, you shouldn't have been there that day. You should have been home crying.
32 -- thank you for letting her sit back up!
33 -- you've always got your beautiful underarm to flash :-) Your pits are powerfully erotic...
Un-retouched. I guess Kristel's choice. I like it. If she were feeling better she'd look better -- i.e., it's not the moles and scratches and scars etc that are the problem. They make her human.
36 -- prettiest pic of the set so far. Very appropriate, letting her be meditative.
39 -- back on the floor. Alex definitely lacks imagination. I like the look though -- Kristel from better days....a bit wary, a la Lustroso :-)
40 -- she's doin' her damnedest, but she's sad.
43 -- more Lustroso, but in far worse conditions.
44 -- let her look at something besides the lens! You're almost guaranteed a good shot.
46 -- still pretty :-) 47 -- banged up. Love to know why. I still think it's a cat :-) 48 -- a sad half-smile.
51 -- amazing elegance for such a pose. Defiled beauty. I guess if there is art to this, that's the point. But I doubt that was the intent. Unless Kristel really did want to roll around in the dirt.
58 -- this time without the shirt flung over her shoulder.
59 -- she's still adorable... 65 -- the sphinx... :-)
So the fact is I don't know what's behind the setting and the poses. It could be that this is what Kristel wanted to do, and Sironi was just following her. It's hard to imagine why she'd want to look this bad, but the "badness" is touching -- so maybe, as an actress, this is what she wanted to present: pathos.
The soles of her feet say it all.
At least this set has more soul than Autografo.
The reason could be more mundane: Kristel, we need to knock out another set -- MetArt's demanding it. Sorry, I know you don't feel like it, but they'll never know the difference.
Check the user-rating of this set for confirmation. But I will say it's so bad it's nearly good :-)
71 -- anti-glamor -- the new aesthetic! :-) Take this pic and put it side-by-side with one from Presenting... I think Kristel would be shocked at where she was headed.
You're still young, girl -- there's time to recover :-)
It's so bad it's weirdly good, because there's an honesty behind it, a willingness to show reality.
It is just raw. Obviously I don't mean the pussy shots, which are typically tame. It's everything else, especially the look on her face.
See 72 turned... 73 -- a genuine smile... It's just another day to get through, baby.
76 -- compare with Devoto 118-19.
78-79 -- sweet close-ups of a vulnerable girl. Lovely not feeling well...
81 -- just a glimmer of the Kristel smile :-)
83 -- telling reflection -- some shoots are a drag.
86 -- can't go wrong with that angle :-) It's like another set...
88 -- Mr Sironi, why do you include a shot like this? Are you trying to make her look bad? 91 -- & btw, pussies are not meant to be shaven. That's why men don't shave their pubic area.
92 -- a bit of life :-) 93 -- Kristel with a rare "I've got some bad news for ya" look :-)
95 -- "What's a sweetheart like you doing in a dump like this?"
-- Bob Dylan
Some of the worst shots you're ever gonna see of Kristel, I hope. They are pathetic. Sironi should have sent her home. What's his answer? More calisthenics!
99 -- photoshopped her hand in this one, to pretty it up.
101 -- through it all, she's lovable.
116 -- Kristel, how do you come back and put that great look on? All of a sudden, there's some perspective. All things must pass :-)
117 -- also good. My girl is suddenly feeling better :-)
119 -- looking longingly at the exit :-)
123-24 -- would have been better with the moles...
127 -- that evil eye's tellin' you it's over :-)
128 -- that look sez it all :-) Or, how she might look in middle age :-(
130 -- proves she likes to miss a few hairs... :-)

Whew, what an ordeal! Was it worth the pain? Stay tuned!

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