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  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Epilogi appears to be a retouched Electio with chairs and a cleaner floor -- don't get your hopes up.
3 -- same blank stare seen first in Autografo. Could all 3 of these have been done the same day, or on consecutive days? Why not?
Here's the scheme: retouch, don't retouch, retouch. This is how we fool 'em into thinking there's a difference.
For this set, have her wear a Sironi necklace that doesn't really go with anything, including her dress, which thankfully I have never seen before.
Otherwise, we return to her lost-in-the-jaws-of-erotica look...
5 -- I'm getting tired of asking, "Would I know that was Kristel?"
Possibly not.
At least they moved some cushioned chairs in here for you to crawl on :-)
7 -- thoroughly retouched -- all the scratches, et al, are gone.
8 -- freckles, moles, that scar on her thigh -- she's a new woman, thanks to the miracle of Photoshop!
11-- same earrings, though. 12 -- it is a very pretty dress, Kristel. The bow is touching.
14 -- Kristel excited. Does she know it?
15 -- her eyes are blank, so who knows?
Kristel the zombie....from the neck up.
17 -- that is one weird look, baby. I do not know that girl (if I ever did :-)
Her mind has checked out of this exploitation. Only my body is here!
21 -- clean feet (relatively.)
32 -- getting ready for sex...
Reminds me of a song called "Nobody Girl" by Ryan Adams. Very poignant.
40 -- dear in the headlights :-)
43 -- hardest look you're ever gonna see on her face? Kristel selling out.
45 -- would have been better with those missed hairs left, Sironi. As they are seen in 46. But we know you're a hack.
47 -- extremely unflattering. I would not know that was Kristel.
52 -- strategy behind all the missed hairs? See Electio.
55 -- devoid of soul. The emptiest stare you're ever gonna see...
56 -- just being pretty doesn't cut it.
57-58 -- hot wet poses. Love the bits of pubic hair left on her derriere.
Then a bunch of doggie poses.
69-71 -- Kristel's humanness returns, however briefly.
72 -- it would be much sexier with natural hair.
73 -- cover shot bland as can be, so as not to scare anyone.
74 -- a little more comfortable here. When she splays her pit, it softens her. Or maybe the other way around? Anyway, she has the world's sexiest underarms.
And what is it about (my thing for) underarms? For one, their proximity to a pretty face. And to the breast. They are sexy, with their hair, and sweat, and scent. And pheromones, they say. Underneath the girl's soft shoulder and upper arm...
I like the unisexuality of them, too. Kristel seems to know this...
76 -- Sironi messing with those goddamned hairs as if he were her mother. Jeezuz. At least I know he's not as good as I thought.
Do you really think you're making it better or sexier, Alex? WTF.
I remember to give it a 1. But it's par for the course of this godawful trio of sets. Let's hope Kristel never has to do this kind of work again.
77 -- a very sad shot. The look in her eyes is very disturbing. This little babe is lost.
86: D- for creativity. Alex Sironi is not your friend, Kristel.
96 -- that is a sexy shot, however.
99 -- a rare attractive shot.
102-4 -- kind of dumb not to focus on the you-know-where.
106 -- very attractive turned left.
114 -- denuded, denatured.
121 -- Alex Sironi -- no eye for beauty.

Apart from a few nice pics, Epilogi is a stinker. If it was her choice to do it like this, it was a bad one, from which I hope she recovers.
Never thought I'd feel sorry for Kristel, but I do.

Was für ein schöner Nackedei,
mein Spatz wird ganz steif...

  • Doug
  • 4 months ago:

Well said! :-)

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