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  • Doug
  • 8 months ago:

1 -- after looking at a bunch of Sironi sets, it's so nice to see Kristel with her normal white skin and regal curls...so virginal in that translucent white dress...with just the hint of carnality showing through...
2 -- ditto. Natural beauty.
3 -- will not quite solve the question of who this mysterious kitten is... :-)
4 -- those lashes aren't fake! 5, 6 -- classic figure.
7 -- instant arousal :-) Look where her hands are! Does this girl know how sexy she is? I doubt it. And that's good :-)
8 -- an odd place to call a young woman virginal, but she looks that way here -- as if it were her wedding night. She's very lovely.
9 -- completely unaffected...
10 -- note to Jeff Milton -- when Kristel "shows it" here, there's less of a smile on her face than in the preceding shot...
12 -- super-duper cute :-) with just a hint of brighter eyes. Is there another model with such subtle expressions?
13 -- picture of beauty! I know it's personal -- she looks like members of my family (but not yours truly, fortunately for her! :-)
This little group of opening shots shows MetArt at its best.
Now for the weird stuff :-)

14 -- a little later on in the Kristel saga, I surmise...
15 -- sweetheart, what's wrong :-?
16 -- you don't see her looking that grumpy very often...
20 -- still not quite willing to smile...Is she unhappy with herself, the setting...? 21 -- unable to smile...
BTW, the pubic hair looks great :-) Same with the underarm hair. It's a treat to see on a girl this beautiful especially...
No fake smiles from Ms Kristel :-) She was coming to the end of her time with Rylsky after these final sets (Cignus and Stoa are the others.) We would no longer see her with her normal skin tone and unshaven body hair.
The good thing here is that Rylsky seems to let her express her unhappiness, whatever its reason. Later, with Sironi, that honest look would turn into blankness, an erotica mask that went right along with her shaven tan. The character we saw in her first four sets with Rylsky was gone.
Why? Subject for a book -- perhaps Kristel's autobiography :-) I would theorize it has something to do with her unshaven body -- the pressure of being different got too much for her -- but I really do not know what was behind the somewhat drastic change...
28 -- she looks drugged. Kristel at her weirdest. As the song sez, her face was sayin' goodbye.
Great pussy shots, though :-)
32 -- that part in her hair kinda sums things up... :-)
33 -- the look does not quite match the pussy :-)
34 -- I've never seen Kristel look so unhappy. About as bad as in the worst Sironi sets (@this point, 40.) She is clearly not enjoying this.
41 -- go ahead, exploit me!
But honey, nobody's forcing you, right?
44 -- I love the hair, but not the look on her face.
45 -- see Zestasia 73. 46 -- insufficient DOF. 47 -- ditto. But quite a shot of a bored and remorseful face.
49 -- poor girl feels better closing her eyes.
Kristel, your body fur is lovely and sexy.
51 -- she is soooo sad, though. I guess it's the end, Rylsky :-(
52 -- finally a smile from the babe! :-)
She got tired of being tired... :-) All things must pass, my dear. And yes your pussy is lovely :-)
55 -- perfectly hairy :-) What it's supposed to look like :-) More comfy for the girl, too :-)
56 -- Kristel agrees :-) Lovely sequence...
61 -- stairway to heaven :-) 66-69 -- Kristel, you're very sweet for cooperating :-)
71 -- love the look... She remains the sexiest thing I've ever seen :-)
72-4 -- to put it crudely, Kristel, you have a beautiful ass :-)
75 -- you've got the best peach-fuzz, too :-)
Mirror games...
78 -- fallen angel... :-) Great shot.
80 -- likes what she sees. I like what I see :-) Amazing to think that's the girl I first saw...
81 -- theory about the thigh scar: she did it pulling off or on her stockings. That active life bangs her up :-)
82 -- one more time with that gorgeous underarm :-) She doesn't seem to think it is anymore...
83 -- love the detail. 84 -- very nice in combination. A look at the real Kristel, I sense. Hey, and both eyes are in focus. Yay!
Kristel, you are a very beautiful woman au naturel except for maybe some powder... :-) You don't have to do anything but take care of yourself (whatever that may mean.)
Again, recall Presenting... These are not mere poses. Quietly breathtaking...
90 -- boy oh boy is she thin! Makes for great lines, though :-)
...95....just goin' through the motions uninspired. But it is a treat to see that pit. Too late now for a close-up...
96 -- she smiles! What did you do, Rylsky :-?
98 -- sweetheart, you were supposed to stretch before the shoot! :-)
99 -- "Take me as I am."
OK! :-)
So the big question is, did the dilated pupils mean she was in love with Rylsky :-?
Thank you for letting it be, Kristel :-) 100 -- it's very sexy.
She must have told him this was it -- get these shots while you can :-)
104 -- a reasonably full bush :-) 105 -- lovely.
106 -- cool power. The way it's supposed to be.
108-10 -- her pussy might be spectacular, but it's the look on her face that to me is most interesting. The way she calmly watches the camera...a Madonna of erotica acquiescing to her fate.
111 -- ta-dah! Is everybody happy now :-?
113 -- back to where she began...saying goodbye.
114 -- she looks insulted! :-) 115 -- but it's OK. Sort of :-)

This is a great set. But...
It has a huge range. As reality tends to have :-)
Unhappiness. The end in sight. Showing her body like never before, and probably never again.
It also has I think the best portrait of her: 84.
Till further notice :-)

yes i just lova a hairy pussyi agree we need more pretty ladies with hairy pussies

A really nice pussy ! We need more hairy pussy like that ! good job to the photograph !


shes perfect hair or no hair i love her

You people that like them hairy are most likely farmers amd its nice to give "Bessy" the night off...In the civilized world, we have advanced to a higher plane.... I try to be respectful but tonight is not that night..
She could be a beautiful model but sometimes the photog likes to create a dialogue as to what people like...

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

Let me put it more bluntly -- you are an idiot.

Don't You think it is good option if you see model in different sets not only with change of backgrounds, dresses, poses, photographers, but with changes in all aspects including intimate things. By the way, tradition of shaved woman's genitals came to "civilized" (I bet you meant European) not with Gillette or bikini, it stays a 1000 years tradition of "non civilized" world. By the way, they are still have no bikini and even INTERNET and they shave it 1000 years. So this is a question of taste, not a question of civilization or modern World.

I agree, it is sometimes good to see changes. Changes are not always for the better, however; shaving or not shaving will keep an otherwise beautiful model off my Favorites List. I like shaved and if a model is inconsistent in that respect I cannot say she is a favorite because I only really love her shaved sets. Shaving is a matter of taste but it is one thing that many people are polarized about.

  • Doug
  • 9 months ago:

I'm sure she and the rest of us can live without her being on your Favorites list.

Question of taste - agreed.

My comment (reply) was about it is a GOOD option to see different views and sets, to choose, not be agressive to any kind of tastes.

Imagine that you play soccer (enjoying it) and somebody came to your stadium and scream: "this game is for losers who have no chance to play rugby". I think we all must have respect to different games, traditions and tastes. especially when we have a choice and our own field with our own favourite sport.

We all have chance to see what we like: the more different sets - the more people will find something that they like to see. If you like erotica and naked girls - METART contains probably the best collection of photography to be happy whatever pubic hair that you may prefer. So why not enjoy and respect other members?

With all respect to you.

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